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Live Blog: Protests In Ukraine

Opposition leaders have called for massive protests and a general strike to challenge Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's decision not to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union.

Protesters clash with riot policemen outside the Ukrainian President's office in Kyiv.

Protesters clash with riot policemen outside the Ukrainian President's office in Kyiv.


Wednesday -- Barring major events, we will be providing more limited updates on the live blog today.

Long term protest strategy appears to be setting in. Protesters marching to various government buildings, including the central bank and the prosecutor general's office. In Independence Square, meanwhile, the barricades are continuing to grow and thousands still remain.


Tuesday wrap-up (final post for the evening)

-- Early in the day, the Ukrainian parliament voted against holding a vote of no confidence in the government. They needed 226 votes, but only came up with 186.

-- Angry crowds chanted "shame" outside the parliament. By late afternoon, Independence Square had swelled to at least 10,000 protesters again and the leaders of the three main opposition parties led a crowd of thousands to the presidential administration building. Most, including the opposition leaders returned to Independence Square.

-- Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov, who survived a potential no-confidence vote this morning, apologized for violence against protesters, but also harshly condemned the continuing demonstrations and the occupation of government buildings. He said the actions are "unconstitutional" and "illegal."

-- Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has arrived in China to begin a three day visit, which will be followed by a trip to Russia. Still, he has promised he remains committed to EU integration.

-- Until late November, Yanukovych had said he intended to sign a pact with Europe, but backed out after pressure from Moscow. He also refused to allow former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to leave prison for medical care in Germany -- a key European demand.

-- The encampment in Independence Square remains, with barricades meant to protect it from riot police continuing to grow and crowds of protesters camping out overnight. The city administration building and the trade union building are still occupied.

Glenn Kates

22:33 4.12.2013
17:04 4.12.2013
Marching to the General Prosecutor's Office, about an hour ago. Protesters have been seen at government buildings throughout the city today.

17:00 4.12.2013

16:15 4.12.2013
Vitali Kltischko made a surprise appearance at the Party of Regions rally in Kyiv today. He asks a women if she had seen the injuries suffered by protesters at the hands of police on television and then, trying to make her sympathize, asks if she has her own children. She doesn't.

Most of the Party of Regions' protesters are less interested in Klitschko's political views though, than getting their pictures taken with him.

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