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Jolie Earns Serbian Scorn For War Film

Angelina Jolie at the premiere of "In the Land of Blood and Honey" in Los Angeles in December
Angelina Jolie at the premiere of "In the Land of Blood and Honey" in Los Angeles in December

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Video Bosnia War Victims Praise New Jolie Film

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's directorial debut, "In the Land of Blood and Honey," tells the story of an ethnically mixed couple that is torn apart by the country's civil war. Initially, victims' groups resisted the film. On December 8, Jolie brought the film to Sarajevo for a special screening.
By RFE/RL's Balkan Service
She’s known internationally as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses; she’s won praise from governments and NGOs across the globe for her work as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations; and she’s often reckoned to be the world’s most beautiful woman.

But Angelina Jolie has been going by a few other titles lately in the Balkan country of Serbia, where prominent media outlets have taken to describing her as an American propagandist and all-around "jerk."

The nationalistic furor stems from Jolie's recent debut as a screenwriter and director with “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” a fictionalized account of the Bosnian war.

Jolie and the film are now at the center of a furious debate in Serbia over the nation’s most sensitive political issue: the violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s and the degree of Serbia’s responsibility for ethnic cleansing campaigns against Muslim and Croat civilians during the Bosnian war.

Key voices in the Serbian media have said that Jolie’s story of a doomed wartime romance between a Muslim woman and a Serbian army officer unfairly denigrates ethnic Serbs and spins the conflict from a distinctly anti-Serb perspective.

Film director Emir Kusturica recently told “Blic,” a Serbian daily, that Jolie’s new film is a work of “Hollywood propaganda.” His comments came as the Belgrade tabloid “Kurir” ran an interview with Bata Zivojinovic -- a veteran Yugoslav actor, former member of the Serbian parliament, and longtime Slobodan Milosevic ally -- under the blaring headline, "Angelina Is A Jerk."

A scene from "In the Land of Blood and Honey"A scene from "In the Land of Blood and Honey"
A scene from "In the Land of Blood and Honey"
A scene from "In the Land of Blood and Honey"
“Vecernje Novosti,” a newspaper partly owned by the Serbian government, refrained from criticizing Jolie personally but called her film a piece of “political agitprop” and noted that it had touched off “the largest political film scandal in the past few decades in the region.”

Serbian actor Dragan Bjelogrlic wrote in the paper that Jolie’s interpretation of events was “superficial” and claimed that he walked out of a screening of the movie after half an hour.

'Nobody Has Seen The Movie'

But now some Serbs are beginning to speak up in Jolie’s defense. Serbian film director Stevan Filipovic, whose 2010 film “Sisanje” sparked controversy at home over its portrayal of the Serbian right, says the attacks on Jolie and her film are consistent with a general tide of Serbian nationalism.
This is an old recipe. We have seen it used a million times by nationalists.

"This is an old recipe. We have seen it used a million times by nationalists," he told RFE/RL's Balkan Service. "The ridiculous thing is the fact that nobody has seen the movie, and they base their opinion on scenes from the trailer. Most of them never even saw the trailer, but they choose to declare it an anti-Serb movie, because that’s the way things go around here."

At least one prominent Bosnian Serb who did see the movie has given it a rave review.

Dragisa Andric was a prisoner in Sarajevo’s notorious Viktor Bubanj detention center during the war and is now an activist and spokesman for Serb war victims. He attended a special December screening in Sarajevo and told RFE/RL at the time that he was "deeply moved" by the film.

"In the Land of Blood and Honey" was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film but overlooked in this week's Academy Award nominations. It opens across the Balkans in February.

Written by Charles Dameron
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by: Natasa from: serbia
January 26, 2012 17:32
I am Bosnian war victim, Serbian....and I DON'T ''praise" this horrible movie, although my life is destroyed and I am ethnically cleansed after the war. This Idiotic movie shows only one side of the story and there are THREE SIDES OF THE STORY! This is insulting!

