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On June 14, Iranians head to the polls in the country's first presidential election since the contested vote in 2009, the aftermath of which saw hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets to demonstrate against the results. Here, RFE/RL editors will compile some of the best tidbits from the last few days of the campaign, including comments sent by Iranians to RFE/RL's Radio Farda.

A woman shows a victory sign after a campaign rally in early June.

A woman shows a victory sign after a campaign rally in early June.

14:13 14.6.2013
This blog is no longer being updated (it was only for run-up to the vote) -- please go here for the latest updates from Iran.
04:29 14.6.2013
The latest from the IPOS polling organization shows Rohani in the lead, but a lot of "undecideds" -- "Scenarios: Rohani And Ghalibaf Go to Runoff or Rohani Wins" [LINK]
04:03 14.6.2013
04:00 14.6.2013
The polls are open:

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