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The Rundown -- March 21

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 20i
March 20, 2014
Ukrainian reservists mobilize, security is stepped-up in Afghanistan, Kyrgyz protest the airport's sale, and reports from Pakistan and Georgia in today's video roundup from the countries covered by RFE/RL.
RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Luke Allnutt's review of "Now I Know Who My Comrades Are" in the "Wall Street Journal" 
# "Times of Israel" mentions Radio Farda interview with Shimon Peres
# Ukraine may get unfettered trade access to EU by April
# "Ukraine's Broken Nuclear Promises" - Owen Matthews, "Newsweek"
# Crimean Tatars asked to vacate lands
# Moscow moves to destabilize east. But it will not so easily break to Moscow
# Ukraine orders Maidan "self-defense" groups to turn in guns by Friday
# How new sanctions against Puin's inner circle will hurt
# Putin taking vengeance out on Russian liberals
# "The Economics of Limiting Russia's Expansion" - Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, "New York Times" 
# The logic behind Obama's step-by-step approach to sanctions
# Where they stand: EU countries on sanctions against Russia
# Timchenko sold his 43 percent stake in Gunvor on Wednesday
# Should Germany get Kaliningrad?
Eastern Europe
# Will Moldova be the next flashpoint? McCain says it's the country to watch
# Belarus and Kazakhstan share CIS presidency in absence of Ukraine
Turkey bans Twitter, 12 hours after Erdogan said he would "eradicate it" 
# In 2013, Twitter ranked 8th in the world in active Twitter use
# Photo: Protesters painting DNS numbers onto photos of governing party members
# Is Iran building an aircraft carrier just to blow it up?
# Crimea makes Iran talks "awkward
# Lawyer who investigated Iran-Contra scandal dies
# Israel says Iranian Jews missing since 1990s were murdered
# Iraq child marriage bill sparks outrage
# Afghanistan frees 77 prisoners despite warnings
# Serena Hotel attacked by gunmen
Central Asia
# The Crimean Tatars of Uzbekistan
# Kazakhstan to spend $55 million on embassy building in Paris
# Kosovo offers benefits to wartime rape victims
# How will Vucic wield his power?
Of Interest
# Why The Verge doesn't give its reporters metrics

The Rundown -- March 20

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 19i
March 19, 2014
Afghan military officers graduate, Russian cultural figures protest, and Uyghurs perform in Kyrgyzstan, plus stories from Pakistan and the Russian republic of Tatarstan.
RFE/RL in the Media
# EurasiaNet quotes RFE/RL Turkmen Service and Qishloq Ovozi blog on issues at the Afghan-Turkmenistan border
# Read Charles Recknagel's piece comparing the Ukrainian and Russian militaries in "The Atlantic
# Crimea may cost $400 billion this year
# Putin goes from Rossiyskiy to Russkiy
# Moscow complains to UN Human Rights Council about language rights in Estonia
# Why Ukraine situation makes Russia's neighbors nervous
# "The Post-Russian World Order" - Giles Merritt, Project Syndicate
# Ukraine agrees to withdraw its troops from Crimea
# "Ukraine Crisis is a Call to Rethink Energy Policies" - Vanessa Mock, "Wall Street Journal"
# The German far right's ties with Svoboda
# The unsavory characters in Ukraine's new government
# Separatism gains ground in the East
# "Tempered cheers" in Ukraine for Tymoshenko
# Ukraine may leave CIS
# Why Ukrainians fight over language
Eastern Europe
# "How Developments in Ukraine Affect Belarus" - Jamestown Foundation
# Moldova's Gagauz lean toward Moscow
# Police in Belarus stage bicycle crash in safety campaign
# Moscow's chief envoy to Iran negotiations threatens "retaliatory measures" in Iran talks over Ukraine
# Talks "on tracK' for accord in July
# Clinton weighs in: says she is "personally skeptical" of talks
# Iranian woman who was sentenced to stoning is given leave from prison
# Iran's economy continues to struggle
# Three election frontrunners attracting enthusiastic crowds in Afghanistan
# Female candidates fear insurgent threats
# Afghanistan prepares for Nowruz amid clashes
# On meeting Osama bin Laden
# Ivanishvili and new Georgian president don't like each other any more
# Azerbaijan MP calls Zhirinovsky "mentally ill political clown"
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan discusses potential legalization of polygammy
Jewish life in Uzbekistan
Of Interest
# AP updates style guide for Crimea 
Measuring impact for journalists

The Rundown -- March 19

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 18i
March 18, 2014
Air strikes against an antigovernment group in Iraq, protests over a park in Georgia, and a retro computer exhibition in Belarus, plus more stories from Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.
RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Tom Balmforth and Daisy Sindelar on how Maidan is coping in "The Atlantic"
# CNN uses RFE/RL video of Ukraine recruits in training
CBS uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service photos for piece on Ukrainian opposition members in Crimea 
# Kurt Volker calls for increased RFE/RL and VOA funding in Foreign Policy
# "Putin 3.0" - Mark Galeotti 
# "Helping Ukraine is Punishing Russia" - Steven Pifer, Brookings
# Growing support in Congress for kicking Russia out of G8
# "If Not a Cold War, a Return to a Chilly Rivalry" - Peter Baker, "New York Times" 
# Rogozin threatens to cancel arms control contract with France 
# Umarov reportedly dead
# Infographic: how the German and Russian economies are mutually dependent
# First blood: 2 reportedly killed during assault on Ukrainian military base in Crimea 
# Residents of eastern Ukraine warn of guerilla war if Russia invades
# Crisis weighs on Germany's economic outlook
# "For Some in Ukraine, Russia's Pull Runs Deep" - David Filipov, "Boston Globe" 
# Crimea "edit war" on Wikipedia
# Moldova warns Russia over annexation of Transnistria
# Pro-Russian activists "appeal" to Russia for support for succession 
# EU says Ukraine crisis will not affect Iran nuclear talks; but shadow of Ukraine hangs over
# Iran takes legal action against opposition members held in house arrest 
# Al Jazeera Iran talks liveblog
# Afghanistan opposes U.S. giving military supplies to Pakistan
# "Pakistan's Culture Wars" - Bina Shah, "New York Times" 
# Sharif urged to open second front against Taliban
# Does Saudia Arabia expect help in Syria in exchange for $1.5 billion gift?
Central Asia
# A new "great game" with U.S. and China begins in Central Asia 
# Kazakhstan president's brother fighting ex-wife over $20 million Manhattan apartment
# Kyrgyz living in Afghanistan ask Kyrgyzstan government to resettle them
# Serbia nabbed drug boss with the help of the CIA
# "If History is a Guide, Crimea's Enthusiasm Might Wane" - Olesya Vartanyan and Ellen Barry, "New York Times" 
Crackdown eyed after Azerbaijan sentences opposition leaders 
Of Interest
# A simple theory about the Malaysia Airlines flight 

