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Amnesty Calls For Justice In Murders Of Rights Activists

Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia director, John DalhuisenAmnesty International's Europe and Central Asia director, John Dalhuisen
Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia director, John Dalhuisen
Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia director, John Dalhuisen
Amnesty International says  that Russia must show political will and end impunity for the murder of human rights activists and journalists in the North Caucasus.

John Dalhuisen, the director of Amnesty's Europe and Central Asia program, said the failure of authorities to bring to justice the killers of Natalya Estemirova and other rights activists "can only be explained by a complete lack of political will" to end impunity for such crimes.

Dalhuisen was speaking on the eve of the third anniversary of Estemirova's abduction in Grozny and her subsequent murder.

He said the apparent lack of progress in investigating Estemirova's murder leads Amnesty to conclude that pledges by Russian authorities to find the killers were "hollow promises which they never meant to fulfill."
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 14, 2012 19:35
They murder in the East and West and learn from each other.
Russia - as bandits, USA - as methodic nazis.
Once a Russian writer visitted USA and said that
USA and Russia would be partners and World
would be even worst for the people.
Simce his prediction is comming through.

In USSR Russia and Moscow sentenced me and my mother to death in 1947, because at age of 4 I refused be plagiarized slave.
I lived in a pain amplifiers...

In 1980 we were pressured and leured to move to USA.
They turn my life in hell, because I refused be plagiarized slave.
I live in a pain amplifiers...

They also blackmailed to kill me and my mother, gradually killing her and me.
All apartments in USA rented to us were kidnappers hide-outs by plagiarists, some of them from former USSR that stole from me and brought to USA my intellectual property.
Not apartments but torture chambers, surrounded by threats, harrassments, telepaths and "Non-Letal Weapons".

For last 15 years, or so, every time they infected her or inflicted an attack, the emergency would kidnapp her against my will to their own hospital place and tried to destroy her.
All the time they threatened to murder my mother if I refuse be
their plaziarized slave.
As they did few month ago in Providence Hospital and since 6/29/2012 in Prosveterian Hospital, where they murdered her
7/7/2012 by combination of euthinasia and just murder.

Russia, expanding into non-Russian countries is as cinical as USA, killing not only rights activist, but anybody who deviate from "oboroten's" creating excuses, while Army conquer, occupy and cleanse.

For Christians, Muslims and Jews one God in Heaven.
From Georgia, once forbearers of Caucasian World,
Came Iber, teach Abraham and Izek old Law of God.
During Moses God added "Then Commandments".
Jesus humanize Levitic deviation in spirit of old law.

My father was Georgian, my mother was Iberian Jew.
Old Law, New Law and Jesus's Christian Humanism
Brought them together - invisible way of God in times
When faith of Humanity would be decided. O blessed!
By Law she suffered enough - God bless my mother!

Is New Democracy losing again to Russian Chauvinists
and cinicly greening like cartune "Capitalists"?
No respect for God or for Humanity...

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