by: Mila
January 27, 2012 13:20
John, you're obviously obsessed with 'Catholic'. So, that would refer to Croatia. You well know that Croatia was not forced to be part of Yugoslavia but wanted in when it was comfortable to be in. In WWII, Croatia went the way of Hitler, and in the process wanted all Serbs, Jews, and Roma out of Croatia. Croatia's Hitler bunch had onside the Bosnian Muslim Handzar Division. The methods of extermination used by Croatian (Catholic) nazis were even too horrible for the German nazis to comprehend. Then, came the 1990s, and with the help of old friends (Germany and Vatican), Croatia achieved what it failed to do in the 1940s. Nazis then, and Nazi-nostalgics now. That's all well-documented by Simon Wiesenthal Center. So, John, you can lie all you want. There are the uninformed who might believe you. However, they would be well advised to become informed and not rely on the likes of you for a history lesson.

by: Tringa from: Republic of Kosovo
January 27, 2012 18:05

Serbian War crime denials

In Serbia, many people still deny war crimes committed by the Serbia or Serbs.[64] The policy of war crime denials is implemented through the Serbian educational system that teaches schoolchildren about crimes committed against Serbs, but not about crimes committed by Serbs.[64][when?] Some public figures who are known for speaking openly about crimes committed by Serbs are labeled as a "traitors".[64]

Bosnian War

Wanted poster for Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadic and Ratko Mladic.
“ Denial of the Srebrenica genocide takes many forms. The methods range from the brutal to the deceitful. Denial is present most strongly in political discourse, in the media, in the sphere of law, and in the educational system.[65]”

Despite the ICTY's finding, confirmed by the ICJ, a range of alternative views of the Srebrenica massacre exist, most of which argue that fewer than 8,000 were killed and/or that most of those killed died in battle rather than by execution.

According to Human Rights Watch, the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party "launched an aggressive campaign to prove that Muslims had committed crimes against thousands of Serbs in the area" which "was intended to diminish the significance of the July 1995 crime."[66] The ICTY Office of the Prosecutor noted that the number of Serb deaths in the region alleged by the Serbian authorities had increased from 1400 to 3500, a figure the Prosecutor stated "[does] not reflect the reality."[67] Personal details were only available for 624 victims.[67] The validity of labeling some of the casualties as "victims" is also contested[67]— studies have found a significant majority of military casualties compared to civilian casualties.[68] Nevertheless the event continues to be cited by Serb sources as the key example of heinous crimes committed by Bosniak forces around Srebrenica.[66]

Kosovo War

The Serbian police denied Drenica massacres in February–March 1998 and claimed they were just pursuing "terrorists" who had attacked the police. A police spokesman denied the "lies and inventions" about indiscriminate attacks and excessive force and said "the police has never resorted to such methods and never will."[69] Belgrade government also denied responsibility for Vučitrn and Gornje Obrinje massacre on 26 September 1998.[70] President Slobodan Milosevic has denied a policy of ethnic cleansing during the NATO bombing in Kosovo 1999,[71] but the Court latter found that Serbian state conducted systematic campaign of terror and violence against Kosovo Albanians in order to expel them from Kosovo.[30][72]
In Response

by: Daniel from: Serbia
January 29, 2012 00:47
Dear friend, why did you omit, just for example, killing serbian civilians and smuggling and selling their organs by k l a? (cd ponte wrote about it?, or maybe killing serb civilians and throwing them in Radonjic lake? Oh, maybe you've forgotten, sorry.. So this is to remind you..

And as for the Serbia keeping you away from EU (?), only to remind you that Serbia is much closer to EU (is close to candidate status) than (its province of) Kosovo. What keeps Kosovo away from EU is: big corruption, high criminal rate, low level of implementation of legal standards, low level of human rights, economic underdevelopment... As a matter of fact Kosovo is the only region in Europe whose residents still need visas for EU countries... What else to say?
In Response

by: Tringa from: The Republic of Kosovo
January 29, 2012 16:22
First of all, I`m not your friend..... your stories about serbian victims are delusional, (proven by International Court of Justice) who do you think you`re fooling? I was there, like many many others...why do you think the world bombed Serbia in 1999?

About the organ trade thing, there`s only accusations but no prove! We all know who was killing in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.
Serbian well known propaganda is still working very well, and don`t try to deny even the nowadays Serbian politics which tries to destabilize Kosovo, lobbying all around the world against saying we are a poor country, did you forget what happened the last decade, Kosovo was burning from serbian violence and terror, Kosovo was destructed, serbs burned our houses, killed our families, yes we are poor because of serbia. We are poor because Serbia is still making it difficult to us to make any progress. Also you making trouble in Krajina Croatia, plus the so called serbian genocidal creation of "Rep.Srpska" in Bosnia and the Northern Kosovo. It`s on the news, you cant fool the world anymore. The 90s are over!
In Response

by: George
February 01, 2012 05:40
The 1990s are over, with the repackaged KLA not doing such a good job in bringing stability to Kosovo.

