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Podcast: A Shakeup For Team Putin?

Is a changing at the guard in the offing for the Russian government?
Is a changing at the guard in the offing for the Russian government?
One of the hallmarks of Vladimir Putin's rule has been stability of cadres.

His people, his top ministers, members of his inner circle, were untouchable. The law, to quote a popular refrain from the opposition, was only for his enemies.

But with the sacking of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov earlier this month over a defense procurement corruption scandal, that appears to have changed.

Suddenly, it looks like nobody is untouchable. The Russian media have been filled with speculation that a major government shake-up is in the works.

Is a purge on the way for Team Putin? And if so, to what ends? In this week's edition of the Power Vertical podcast, I discuss this issue with co-hosts Kirill Kobrin of RFE/RL's Russian Service and NYU Professor Mark Galeotti, author of the "In Moscow's Shadows" blog.

Power Vertical Podcast: A Shakeup For Team Putin?
Power Vertical Podcast: A Shakeup For Team Putin?i
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16:01 December 18, 2014

14:13 December 18, 2014

Putin says it's important that Crimean Tatars feel a part of Russian Federation...

But Crimean Tatars only constitute a part of the people who live in Crimea. "Squatting" is not a good practice. 


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