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RFERL video used by CBS News to report on Turkish cargo jet crash in Kyrgyzstan

RFERL video used by CBS News to report on Turkish cargo jet crash in Kyrgyzstan



On January 16, international media including the New York Times, CBS News, Yahoo News, CNN, and BBC reposted RFE/RL video and photos of a cargo jet crash outside of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Numerous Russian media outlets, including Kommersant, Dozhd (TVRain) ,, Ekho Moskvy,,,,,, and Business FM, cited RFE/RL correspondent Carl Schreck’s exclusive article on the surge in recent years in new U.S. asylum applications by Russian citizens​

The New York Times cited RFE/RL's November 15 investigative report (originally produced in Ukrainian by the Ukrainian Service's "Schemes" unit) into lavish villas in southern Spain's Costa del Sol that are owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and key allies but were not listed in the official's publicly searchable asset declarations.

In early November, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service was given exclusive access to sites inside the radioactive ruins of Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, to report on the massive new steel structure about to be moved over the top of the contaminated nuclear plant. To date, the reporting has been picked up by Kyiv Post, Ukraine Today, and Yahoo News.


On January 18, Newsweek cited an RFE/RL Russian Service report on dissatisfaction on the part of Moldova's prime minister with comments made in Moscow by Moldovan President Igor Dodon about the country's Association Agreement with the European Union, concluded in 2014.

16:44 17.1.2017

Lonely Planet ​and New Zealand's Fairfax Media re-posted RFE/RL photojournalist Amos Chapple's photo essay on a Buddhist monastery northeast of Perm, Russia, that is threatened by the expansion of a mine co-owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Neue Zuercher Zeitung cited RFE/RL's Brian Whitmore in an article on Russia's intelligence services.

RT re-posts an RFE/RL Kyrgyz Service (Azattyk radio) interview with a young boy who woke up to find the rest of his family had been killed in a cargo jet crash outside of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

On January 16, international media including the New York Times, CBS News, Yahoo News, CNN, and BBC reposted RFE/RL video and photos of a cargo jet crash outside of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The New York Times cited RFE/RL's reporting on Russian reaction to President-elect Donald Trump's comments about NATO.

On January 15, posted an Italian version of RFE/RL's social video of a 70-year old man who has spent the last 40 years hauling huge loads on a hand cart through the streets of Rawalpindi, Pakistan in order to pay for room and board.
Pakistan's Mashriq TV interviewed RFE/RL journalist Daud Khan on the role of media in Pakistan.

On January 14, Fair Observer reposts an episode of RFE/RL's "Heard It From Her" podcast, featuring an interview with Iranian journalist Azadeh tavakoli about the Christians of Iran.

21:49 13.1.2017

Interfax-Ukraine reports that the National Radio and TV Council of Ukraine has issued a permit for AM radio broadcasting from the town of Chasiv Yar in war-torn Donetsk region, featuring programming developed by RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service for the people of Donetsk and neighboring Luhansk regions.

Newsweek links to RFE/RL Tajik Service reporting on the appointment of the 29-year old son of Tajik president Emomali Rahmon as mayor of Tajikistan's capital, Bishkiek.

Business Insider reposts RFE/RL's report on Chinese and Russian concern about a U.S. proposal to deploy an antimissile system in South Korea.

23:29 12.1.2017

TIME Magazine cited RFE/RL reporting on preliminary approval in the Russian State Duma of a bill that would decriminalize domestic violence.

The Guardian reprinted, and International Business Times UK cited, RFE/RL’s report about a Russian Yoga instructor who is facing charges for allegedly conducting illegal missionary activity, an administrative offense under a new package of laws intended to fight terrorism.

Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo News, and KSAT-TV, an ABC affiliate in San Antonio, TX cited RFE/RL reporting in articles on a Russian Health Ministry proposal to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2014.cited RFE/RL

Business Insider re-posts RFE/RL's article on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee approving a resolution in support of Montenegro's bid to join NATO.

Huffington Post's German website posted an extensive article on RFE/RL photojournalist Amos Chapple's essay, "Chernobyl's Reindeer".

On January 11, Pakistan's major English-language daily newspapers, “Dawn” and “The News” covered the screening in Peshawar of Vanishing History, a Radio Mashaal documentary that examines the historical importance of 2000-year-old sites in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province that carry a message of religious tolerance.

On January 10, Canada's Global National News picked up RFE/RL's video report on how a disabled Kyrgyz boy's life changed after this plight was publicized by RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service in May 2016.

OpenDemocracy posted an article that examined how the government of Turkmenistan president Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov "is now using its new anti-tobacco legislation to stifle dissent and silence its critics," such as RFE/RL journalist Khydayberdy Allashov.

IHS Jane's 360 cited RFE/RL Uzbek Service reporting that the First Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan's National Security Service had been demoted, noting that the action may indicate that Uzbekistan's new president, Shavkat Mirziyoev is consolidating power.

On January 9, Bulgaria's Focus Information Agency cited RFE/RL's report on the Bosnian Serbs' celebration of a divisive 'Statehood Day' holiday.

Yahoo News picked up an RFE/RL video report on refugees seeking shelter from bitter cold and blinding snow in an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade, Serbia, as they await permission to continue north.

International Business Times UK cites RFE/RL reporting on the transfer of jailed Russian political activist Ildar Dadin to a Siberian prison colony.

World Tribune cites RFE/RL's analysis in a report on the impact of the latest allegations concerning Russian attempts to influence the outcome of the U.S. election.