The ICTY is a very flawed legal body, thereby explaining why some nationalist non-Serbs uncritrically reference it.

Milosevic wasn't a good person. At the same time, nationalist Slovenes, Croats, Bosniaks and Albanians greatly contributed to the turmoil
In Response

by: George
February 01, 2012 05:45
Wiki has its share of inaccurate anti-Serb propaganda. Albanian nationalist violence in Kosovo was evident in the 1980s and beforehand.

Serbia minus Kosovo has done a better job at ethnic relations than Albanian dominated Kosovo. The Albanians weren't always the dominate group in Kosovo. There's a reasoned basis to dispute Albanian nationalist claims on the origin of the Albanians. They don't seem to have predominated in Kosovo before the Serbs.
In Response

by: Daniel
February 10, 2012 00:04
No, no once and again the world starts to understand that its all sides who committed war crimes.
And again "Kosovo was always the poorest part of former Yugoslavia, with a GDP of about 10% of that of Slovenia, the richest part of the federation. But Tito’s Yugoslav system ensured investments in infrastructure and industry, mass education, and the creation of autonomous institutions, all for the first time in Kosovo’s modern history" Source: internationalwievpoint
In fact Serbia and other republics were helping Kosovo's economy. Do not lie yourself, as you can not lie to us.
What actually stops Kosovo's advance is not Serbia: its high corruption level, high criminal rate, almost, no economy, low and/or bad education etc. etc.
As Serbia's residents travel without visas in EU countries and are just one step from EU candidate status (political, all technical conditions fulfilled) province of Kosovo remains the only region in Europe whose residents still need visas for EU (??) Oh Serbia again did it..
So as we can see, yes we live in delusions, while "you live a life".. keep on dreaming.
I've never been a hater, and I want reconciliation, neither I hate any nation, I love mine and respect other nations, unlike you. But I have to tell you something. Face the reality.. or just dream on..

by: Tringa from: The Republic of Kosovo
January 27, 2012 18:23
And one more thing, to Serbs who live in denial:

After the biggest genocide and destruction's in Europe you caused in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Serbia is still making trouble in the region by keeping us all away from the EU, and I see you also have the nerve to protect your Balkan butcher Slobodan Milosevic propaganda!

There can be No Peace without Justice. Honesty is the best policy!

Angelina Jolie, is a brave woman !

In Response

by: John from: USA
January 28, 2012 05:20
The Serbs that dont get it are dragging the good ones with them. The fact they cant confess to there mess and destruction will only bring them furthur away from the world. You can see why all the former nations are joining the EU, just not to have to deal with more crimes and barbaric ruling styles. Yugo had years to produce and show the world what they can do. In the end they went on a killing spree after they lost control. Look at Greece now same mentality of Yugo, where the state controls everything and now look at them. Watch when nationalities are tired of it and want nothing to do with Greece. They will use force just like Serbia did.
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by: Tringa from: The Republic of Kosovo
January 30, 2012 10:47
Slobodan Milosevic bombarded Serbs with lies and hateful demagoguery about their supposed victimisation at the hands of Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians, and he convinced them that the only solution was a Greater Serbia created through war and ethnic cleansing.... More than is generally recognised, at least in his own country, he was personally responsible for the most destructive conflict, and the most terrible atrocities, recorded in Europe since World War II. There were other protagonists and other criminals, some of them Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian. But without Mr Milosevic the Yugoslav wars wouldn't have happened.
A few years ago the Serbian media reported for months on end on mass graves whose dead had been identified by forensic experts as Kosovo Albanians. One of the most horrific images was that of a refrigerated lorry out of which murdered Kosovo Albanian women, children and old people were disposed in Lake Perucac, near the mouth of the river Derventa. On our screens we saw half-decayed, clothed corpses being pulled out of the water, we heard the shocking confession of the driver, who had been told to transport the dead out of Kosovo in order to cover up the crime. At the time a Belgrade television station broadcast an interview with a man bathing untroubled in this beautiful lake from whose green waters the corpses had just been pulled. When the reporter asked whether this bothered him the simpleton stood there shaking his head as the water dripped off him. Blinking innocently and smiling laconically, he looked at the camera and said without turning a hair:“To be honest, I don’t believe all that,” and dived defiantly back into the water…

Denial is one of the central new Serbian qualities. It is so new that we don’t even have a proper word for it, and those who realize what is happening simply use the English word instead. Denial.
In Response

by: George
January 30, 2012 00:21
What Jolie did is more cowardly than "brave."

