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The Life Of 'A Legendary Persian Diva'

Pejman Akbarzadeh, an Iranian pianist, writer, and journalist based in Amsterdam, has produced a documentary about the life and work of Hayedeh, one of Iran's most loved and iconic singers, who died in exile in 1990.

Hayedeh has been described by some as Iran's Maria Callas and the queen of Iran's music. She fled Iran shortly before Iran's 1979 revolution that brought in an Islamic republic under which, among other things, women were banned from singing in public.

The documentary is due to premiere in Amsterdam on January 24. In the documentary, Hayedeh calls the Iranian revolution a "calamity" for Iranians. Watch the trailer of the documentary above.

-- Golnaz Esfandiari

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by: Daryoush
January 16, 2009 15:56
yes, she was truly the Persian Maria Callas who forced to leave her homeland because of the revolution.

by: Mahnaz from: USA
January 16, 2009 18:50
She was great. we all get nostalgic when we hear her beeautiful voice. thank you for remembering us of the good old days. and she was right the revolution is a camality.

by: Tori from: Amsterdam
January 17, 2009 12:37
The first time I heard Hayedeh's voice was in a taxi in Iran. (I'm an American, so forgive me for not having been raised with her singing!) I was totally blown away by the music and her singing. The driver insisted that I take the cassette with me when I got out of the car. I told him over and over again that I did not even own a cassette player, but he insisted. <br /><br />The next time I heard her voice was on an intercity bus. The driver played her while the passengers sang along. Most of the passengers were college students: not even old enough for nostalgia! Her talent really is something special, and her voice is, well, &quot;to die for.&quot;

by: Amir from: Germany
January 17, 2009 15:25
There is no doubt that her voice was one of the greatest Iran has ever had, and many Iranians have nostalgic memories with her voice. There was a true need for a documentary about her life and her activities, so as to bring people a more close picture of this well-known singer. Let's wait for it to be released, then we will see, how well it was successful in doing its job...

by: Behnam from: Sweden
January 27, 2009 14:21
I guess many Iranianmusic lovers are looking forward to watch this documentary, if they already did not attended on the premiar event. I'm really happy that such a project which represents the story of one of the most popular iranian singers is completed now.

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