The Rundown -- March 18

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 17i
March 17, 2014
Fighting intensifies in Iraq's Anbar Province, Pakistani activists campaign for children's education, flooding causes deaths and destruction in Afghanistan, and other stories from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan in this roundup of news from the countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media

NBC News cites RFE/RL coverage of Ukraine sanctions debate
# The National Interest cites RFE/RL piece on constitutional questions  
# Potential closure of RFE/RL Balkans and Iraq services criticized in "Jerusalem Post" opinion piece
# Blockage of RFE/RL Tajik Service mentioned in World Politics Review
Cyberwar already in full swing 
# Ukraine's richest oligarch, Yanukovych ally, claims he pleaded with the former president to resign
# Rada backs mobilizing 40,000 reservists
# Russia to respond to sanctions with its own against U.S senators 
# Russia admits economy is in crisis; already "paying a huge price"
# Moscow rejects report saying there's no widespread abuse of ethnic Russians
# Russian oligarch Fridman makes large investment in German oil and gas unit 
Foreign investors in Russia are "vital" to sanctions debate
Eastern Europe
# NATO and Moldova discuss strengthening cooperation
# Gunmen kill Afghan judge and bodyguard
# Afghanistan UN envoy says pact with U.S. will be signed soon
# U.S. might give excess military supplies in Afghanistan to Pakistan
# Pakistan relationship with China suffers over failure to control Uighur militants
# Zarif cancels meeting with Ashton to protest her "uncoordinated" meeting with rights activists in Iran
# U.S.-Russia crisis could disrupt talks with Iran
# Could crisis strengthen Russia-China-Iran ties? 
# Iran dismisses commanders over abduction
# Khamenei defends tours of Iran-Iraq war frontlines
Central Asia
# Why Kazakhstan leaders are not (yet) losing sleep over Crimea
# TeliaSonera faces U.S. probe on Uzbekistan corruption charges
# Tajikistan farmers say Dushanbe livestock ban breeds corruption
# Azerbaijan opposition leaders get seven and five year jail terms
# Armenia's Russian base holds training
# Serbia's new prime minister plans "painful" deficit steps
Profile of ultranationalist-turned-liberal Vucic
Of Interest
The Deep Web: Everything You Need to Know in Two Minutes 
# The robot-journalist who (?) reported on LA's earthquake

The Rundown -- March 17

RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Ildar Gabidullin in Al Jazeera on why politicians from Tatarstan are visiting Crimea 
# Read Brian Whitmore in "The Atlantic" on the five things we've learned about Crimea since the start of the crisis
# In Crimea referendum, 95% vote to join Russiareaction from Simferopol
# Separatist feelings more generational divide than ethnic  
# Why Russia is likely to attempt to take Eastern Ukraine next
# Ukrainian Jews refute neo-Nazi claims 
# Russia issues warning on fatal clashes in Donetsk
# Russia can "turn the U.S. into radioactive dust," says TV host Kiselyov
# "Foes of America in Russia Crave Rupture in Ties" - Ellen Barry, "New York Times" 
# Obama's "light footprint" policy is put to the test
# "In Crimea, Russia May Come Out Ahead" - Peter Lieberman and Julie George, "Foreign Affairs" 
Eastern Europe
# Eastern Europe asks, "who's next?
# Children's book by Belarusian author: "Death is Wrong
# Ruling party wins outright majority in Serbian snap elections
# Former high representative in Bosnia says Putin using Ukraine as cover to launch power grab in Bosnia
# CIA's Iran division reportedly in "disarray
# U.S. officials say Iran pursuing banned items that could be used for nuclear weapons
# Iran defense minister says Palestinian rockets now "1,000 times" more powerful
# Riyadh on its own charm offensive after Iran deal 
# Karzai says Afghanistan doesn't need U.S. troops
# Ex-defense minister drops out of Afghan race 
# "How Al Qaeda Escaped Afghanistan" - Yaniv Barzilai, Daily Beast 
# Pakistan denies rumors it's hiding the Malaysian jet
# Karzai says Pakistan killing Taliban leaders who favor talks
# Aliyev and Rohani meet, call for expanded cooperation
# Amnesty International calls for release of political activists held on "fabricated charges" in Azerbaijan 
Central Asia
# Russian proton rocket launches from Kazakhstan
Of Interest
# U.S. efforts in "hip hop propaganda
# What you think you know about the web is wrong
# The neglected suicide epidemic

The Rundown -- March 13

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 12i
March 12, 2014
Afghan security forces repel a militant attack, Ukrainians in the west start a "mini-Euromaidan," Kyrgyz demonstrate in support of the jailed ex-speaker of parliament, plus stories from Azerbaijan, Iraq, Macedonia, and Pakistan in this roundup of news from countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media

Slate cites Farangis Najbullah's story on Zhironovsky's attempt to get rid of "primitive asiatic" letter; read it in "The Atlantic
# "New Republic" embeds Bruce Jacobs' interview with Natalie Sedletska on Yanukovych's documents 
# Congressman highlights Havel's support of RFE/RL in House speech (Prague Post)
# Kyiv looks for military support from NATO allies, but they're unlikely to get it 
# Pro-Russian sentiment high in Ukraine's easternmost city 
# Crimean ballot doesn't really leave options
# Yatsenyuk says in Washington that he wants "equal partnership" with Russia 
# Ukraine and the politics of transliteration 
# Ukraine's interim president's "Message to Moscow" in "New York Times" 
# "The West Illusions About Ukraine" - David Hendrickson, "National Interest" 
# "Vladimir Putin's Hilarious Lies" - Oleg Kashin, "New Republic" 
# Lenta.Ru chief fired in apparent crackdown, and lots of staff quit
# U.S. queries London's embrace of oligarchs
# Crimea could cost Russia billions
# Russian businesses readying for Iran-style sanctions
# Translated piece in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about Right Sector leader Yarosh 
# "Sorry, Putin Isn't Crazy" - Jeffrey Tayler, Foreign Policy 
# "The West's Do-Somethings Will Do Nothing For Ukraine" - Simon Jenkins, "Guardian" 
# Minsk says Moscow sending warplanes to answer NATO 
# Opposition changing tactics in Belarus 
# Top Afghanistan commander warns of risks of pullout
# Group says British-Swedish journalist killed for being "M16 spy"
# Last Canadians leave Afghanistan 
# Karachi gang fight leaves 15 dead 
# UN monitor says no Pakistani civilians were killed by U.S. drones in 2013 
# Sunni tribal leaders say Fallujah is "part of a revolution
# Appeal by HRW against draft Iraq law to legalize marriage for nine-year-olds 
# Iran hosts pro-regime Syria conference 
# Thaw can set off $6 billion market for steel 
# Ashton's "balancing act" in Iran 
# Moon rebukes Rohani for failing human rights in Iran 
# "Working With Iran on Syria" - Jonathan Stevenson, "New York Times' 
Central Asia
# Swiss probe Karimova for money-laundering 
# Vimpelcom investigated over Uzbekistan business 
# A border "flashpoint" between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan 
# Nazarbayev calls for protecting Ukraine territorial integrity in call with Obama  
# Kazakhstan hopes to bring $6 billion out of shadow economy
Of Interest
# The Times 'mini-newsroom for mobile'  