On January 8, PennLive posted an op-ed by Joyce M. Davis on the differences between RFE/RL's efforts to promote the free flow of information and Russia's efforts to "master...the art of modern misinformation through cyber espionage and spreading phony news."

23:12 6.1.2017

NPR's Morning Edition aired a report, "Political Exile, A Centuries-Old Russian Tradition, Returns" that cited an RFE/RL exclusive report on the recent rise in asylum requests from Russians in the U.S.

Buzzfeed cites RFE/RL photojournalist Amos Chapple's photo essay "On Siberia's Ice Highway" as one of its "10 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss"

Anti-Corruption Digest and Payvand cite RFE/RL correspondent Golnaz Esfandiari's analysis on how Iranian president Hassan Rohani’s conflict with hard-line officials from Iran’s judiciary over anti-corruption efforts may herald a divisive presidential campaign season.

On January 5, Serbia's B92 cited an RFE/RL Balkan Service interview with former UN mission in Kosovo chief Soren Jessen-Petersen in a report on Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic's dismissal of Petersen's allegation that Serbia trying to destabilize Kosovo's independence.

23:21 4.1.2017

Wired posted an article about RFE/RL photojournalist Amos Chapple's essay "On Siberia's Ice Highway."

The Independent cites an RFE/RL infographic on Russian President Vladimir Putin's habit of keeping world leaders waiting for meetings with him.

Alpha News re-posted RFE/RL video of an exclusive interview with U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) in an article, "Minnesota Leaders Cheer Obama’s Sanctions Against Russia" cites RFE/RL Turkmen Service reporting on Iran's souring relationship with Turkmenistan over payments for natural gas exported from Turkmenistan to Iran.

18:32 3.1.2017

On January 2, Payvand re-posted an article by RFE/RL's Golnaz Esfandiari on a protest in support of hunger-striking activist Arash Sadeghi outside of Iran's infamous Evin Prison. Also, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power re-tweeted Esfandiari's post of eyewitness video from the protest.

On January 1, AP, CNN, Yahoo News, and Euronews used RFE/RL video of a press conference in Tbilisi, Georgia involving U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN, and Lindsay Graham (R-SC). One day earlier, on December 31, USA Today linked to RFE/RL's exclusive interview with the three Senators in Kyiv, Ukraine.

On December 30, RFE/RL's Daud Khattak published an article, "How the Islamic State Could Be Reborn in Afghanistan," on the website of The Diplomat.

Turkey's Anadolu Agency cited an RFE/RL Radio Azadi interview with Afghanistan's national security advisor, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, in an article about the Afghan Taliban's ties with Russia and Iran.

The Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso-Transeuropa posted a feature article on RFE/RL's Omer Karabeg and his long-running program for the Balkan Service, Most (Bridge).

On December 29, Yahoo News linked to an exclusive RFE/RL Ukrainian Service interview in Kyiv with U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN, and Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

The leading Urdu-language daily newspaper in Pakistan's Swat Valley, Daily Azadi, praised Radio Mashaal's "high standards of broadcast" and "neutral, unbiased reporting and analysis" in a feature story on RFE/RL's Pashto-language service for Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA regions.

20:06 28.12.2016

iMediaEthics links to RFE/RL's interview with Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner, who declared to Current Time that a purported interview with him that aired on Kazakh television a “fake” and “colossal stupidity”.

On December 27, World Tribune cites an RFE/RL analysis by James Miller about the potential return of Al Qaeda in the wake of what looks like the physical collapse of the so-called Islamic State.

On December 26, Yahoo News reposted RFE/RL video of flowers and candles being laid by people in Moscow to honor the 92 people, including 64 members of the Russian army song and dance group the Alexandrov Ensemble, who died in a military airplane crash into the Black Sea.

Canada's Global National news featured an RFE/RL video report on coal miners trying to preserve their livelihood just a few kilometers from eastern Ukraine's front lines near Luhansk. Two days earlier, on December 24, Global National aired an RFE/RL video report on a Czech man's efforts to restore the factory where Oskar Schindler saved the lives of 1,200 Jews originally sent to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

On December 23, Science Alert and link to RFE/RL photojournalist Amos Chapple's story about radioactive reindeer in Norway 30 years after the Chernobyl explosion, and the native Sami people seeking to preserve their way of life.

Business Insider re-posts Amos Chapple's photo essay about a Russian truck driver navigating Siberia's Ice Highway.

16:43 22.12.2016

FrontPage Magazine cited RFE/RL reporting on the rise of child marriage in Iran.

Kyiv Post cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service reporting on the April 2016 collapse of Khreshchatyk Bank, in two articles on how Ukrainian taxpayers are likely to foot the bill for the government takeover of Privatbank, while the bank's owners escape consequences.

14:47 21.12.2016

UNIAN reports on the detention and release of an RFE/RL freelance reporter attempting to cover a protest march in Moscow on the "KGB Day" holiday.

Business Insider re-posts RFE/RL journalist Gordana Knezevic's commentary, "Serbia, Beware Russians Bearing Gifts."

Time Gazette cites RFE/RL's report on the meeting of foreign ministers from Russia, Iran, and Turkey in a story on the bloodshed in Syria.

Democracy & Freedom Watch links to an RFE/RL report on action within the European Union that advances prospects for visa-free travel into the EU's Schengen zone for Georgian and Ukrainian citizens.

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