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Khan Gives New Ultimatum To Pakistan PM To Resign

  • RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal

Supporters of Imran Khan, the head of the Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf political party, take a nap on Khan's campaign banner during what has been dubbed a "freedom march" in Islamabad on August 25.

Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has given a new ultimatum to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down as antigovernment protests continue in the capital, Islamabad.

Addressing supporters late on August 24, Khan said he would announce his Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf party's next step if Sharif did not resign within 24 hours.

Khan and populist cleric Tahir ul-Qadri have led thousands of supporters demonstrating outside the legislature since August 15 calling for Sharif to go.

The latest round of talks between government officials and opposition representatives ended with no results on August 23.

Last week, Khan gave Sharif a 48-hour deadline to resign but he backtracked after the negotiations began.

The opposition accuses Sharif of corruption, and says the 2013 parliamentary elections that brought him to power were rigged.

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