The Rundown -- March 12

RFE/RL Video Roundup - March 11i
March 11, 2014
Thousands gather as Afghanistan's vice president is laid to rest, Ukrainian protesters demand sanctions against Russia, a Belarusian political activist is released from prison, plus stories from Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan in this roundup of news from countries covered by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media

# Senator Roger Wicker urges continuation of RFE/RL broadcasts to the Balkans and Iraq
UPI cites RFE/RL coverage of Yanukovych's speech from Russia 
# "Washington Post" profiles Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk
# Moscow says proposed U.S. funding for Kyiv is "illegal
# Right Sektor banned in Crimea; on trial in Moscow; a profile of its leader
# Militia squeezes out Ukraine's remaining links to Crimea 
# Crimean Tatars face choice: "Dig in or flee
# "Putin's Counter-Revolution" - James Meek, "London Review of Books" 
# "Putin's Dangerous Game" - Strobe Talbott, YaleGlobal 
# "The World Needs Russia. Russia Does Not Need Putin" - Adam Michnik, "New Republic" 
# Will Putin and his oligarchs escape sanctions
Eastern Europe
# Moldovan MP worries that Moldova is next in Russia's path 
# Rohani in Iran on first official visit to Arab state 
# Senate Republicans consider adding Iran to Russia sanctions bill
# The risks of failure in talks with Iran 
# New waves of coffee shops in Iran 
# Iran has outlined its terms to those who want to invest in its energy sector 
# Iranian parliamentarian says U.S. behind missing Malaysian Airlines plane 
# Swedish reporter killed in Kabul attack 
Interview with Sayed-Askar Mousavi 
# The Afghan election gets a hip-hop anthem
# Pakistan's leaders "fiddling while regions burn
# Public outcry after children die in Pakistan's desert 
Another attack on polio workers 
# Issue of Azerbaijan membership in EU "not discussed
# Serbia and Croatia deliver competing genocide claims against each other at the Hague 
# 100 years later, Archduke Ferdinand assassin divides his native Bosnia 

The Rundown -- March 11

RFE/RL Video Roundup - March 10i
March 10, 2014
Afghans mark the death of a vice president and former anti-Taliban commander, a Ukrainian presidential candidate visits the eastern city of Kharkiv, Pakistanis protest a provincial government, plus an antiterrorist raid in Iraq in this roundup of stories from RFE/RL countries.
RFE/RL in the Media

# "Miami Herald" cites RFE/RL Ukraine coverage 
Daily Beast cites Eisenhower interview on RFE/RL during 1956 invasion of Hungary 
# Photos from photojournalist killed in Syria had been used by RFE/RL, says CPJ 
# Donetsk is "poor, fed up, and desperate for change;" a letter from Donetsk  
# Merkel fears future of G8 following Ukraine crisis 
# Profile of "Putin's man in Crimea
# "Crimea is not Kosovo" - David Phillips, Huffington Post 
# Pro-Russian oligarchs line up behind Kyiv; Russian oligarchs worried  
Apprehension grips Crimean Jewish community 
# Russia preparing counterproposals on Ukraine 
# "Russia Wants Much More Than Crimea" - Edward Luttwak, "New Republic" 
# Should Russia fear U.S. sanctions?  
# David Remnick on "Putin's pique
# India backs Russia's "legitimate interests" in Ukraine  
# Mystery passport holders on Malaysian Airlines flight were Iranian 
# Israel displays what it says were Iranian arms headed to Gaza 
# Al Jazeera says Iran orchestrated Lockerbie bombings 
# Iranian is "blogger of the week" in "Guardian" 
# Profile of Ashraf Ghani 
# Two Afghans cling to love, despite threats 
# Pakistan to pay parents in polio vaccination drive 
# Pakistan Supreme Court demands explanation of failure to address sexual harassment of pilot 
# Pakistan has lost twice as many fighters as U.S. in its own war against the Taliban 
Central Asia
# Nazarbayev says he understands Putin's actions to protect "national minority" in Ukraine 
# Ex Indiana congressman lobbies for Tajikistan dam
# Sen. Mark Kirk condemns Azerbaijan over Karabakh 
Of Interest
# Facebook redesigns pages 