The brave thing to do is to go against faulty views being pushed as valid.
In Response

by: Anonymous
February 01, 2012 05:46
More like Angelina Jolie is a hackish coward for anti-Serb propaganda.

The repackaged KLA are goons.

by: Mila
January 27, 2012 22:36
Now, along comes Tringa, from 'the Republic of Kosovo' to throw in the following gem:

"... After the biggest genocide and destruction's in Europe you caused in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Serbia is still making trouble in the region by keeping us all away from the EU ...:

Keep commenting Tringa - because you tell us more about your own ignorance than about anything else. So, 'all of you are being kept away from the EU'? All of you? And, it's Serbia that's keeping you away? BTW, Croatia is headed into the EU, in case you haven't heard. That should make you very happy.
'The biggest genocide'? Keep commenting - your ignorance is showing. Before you comment again, first check with Simon Wiesenthal Center about 'big genocides'.

by: Eran Fraenkel from: Indonesia
January 28, 2012 08:23
As someone who lived and worked for long years in former Yugoslavia, and who was there when the country collapsed and the wars of session took place, I can comment with some sense of confidence. I haven't seen Jolie's film so can't say anything about it. I can say that I feel that Serbia (not ALL Serbs) must be held largely responsible for the Bosnian war and for its share of the atrocities that were committed. But, even then, it's just too easy to make Serbs categorically the enemy in commercial films that deal with Bosnia. These are mostly cheap shots rather than anything based on reality -- which, by the way, is not a Bosniak monopoly. Even wars have more than one side to the story. I have not a shred of sympathy for Serb nationalists who still insist that their country and leaders are blameless for what happened when Yugoslavia disintegrated. But not all Serbs are Milosevic acolytes and shouldn't be thought of as such. Look at those leaders of the Arab Spring revolutions who have turned to B52 and other Serbs for guidance and advice on how to overthrow dictators. So, whatever Jolie's film is like, my advice is to watch "No Man's Land" if you want to get a poignant view of the dynamics of the war in Bosnia.
In Response

by: John from: USA
January 28, 2012 17:51
Yes, correct dont blame all the Serbs. I just hope they can remove all or most of the Nationalist. Its great to see a country proud of it self but to deny what certian leaders did and made its army do. Denial is a shame and will send so many red flags to other nations. Those good Serbian soldiers had no choice but to take orders from those murders. Just like the Nazis soldiers did during the reign of Hitler. When Serbia changes for the better it will be a wonderful place for everyone. There are many films of the Nazis but not everyone hates the Germans now. So dont be in such a panic. It was the rulling party and system of Yugoslavia that caused these wars and killings.

I dont agree with the Kosovo's seperation. If anything, Kosovo should have been treated like a Autonomous Province. The problem is that 40% of Kosovo were illegal aliens from Alabania. "quote from Bill Dorich". Albanians are causing major problems instead worrying about Albania, working and building a good country they are worried about migratting to Kosovo(Serbia) and Macedonia. All for what to cause nothing but destruction.
In Response

by: George
January 30, 2012 18:40
For that matter, cosider the many Iraqi citizens killed as a result of US military force.

In short, your analogy of Serbs with Nazi Germany is bombastic anti-Serb propaganda.

Western support has continued Kosovo's legacy as an Albanian dominated land with considerable crime and poverty.
In Response

by: Tringa from: The Republic of Kosovo
January 31, 2012 10:28
How can Kosovo be Serbian when Albanians are Natives in Balkans, and serbs came to Europe, in 7th century with the slavic invasion...