The Rundown -- March 10

RFE/RL in the Media

# RFE/RL reporting on Ukraine cited in NPR, "USA Today,International Business Times and "The Atlantic
# Anne Applebaum suggests increased funding for RFE/RL in "The Telegraph
# Read Rim Gilfanov in Al Jazeera on the stakes for Crimean Tatars 
Rival rallies in Crimea hold different visions for the peninsula's future 
# Hague warns of "real shooting conflict
# Why Crimea "might be worse off" under Russian rule 
# New Ukraine government looks to avoid past pitfalls 
# EU foreign policy after Ukraine 
# "The Age-Old Connection Between Russia and Ukraine Is Over" - Vitaly Portnikov, "The New Republic" 
# Photo: Billboard presents choice between Ukraine/Russia 
# Video: Khodorkovsky emotional in address to Maidan: "There's another Russia"  
# Russian Ambassador says ethnic-Russian Latvians may more easily attain visas 
# "Russia Power Plays" - Lynnley Browning, "Newsweek" 
# Crimean Tatar parliamentarian says Russia risks jihad 
# Iceland PM says conflict could cause problems with Arctic cooperation 
# "Russia Has Already Lost the War" - Chrystia Freeland, "New York Times" 
Ashton in Iran to discuss nuclear deal 
# Can moderates in Iran hold off extremists
# Iranian Sunnis complain of discrimination 
# Attitudes towards capital punishment shifting in Iran 
# Video: Life as an "illegal" rock star in Iran 
# New fiction explores terror and violence in Iraq 
# Afghan Vice President dies 
# Abdullah Abdullah defends troops in Afghanistan 
# "Is Afghanistan Really Impossible to Conquer?" - William Dalrymple, BBC 
# How Pakistan's moves against the Taliban could complicate Afghan ties 
# Pakistan's first women-only bus  
# Serbia's economy fraught 
# "Serbia Deserves Its EU Dream" - "Financial Times" editorial 
Central Asia
# Loan woman protests detention of children in Kazakhstan 
# Ukraine crisis brings more risk to Kazakhstan devaluation 
# NGO alliance brings HPV shots to Uzbekistan in 2015  
# How Uzbek media covers the Ukraine conflict 
Of Interest
# What's new in digital and social media research 

The Rundown -- March 7

Turkey -- The US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Truxtun sets sail in the Dardanelles straits, on its way to the Black Sea, March 7, 2014

RFE/RL in the Media

CS Monitor mentions RFE/RL in its piece on Kremlin's TV channel Russia Today.
Constitution Daily (blog) quotes the RFE/RL Ron Synovitz's story titled “The Budapest Memorandum and Its Relevance to Crimea.”

Afghanistan / Pakistan

Afghan forces struggle to combat explosives threat Washington Post
Afghan army, police struggle to combat IED threat as U.S. forces prepare to leave Washington Post
NATO airstrike kills 5 Afghan soldiers Washington Post
7-Point Human Rights Agenda for Afghan Presidential Candidates Amnesty International
The Bargain from the Bazaar: A Family’s Day of Reckoning in Lahore Foreign Policy


Iran launches insurance plan to tackle high healthcare costs Financial Times
Iran's Secret Weapons Wall Street Journal
Iran’s Structural Constraints Limit Rouhani’s Domestic Agenda World Politics Review


Bombings, clashes in Iraq kill at least 42 AP
Row as Iraq minister's son 'forces' flight turnaround BBC

Eastern Europe

Eastern Promises Foreign Policy
Ukraine’s Tiny, Impoverished Neighbor Moldova Also Worries About Moscow's Incursions
#  Grybauskaitė: Russia redrawing borders, Moldova and Baltics could be next after Ukraine


Azeri Opposition Party Says Government Behind HQ Blast IWPR
Mysterious explosions and discretionary arrests: A day in the life of Azerbaijan’s opposition Amnesty International
Georgia: Does Ukraine Crisis Improve Euro-Atlantic Integration Odds? Eurasia View
# MIKHEIL SAAKASHVILI When Putin invaded my country Washington Post

Central Asia

Kashagan fails to live up to promise (Kazakhstan) Financial Times
Kyrgyzstan Sees Homophobic Backlash after Report on Gay Abuse Eurasia View
#  ANALYSIS - Will Kazakhstan be Next in Putin’s Reintegration Project? Carnegie Endowment 3/6/14
#  ANALYSIS - Asia Shares a WWII Hangover with Ukraine Asia Sentinel 3/6/14


Obama bets on Putin’s unlikely reversal on Ukraine Washington Post
Putin ally accuses U.S. of trying to ‘destroy’ Russia Financial Times
Sochi Paralympics: Russia ready for biggest ever Winter Games BBC
Rouble trouble: Why fear of recession might be driving Putin's policies BBC
Russia wants IMF to move ahead on reforms without U.S. Reuters
10 Lies? Russians Fire Back New York Times
Russia Experts See Thinning Ranks’ Effect on U.S. Policy New York Times
Violent attack on former Pussy Riot members must not be tolerated Amnesty International
#  MICHAEL GERSON As the U.S. retreats, what will fill the vacuum? Washington Post
#  PHILIP STEPHENS Reset the reset – visa bans will not deter Putin Financial Times
#  FRED HIATT Will the West let Putin off the hook? Financial Times
# JOHN BOEHNER Counter Putin by Liberating U.S. Natural Gas Wall Street Journal
#  FACTBOX - EU options to apply pressure on Russia over Ukraine Reuters
#  ANALYSIS - U.S. Options Are Limited for Sanctions on Russia Stratfor
#  MAP - Territorial changes in Russia over the centuries RIA Novosti


Crimea Approves a Secession Vote as Tensions Rise New York Times
Obama bets on Putin’s unlikely reversal on Ukraine Washington Post
Netherlands Flags Possible Ukraine Asset Withdrawal Wall Street Journal
Ukraine's revolution and the far right BBC
Crimean authorities take two more broadcasters off air CPJ
#  ROGER COHEN Ukraine Fights for Its Truth New York Times
#  ANALYSIS - The Ukraine blame-game Economist
#  ANALYSIS - Ukraine’s Unintended Consequences Project Syndicate
#  ANALYSIS - U.S. Options Are Limited for Sanctions on Russia Stratfor
#  ANALYSIS - China’s Soft “Nyet” to Russia’s Ukraine Intervention CFR
#  ANALYSIS - Ukraine’s Lessons for Asia CFR
#  ANALYSIS & MAPS - Crimea: A region divided Financial Times
#  FACTBOX - What is Crimea and why does it matter? Reuters
#  MAPS - Ukrainian crisis: Situation maps Washington Post
#  POLL - Democracy Important to Most Ukrainians Gallup

Of Interest

#  RANKING - World's Top 100 universities 2014 Times Higher Education
The World's Most Reputable Universities In 2014 Forbes 3/6/14

The Rundown -- March 6

Afghanistan -- Qutbuddin Hilal presidential candidates during his campaign in Kabul, 06 march 2014

Afghanistan / Pakistan

How Ukraine Spillover Could Complicate the US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Diplomat
#  Brother of Afghan Leader Expected to Drop Out of Election New York Times
Nato attack kills five Afghan troops Guardian
#  VIDEO - Afghanistan: 'Half of children' suffering malnutrition BBC
#  Peace talks resume in Pakistan amid more violence Los Angeles Times
Indian Kashmiri cricket fans to be charged for cheering Pakistan Telegraph
The South Asia Channel: Taliban Turf Wars Block Peace Foreign Policy
#  KORI SCHAKE The Forgotten War Foreign Policy


#  ANALYSIS - Upcoming elections in Iraq: Prospects and Challenges IDSA


Israel says it stopped Iranian arms shipment destined for Gaza Strip New York Times
#  DAVID RIVKIN, LEE CASEY Congress Can Play a Vital Role in the Iran Talks Wall Street Journal


#  Serbia: How the EBRD’s funding contributed to a forced eviction in Belgrade Amnesty International

Eastern Europe

Uralkali investors back renewing Belarus partnership Financial Times


Central Asia

#  Putin Turns Attention to Eurasian Union Eurasia View
Kyrgyz Opposition Regroups for Protests IWPR


Russia Today news anchor Liz Wahl resigns live on air Guardian 3/6/14
For Russian TV Channels, Influence and Criticism New York Times
Russia: “Foreign Agents” Law Hits Hundreds of NGOs Human Rights Watch
Point by Point, State Department Rebuts Putin on Ukraine New York Times
U.S., allies slowly put squeeze on Russia Washington Post
U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin New York Times
Any EU sanctions are unlikely to make impression on Putin Guardian
#  ANNE APPLEBAUM Russia’s Western enablers Washington Post
#  PAUL HOCKENOS Angie the Good Cop Foreign Policy
#  EDITORIAL Europe needs an alternative to Russian natural gas Washington Post
#  STEVEN METZ Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Signifies a Changing Global Order World Politics Review
#  HAROLD MEYERSON Russia doesn’t respect borders. Neither has the U.S. Washington Post
# SERGEY KARAGANOV Russia needs to defend its interests with an iron fist Financial Times
#  FACTBOX - Russian companies with exposure to Ukraine Reuters

Ukraine crisis: EU leaders to hold emergency talks BBC
In Eastern Ukrainian City, a Tug of War for More Autonomy New York Times
Dispatches: Leaked Call, But Where’s the Truth in Ukraine? Human Rights Watch
U.S. and Russia fail to reach Ukraine deal on day of frantic diplomacy Guardian
Tensions persist in Crimea; foreign observers on their way Washington Post
Kiev’s Demonstrators Vow to Stay ‘Until the End’ New York Times
Beijing and Moscow Part Ways Over Ukraine Foreign Policy
Ukraine crisis: Blows for west in bid to counter Moscow Financial Times
Ukraine’s crisis: A glossary of 32 words, phrases, people and places Washington Post
#  ANDRANIK MIGRANYAN Putin Triumphs in Ukraine National Interest
#  E.J. DIONNE JR. Crisis in Ukraine? Blame Obama! Washington Post
#  GARY SCHMITT How the West is losing Ukraine Los Angeles Times
#  DIMITER KENAROV Putin Is My Sugar Daddy Foreign Policy
# MYKOLA RIABCHUKMARCH Ukraine, Not Ready for Divorce New York Times
#  EDITORIAL Europe's Ukraine Rescue Wall Street Journal

Of Interest

#  Health - ‘Cut the sugar’ WHO warns in new guidelines Financial Times
#  March 9 - 200th Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko
#  REPORT - Violence against women: an EU-wide survey FRA
China Remodels an Ancient Silk Road City, and an Ethnic Rift Widens Nyw York Times

The Rundown -- March 5

Ukraine -- Ukrainian marines look at a Russian ship floating out of the Sevastopol bay, March 4, 2014

RFE/RL in the Media

Ceska Televize (CT) presents Sergei Danilochkin in its program "Debate from One World 2014: Syria - the moral dilemma of the world."
Czech News Agency (CTK) quotes Lidove noviny in relation to RFE/RL broadcasting to Iran.
New York Times Blog mentions RFE/RL interview with Russian historian and professor of philosophy Andrei Zubov.

Afghanistan / Pakistan

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 2,176 AP
Afghanistan to Disband Crucial Guard Force Wall Street Journal
Fizza Malik: Face of Pakistan's latest tragedy BBC
#  ANALYSIS - Pakistan-Taliban Peace Talks: A Futile Exercise? Eurasia Review
#  HALEH ESFANDIARI Rely on Iran and Pakistan for Help New York Times
#  CELESTE WARD GVENTER Adjusting the War on Terror to Fit the Times New York Times
#  ALI AHMAD JALALI An Effective Military and Good Government New York Times
#  FAWZIA KOOFI Patience to Deal With Perceptions New York Times
#  GULNUR AYBET A Longer Term Counterterrorism Strategy New York Times
#  JAVID AHMAD Afghan Stability Is in India’s Interest New York Times


Iran should face more pressure to dismantle nuclear program, Netanyahu tells AIPAC Washington Post


Forget Obama and the EU. The man who should really have the Nobel Peace Prize is an obscure Iraqi cleric Telegraph
#  ARGUMENT Mission Impossible Foreign Policy

Eastern Europe

EU vs. Moscow: Russia Tries to Woo Back Moldova Spiegel
Belarus: Unintended Consequences of Crisis in Ukraine Jamestown


Bernie Ecclestone signs deal to host F1 grand prix in Azerbaijan Guardian
EU to Georgia: Gay Marriage Not a Requirement for Integration Eurasia View

Central Asia

# Russia-Ukraine Crisis Alarms Central Asian Strongmen Eurasia View


Putin, Flashing Disdain, Defends Action in Crimea New York Times
Classic performance as Russia’s Vladimir Putin breaks his silence Financial Times
U.S. considers sanctions on Russian banks Financial Times
High Stakes Limit Bid to Cow Putin Wall Street Journal
Russian site recruits 'volunteers' for Ukraine BBC
EU-Russia sanctions: 6 areas of manoeuvre Financial Times
#  HOLMAN JENKINS Forgiving Putin — Again Wall Street Journal
#  RUSLAN PUKHOV What Putin Really Wants New York Times
#  THOMAS FRIEDMAN Why Putin Doesn’t Respect Us New York Times
#  VLADIMIR KARA-MURZA Ukraine is Putin’s, not Russia’s, war Washington Post
#  ANALYSIS - When sanctions work Financial Times
#  FACTBOX - Russian companies with exposure to Ukraine Reuters