Is Kosovo Serbia? We ask a historian

Noel Malcolm
The Guardian, Article history

"Kosovo is Serbia", "Ask any historian" read the unlikely placards, waved by angry Serb demonstrators in Brussels on Sunday. This is rather flattering for historians: we don't often get asked to adjudicate. It does not, however, follow that any historian would agree, not least because historians do not use this sort of eternal present tense.

History, for the Serbs, started in the early 7th century, when they settled in the Balkans. Their power base was outside Kosovo, which they fully conquered in the early 13th, so the claim that Kosovo was the "cradle" of the Serbs is untrue.

What is true is that they ruled Kosovo for about 250 years, until the final Ottoman takeover in the mid-15th century. Churches and monasteries remain from that period, but there is no more continuity between the medieval Serbian state and today's Serbia than there is between the Byzantine Empire and Greece.

Kosovo remained Ottoman territory until it was conquered by Serbian forces in 1912. Serbs would say "liberated"; but even their own estimates put the Orthodox Serb population at less than 25%. The majority population was Albanian, and did not welcome Serb rule, so "conquered" seems the right word.

But legally, Kosovo was not incorporated into the Serbian kingdom in 1912; it remained occupied territory until some time after 1918. Then, finally, it was incorporated, not into a Serbian state, but into a Yugoslav one. And with one big interruption (the second world war) it remained part of some sort of Yugoslav state until June 2006.

Until the destruction of the old federal Yugoslavia by Milosevic, Kosovo had a dual status. It was called a part of Serbia; but it was also called a unit of the federation. In all practical ways, the latter sense prevailed: Kosovo had its own parliament and government, and was directly represented at the federal level, alongside Serbia. It was, in fact, one of the eight units of the federal system.

Almost all the other units have now become independent states. Historically, the independence of Kosovo just completes that process. Therefore, Kosovo has become an ex-Yugoslav state, as any historian could tell you.

· Noel Malcolm is a senior research fellow at All Souls College, Oxford.
In Response

by: vn from: Belgrade
January 31, 2012 12:12
To: Tringa

Desperate Tringa, always heavily dependent on others, avoiding her own nation of the Albanians in Albania, so revengfully set on the road to destruction, I would like to comment some of your thoughts:

If you so urgently need to go to the EU why don't you simply forget the Serbs and go to Albania and start assisting them.

Had it not been for the Medieval Serbia, the Kingdom of Serbia, Yugoslavia, the poor tribes of Albania would still be left out from the course of civilization as we know it - with grazing sheep and cows on the Illyrian mountain tops. I don't think that any other city in the world, like Pristina, has a University with the Albanian language. The Albanian children and students could study for free - meaning that Yugoslavian budget was your chief sponsor.

The Slavs started populating southern and eastern Europe in the 6th Century A.D.

Kosovo in the Middle Ages was only a field on the Sitnica river, never the whole region. There is a language catch to this story: in the Serbian language we don't say: I'm going to Kosovo (idem u Kosovo), but we say, in literal translation: I'm going ON Kosovo (idem na Kosovo) - meaning that we're still going to the Kosovo battle field. Do we need to change the language as well? We, the unproper, belligerent Serbs?

The Albanians, with their cartels abroad and stinking UN/NGOs are to be blamed for the bombing of the whole of Serbia & Montenegro.

And, as for resorting to the "Guardian" to explain us some history - if Noel is an Irish Catholic name, therefore not so fond of the British, however earning his bread from them - that's what we could expect the history to look like: simply chop up the whole bloody Yugoslavia/now Serbia out and give the British the territory with the most minerals - in this case the craving for Trepca mine - with the second largest reserves of lignite (second to Bosnia) is stunning. Where has Tringa seen or heard about the British Empire being a "good, benevolent" conqueror and occupier? Why don't the British bring some Labradors to the region?

If you need an answer to the question: Should you stay or should you go - it's: Go, go, please, and don't look back, but leave the Serbs and their territory alone. Kosovo Albanians are still making a havoc out of our lives, yet they are expecting the Serbs to pull them out of their mud and escort them to the even muddier EU?