Ukraine crisis: Germany's Russian conundrum BBC
Obama, Kerry dismiss Putin’s rationale for Russian intervention in Ukraine Washington Post
Europe divided over Russia as NATO meets on Ukraine crisis Washington Post
Kerry Takes Offer of Aid to Ukraine and Pushes Back at Russian Claims New York Times
Kiev consolidates power and seeks to unite nation Financial Times
Panel Probes Split Over Ukraine by U.S. Spy Agencies Wall Street Journal
EDITORIAL A Rational Response to Ukraine’s Crisis New York Times
EDITORIAL Europe’s dilemma over Ukraine Financial Times
SIMON JENKINS Ukraine has revealed the new world of western impotence Guardian
ASKOLD KRUSHELNYCKY Crimea's War of Nerves Foreign Policy
ANDREW WOOD Russia in Ukraine: How the West Could Win Chatham House
ANALYSIS - No Easy Way Out of Ukraine Crisis New York Times
ANALYSIS - Ukraine crisis: Does Russia have a case? BBC
ANALYSIS - Ukraine and the 'Little Cold War' Stratfor

Of Interest

#  SURVEY - The Web at 25 in the U.S. Pew Research Center
25 years of the World Wide Web: 25 Web superstars Telegraph
Singapore named the world's most expensive city  BBC
Technology: Rise of the replicants Financial Times
Man-made meat will nourish the body and soul Financial Times

The Rundown -- March 4

Ukraine -- A Russian serviceman stands on duty near a map of the Crimea region near the city of Kerch, March 4, 2014

RFE/RL in the Media

RIA Novosti cites RFE/RL Russian Service in its article: "Russia Seeks Ukrainian Who Allegedly Sought Warlord’s Help."
OSCE Representative Dunja Mijatovic says that RFE/RL journalists were assaulted in Donestsk and Kharkiv. mentions an interview posted on RFE/RL's Turkmen service's website February 28.


War Deaths Top 13,000 in Afghan Security Forces New York Times
Fatal Attack Rattles Court Complex in Pakistani Capital New York Times
Tension grows over Iranian guards seized in Pakistan Times
#  EDITORIAL Frustration With Afghanistan New York Times


Signs grow of Iranian involvement in Bahrain unrest Financial Times
Iran sentences student activist to seven years in prison for 'peaceful protest' Guardian
How Iran Could Benefit from the U.S.-Russia Standoff Stratfor
# HUGH SHELTON Show muscle in nuclear negotiations with Iran Chicago Tribune


# Croatia accuses Serbia of 1990s genocide BBC

Eastern Europe

Ukrainians, take it from a Bosnian: the EU flag is just a rag in the wind Guardian
#  EDITORIAL The West must assuage the fears of former Soviet republics Washington Post


Countries in Russia's Periphery Look East and West Stratfor


Russian forces expand control of Crimea Washington Post
Kiev Cites Campaign of Pressure by Russia New York Times
Ukraine crisis resurrects Cold War ghosts Washington Post
Ukraine premier agrees to reforms for aid package Financial Times
Behind the West's Miscalculations in Ukraine Wall Street Journal
Russia wages propaganda war over Ukraine Financial Times
#  NATALKA SNIADANKO The Myth of a Divided Ukraine New York Times
#  OLGA DUKHNICH Crimea: Russia’s Next Afghanistan? New York Times
#  JUSTINIAN JAMPOL Smashing Lenin Won’t Save Ukraine New York Times
#  EUGENE ROBINSON In the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. has a credibility problem Washington Post
#  INTERVIEW (Brzezinski) Formally recognize Ukraine, prepare NATO troops Christian Science Monitor

Top Russians Face Sanctions by U.S. for Crimea Crisis New York Times
The Economic Levers That Might Stop Putin Wall Street Journal
Putin’s Crimea Propaganda Machine Daily Beast
Struggling Russian economy faces risk of more setbacks Financial Times
Russian Markets Shudder Under Threat of Sanctions Wall Street Journal
UK seeking to ensure Russia sanctions do not harm City of London Guardian
#  ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI Putin’s aggression in Ukraine needs a response Washington Post
#  GIDEON RACHMAN Russia is in no position to fight a new cold war Financial Times
#  EDITORIAL Putin's Achilles' Heel Wall Street Journal
#  ROGER COHEN Putin's Crimean Crime New York Times
#  GEORGE WILL Misreading Putin, and history Washington Post
#  DAVID BROOKS Putin Can’t Stop New York Times
#  ANALYSIS - As Prime Russian Trading Partner, Germany Appears Crucial to Ending Crisis New York Times
Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan: The Next Ukraine? The Diplomat
Of Interest

The 2014 World's Billionaires List Forbes
Bill Gates regains top spot as world's richest person BBC
Giant virus revived from deep freeze in Siberian tundra Los Angeles Times
30,000-year-old giant virus 'comes back to life' BBC

The Rundown -- March 3

Ukraine -- An armed man stands near a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol, March 3, 2014

RFE/RL in the Media cites Kocharyan in answer to a question by an RFE/RL Armenian Service correspondent.
#  The Daily Beast quotes RFE/RL in it's article "Russia Stages a Coup in Crimea."
#  Kimberly Marten of The Foreign Affairs mentions RFE/RL's Daisy Sindelar in her piece: "Putin's Biggest Mistake."

Afghanistan / Pakistan
Taliban Move Brings Halt to Airstrikes in Pakistan New York Times
Suicide Bombers Kill 11 in Pakistani Capital New York Times
Altered Letter Fools Afghans and 10 Flee From Prison New York Times
Tension grows over Iranian guards seized in Pakistan Times
#  INTERVIEW - Karzai says U.S.-Afghan relationship ‘has been at a low point for a long time’ Washington Post
#  PROFILE - Mamnoon Hussain: Pakistan's 'invisible' president BBC

Eastern Europe
Tiraspol: Back in the U.S.S.R. Moscow Times

Georgian Soldiers Go to Africa Jamestown


Despite its problems, Ukraine is a prize for Russia, Europe Washington Post
Ukrainian Government Rushes to Dampen Secessionist Sentiment New York Times
Putin Engages in Test of Will Over Ukraine New York Times
Russia watchers say military manoeuvre was long in the making Financial Times
In Crimea’s Phantom War, Armed Men Face Unseen Foe New York Times
Pressure Rising as Obama Works to Rein In Russia New York Times
Comparing the Crimea conflict with the Georgia-Russia situation of 2008 Washington Post
#  EDITORIAL Russia’s Aggression New York Times
#  EDITORIAL A second cold war threatens Europe Financial Times
#  NICHOLAS BURNS The US and EU have options to outmanoeuvre Russia Financial Times
#  CHARLES KING Crimea, the Tinderbox New York Times
#  EDWARD LUCE Putin cooks up Obama’s chicken Kiev moment Financial Times
#  ANALYSIS - Why punishing Putin is testing Obama BBC
#  TIMELINE - Ukraine crisis BBC
#  MAPS - Ukraine crisis  BBC

Of Interest

A Landmark Oscar Win for ‘12 Years a Slave’ New York Times
Anti-slavery film wins Hollywood’s top honor  Financial Times
#  FACTBOX - List of key Oscar winners Reuters

The Rundown -- February 28

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 27i
February 27, 2014
Activists raise the Russian flag over the Crimean regional parliament, Afghans march in support of their country's soldiers, Kyrgyz youth hold an antigay protest, plus stories from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Georgia in this roundup of news from the countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media

Daily Beast cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of concrete barriers being built in Sevastopol 
Slate quotes Brian Whitmore's interview with Alexandr Motyl on a potential Ukraine split 
Huffington Post cites Rob Coalson's piece on rising separatism in Crimea 
# "The Telegraph" cites RFE/RL on the east-west language mix that's more complicated than it seems; also posted in "The Atlantic
Foreign Policy quotes Natalie Sedletska in story on journalists going through Yanukovych's documents 
# Armed men take airport in Simferopol 
# Ukraine draws Obama into Putin's long game 
# How the revolt of Vendee compares to what's happening in Ukraine now 
# "Putin's Silence on Ukraine Adds to Confusion" - Steven Lee Myers, "New york Times" 
# "Why Russia Won't Invade" - Kimberly Martin, "Foreign Affairs" 
Eastern Europe
# 17 unbelievable photos of Belarus special forces 
# The post-Soviet surprises of Chisinau 
# Poland's unfinished revolution in Eastern Europe 
# Afghanistan human rights commissioner says country has no choice but to sign BSA 
# Britain leaves Helmand project "unfinished
# Pakistan won't target Taliban who concentrate fighting in Afghanistan 
# Pakistani campaigners say YouTube should be un-censored thanks to U.S. court decision 
# Iran resumes work at "suspicious military base
# Gay, Iranian refugee couple becomes "Facebook superstars
# U.S. says Iran is still among world's worst human rights abusers 
# Big Democratic donors urge Congress to back off Iran sanctions  
# Iraq commemorates 1920 revolt against Britain in new museum 
# Iraq's war on heavy metal 
# U.S. urges Georgia to further integrate with the West
Central Asia
# Uzbekistan: "The Corruption Corridor" - David Trilling, Politico 
16 percent increase in tourists to Uzbekistan last year, according to official statistics 
# Protests continue in Bosnia 
# An al-Qaeda mole who was killed in Bosnia 
Of Interest
# British spies have a webcam porn problem 
# Video: Why cheap phones mean big bucks 

The Rundown -- February 27

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 26i
February 26, 2014
Crimean Tatars in Ukraine storm the regional parliament, Afghans demand a stronger stance against the Taliban, Azerbaijanis commemorate a wartime tragedy, plus stories from Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Macedonia in this roundup of news from the countries covered by RFE/RL.
RFE/RL in the Media

BloombergBusinessweek cites RFE/RL Azerbaijani service on protests in Azerbaijan
# Sergei Danilochkin, head of RFE/RL's Iraqi Service to speak at One World festival on world's moral dilemma in Syria 
Yahoo News uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of protests in Crimea 
# "Financial Times" quotes Natalie Sedletska, of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service, on the process of sifting through Yanukovych's documents 
# New prime minister, Yatsenyuk, warns of tough days ahead  
# Last act of DC lobbyists of Yanukovych was lobbying against Tymoshenko release in the fall 
# Crimea separatism "is just a show
# Set to be grander than the one outside Kyiv, unfinished palace abandoned by workers 
Eastern Europe
# Belarus will consider monitoring Ukraine elections 
# Sikorski says it was phone call from Putin that convinced Yanukovych to compromise
# Russia orders urgent troop maneuvers near border; had warned Pentagon  
# Russian media evokes World War II in talking about Ukraine 
# Investigators ask to put Navalny under house arrest 
# Infographic: Russian naval fleets 
# Video: Russian hockey fans chant "glory to Ukraine
# New information on how Stuxnet infiltrated Iran nuclear facility 
# "Iran's Moderate Mask and the Execution of a Poet" - Diana Moukalled, Al Arabiya 
# Could the increasing presence of India in Iran be angering the Pakistanis
# Qatar FM visits Iran, backs "political solution" in Syria 
# Daunting obstacles to healthcare in Afghanistan 
# As U.S. whittles down detainee population in Afghanistan, it struggles with what to do with most dangerous 
# Pakistan has highest infant mortality rate in the world  
# Pakistan announces "first ever counter-terror policy
Central Asia
# "Moderate Islam? Look to Central Asia" - Frederick Starr, "New York Times" 
# Tajikistan launches its own social networking site 
# Kazakhstan to create a new national airline 
# Two serial killers jailed for life in Uzbekistan 
# U.S. urges Georgia to integrate with the EU 
# Georgia asks U.S. to protect it from Russian influence in Ukraine-style crisis 
Anxious times for Armenian migrants in Russia 
Of Interest
# How Slate's doing its daily podcast 
Ruby Tuesday  

The Rundown -- February 26

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 25i
February 25, 2014
A memorial for the victims of violence in Ukraine, a suicide bombing near Iran's consulate in northwest Pakistan, a hero's welcome for Belarusian Olympians, plus stories from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia in this roundup of news from countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media 

# Natalie Sedletska, from RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service, cited in "New York Times" for work on website created for Yanukovych's documents 
# "The Atlantic" posts RFE/RL's Maidan-inspired art compilation 
# Three days in, Maidan not happy with new parliament
# "A Lad From Lviv Becomes the Toast of Kyiv" - Richard Balmforth, Reuters 
# "Tough Challenges For a New Ukraine" - Masha Lipman, "New Yorker" 
# Maidan's relationship with Jewish Ukrainians 
# Yanukovych had good taste
# Lavrov says Russia won't interfere in Ukraine 
# "No, Russia Will Not Intervene in Ukraine" - Simon Shuster, "Time"
# Russian media discuss sending troops to Crimea 
# A critique of the focus on Russia when talking about Ukraine's revolution 
# Opposition leaders get around 10 days for protests outside Bolotnaya trials 
# Obama talks to Karzai, announces plans to prepare for U.S. withdrawal 
# Senior Pakistani official says decision could lead to civil war 
# Afghanistan sacks officers after Taliban kill 21 soldiers 
# Pakistani army prepares actions in N. Waziristan 
# Iraq denies weapons deal with Iran
# Iran reacts to events in Ukraine and warns against "foreign meddling
# Does Obama have a mandate for negotiations with Iran? 
# Iran building barrier along border with Pakistan 
# Iranian teacher builds robot to teach prayer 
Central Asia
# Tajikistan journalist fined for criticizing state-sponsored artist  
# Apparel firms ranked on efforts to avoid Uzbek cotton 
# Georgian president in Washington 
# Azerbaijan's "new wave" replaces old-guard 
Of Interest
# Reddit to beta-test liveblog feature 
# Tips for finding news on VKontakte 

The Rundown

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 24i
February 24, 2014
Russian police detain scores of supporters of the Bolotnaya defendants, Afghanistan honors soldiers killed in a Taliban attack, Pakistan offers cash for vaccinations, plus stories from Ukraine in this roundup of news from the countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
RFE/RL in the Media

Huffington Post cites RFE/RL on Lenin statues falling throughout the country 
WorldCrunch quotes RFE/RL Ukrainian Service on Tymoshenko's release 
# Interim president says $35 billion is needed to avoid default
# "Forget Kiev. The Real Fight Will Be for Crimea" - Andrei Malgin, "Moscow Times" 
# A "withering" portrait of Tymoshenko 
# Belarusian FM says no high-level Ukrainian officials in Belarus  
# Russia questions legitimacy of new leadership in Kyiv 
# Russia still has leverage "and the will to use it
# More than 400 protesters detained after several Bolotnaya defendants sentenced 
# Russia develops laser shield 
# Iraq signs $195 arms deal with Iran, despite arms embargo 
# Could a deal with Iran put a dent in the world's heroine trade
# "How to Promote Human Rights in Iran" - Ray Takeyh, CFR 
# China increases focus on Afghanistan 
# Afghanistan mobile phone sector boosts the economy
# Pakistani Taliban commander shot dead in Waziristan 
# PM says Bosnia unrest is "local fire" that can be put out 
Central Asia
# "Kazakhstan - The Succession" - Nick Cockhan, OpenDemocracy 
# Russia puts squeeze on Armenian migrant workers  
# Independent Azerbaijani TV station's office in Berlin vandalized 
Of Interest
# Why isn't live video working for news sites?  
# Tim Pool uses Google Glass to cover protests 

The Rundown -- February 24

RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Daud Khattak's review of "I am Malala" in Foreign Policy 
CPJ releases statement condemning harassment of Khadija Ismayilova 
# RFE/RL coverage of events in Ukraine cited numerous times by "New York Times," (here and here) and by MashableThinkProgress, "Globe and Mail" and WorldCrunch 
# Natalia Sedletska, of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service, quoted in "Guardian" story about investigative journalists digging through documents at Yanukovych's residence 
# Many don't want her back in politics 
# Crimea talks secession 
# Videos: Huge pro-separatist rally in Sevastopol; handing out AK-47s 
Protester logistics won for Maidan
# If Yanukovych were to run, where would he go
# Using big data to map Ukraine's violence 
# What will Russia do about Ukraine
# Russia recalls ambassador 
# "Olympic Closing Ceremony Proves Russia a Worthy Host" - Juliet Macur, "New York Times" 
# "Co-opting Muslims in Putin's Russia" - Robert Crews, "Foreign Affairs" 
# "The Games Putin Plays" - Ross Douthat, "New York Times" 
# Iran pays more for riskier oil fields 
# Well known Iranian filmmaker visits U.S. for the first time 
# Rohani's domestic reform agenda suffers setbacks 
# Morsi accused of leaking state secrets to Iran's Revolutionary Guards 
# Iranian women embrace western fashion 
# Afghanistan denies execution of 23 Pakistani security force members 
# Taliban suspends talks on U.S. soldier
# Saudi Arabia seeking Pakistan arms for Syria rebels 
Central Asia
# No information on whereabouts of 700 adopted Kazakhstanis 
# Armenian leaders "nervous" about planned opposition rally 
# Abkhazia forgotten at Olympics 
Of Interest
# Mozilla to unveil $25 smartphone for emerging markets (!) 
# 2012 "New York Times" profile of El Chapo 

The Rundown -- February 21

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 20i
February 20, 2014
The death toll mounts in Kyiv as security forces use guns against protesters, Moldova keeps a wary eye on Ukraine, Greece's foreign minister takes a land route to neighboring Macedonia, plus stories from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus in this roundup of news from the countries covered by RFE/RL.
RFE/RL in the Media

# Khadija Ismayilova questioned by government 
# RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of snipers cited by CNNEuronews, "New York Times," Christian Science MonitorSlateGlobe and Mail and others 
Huffington Post and "New York Times" cite RFE/RL liveblog on Ukraine 
ThinkProgress cites Robert Coalson's piece on Crimea separatism 
# "Rolling Stone" cites Mike Scollon's piece about Pussy Riot's new video 
# Read Charles Recknagel in "The Atlantic" on how Ukraine protests spun out of control  
# Read Brian Whitmore's interview in "The Atlantic" with Alexander Motyl 
# "The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine" - Sarah Kendzior, Politico 
# "Ukraine Is On the Verge Of War And Putin Is To Blame" - Michael Weiss, Daily Beast 
# "Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine" - Timothy Snyder, "New York Review of Books" 
# The global implications of the Ukraine conflict 
# WhatsApp founder's Ukrainian roots helped shape the business 
# "Russia's New Cold War" - Edward Lucas, "The Economist" 
# P5+1 talks drill down on the future of Iran’s nukes 
# Iran's judiciary closes pro-government newspaper 
# Iran's most sensitive nuclear stockpile falls
# Iran and Britain restore diplomatic ties 
# Iraq offers bounties for jihadists 
# Baghdad, Arbil disagree over result of crude oil export talks 
# Study says Afghanistan troop cuts will lead to Taliban surge 
# Afghanistan war documentary coming to the U.S. 
# Questioning the Gallup poll on the Afghan war 
# Musharraf appears in court in high treason case 
Central Asia
# Almaty confident it can host 2022 Olympics 
# A tour of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan 
# Spain agrees to extradition of Kazakh citizen 
# Security official attacks VOA Azerbaijani journalist 
Of Interest
# WhatsApp was already helping Buzzfeed and Shazam go viral 

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