To put an end to this: Serbia is in Europe, on the continent of Europe, with a valuable share in the European history, language, culture and all the rest ... If the Serbs have indeed always been so intolerant of the Albanians in Serbia, and if I were a true "genocidal" and "aggressive" Serb, you would not be in Kosovo right now.

by: Mila
January 28, 2012 13:44
Obviously, when commenting here, any name can be used. So, we have hateful types saying whatever their hateful minds tell them to, using this and that name. I initially commented that there should have been a truth commission about events in former Yugoslavia. I say that because so much that happened in the 1990s had its roots in the 1940s. If the truth could come out, there would be so much said that hasn't been permitted to be said so far. Those who are acting so innocent, i.e. the Muslims, the Bosniaks, the imported Mujihadeen, the Croat nazis, long ago should have been called to task for their horrible deeds. But, as it stands now, they go about their merry, hateful ways throwing all of the dirt on the Serbs. The winds of truth must come along to throw the dirt right back at them. Again, those of you who don't know the whole story, do the necessary research via the internet to get to the truth. Without a truth commission, it's not enough to rely on certain others (including Angelina Jolie) to tell the truth. Again, pay attention to what's said by Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1940s onward. Also, note what Gen. Lewis Mackenzie had to say. He was on the ground in 1990s Bosnia.

by: Sergey from: Chicago, USA
January 28, 2012 15:20
To understand Angelina Jolie pro-Islamist Balkan propaganda film, it's useful to look at Angelina Jolie's activities in the past that give a good hint on the state of her and her fellow leftist minds.

Angelina Jolie is a well known actress and "Goodwill Ambassador" to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees). She is also well known Hollywood Leftist and like her fellow Hollyleftists and ultra liberals (Oliver Stone, Jane Fonda, Steven Spielberg, etc), she has a very twisted understanding of charity while completely ignoring realities of politics and history.

For example, back in 2003 as UNHCR goodwill ambassador, she attended "Arab Children Congress" and visited Ruweished Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. The "Arab Children Congress" is anti-Israel propaganda hate fest designed to glorify
anti-Israel terror including suicide bombing ("martyrdom") At this event, children recite poems and narratives of Palestinian cause that implicitly or explicitly call for the destruction of Israel. Here is a good analysis of her and Oliver Stone's activities by American Attorney, author and activist Debbie Schlussel

"Angelina Jolie and Oliver Stone Terrorist Problem"

"Jolie claims, “I will always be a great supporter of children’s rights,” but she doesn’t seem to care much about the rights of the child victims of Palestinian terrorism, only the progeny of those who commit and support it. A much-heralded December 2003 visitor to the Ruweished Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, Jolie wrote diaries lamenting the treatment of Palestinians. While she doesn’t mention Israel by name or specifically endorse cold-blooded murder, you get the drift. She approvingly quotes the kids and a play they do about Jerusalem “about Arab children and how they live”:"

by: Angelina Lazar from: AFRICA
January 28, 2012 16:16
O, illuminati mind-controlled slave, Angelina Jolie, "qui n'est pas tres jolie, qui ne sait pas la verite!" . . .Wake up from your deep sleep! Wake up from your tranced state! Wake up, and perceive the truth, reality,what is, and do not allow yourself, anymore, to be used as an illuminati pawn to perpetuate the propaganda of backstage world powers who project their own deceitful propaganda as though it were the blatant truth and actual reality!

Woman in black, you are deceived and unenlightened, uninformed and unknowledgable in these matters! You play the part of some global would-be "ambassador", yet know not the actualities that lay behind the agenda written for you, scripted for you, laid out before you and most definitively orchestrated for you!

O, miserable plight of yours.. ... You do not even understand how they use you in all the films you are portrayed as actress in. But no, that is not even acting, per se. That is your tranced out state, your programmed alter of the day, being played out to the max - which you do not fight, as you have no godly spiritual strength with which to do so, young lady. So you simply do
what you are instructed to do, and your mind is not your own. You do not control it, but are controlled, o, woman in black most unenlightened,uninspired, most, most used! . . . .

See entire OPEN LETTER here:

+ + +
Angelina Lazar
Writer & Producer
Ambassador - DREAM! CHILD Foundation
Spiritual & Political Ideologue
Defender of Human Rights & Peacemaker

by: Daniel from: Serbia
January 29, 2012 00:27
During war in Bosnia its all sides who committed crimes. Nobody can justify Srebrenica crime of course. But why (almost) nobody mentions that thousand(s) of serb civilians were killed in area around Srebrenica in period prior to it? Take a look at Norvegian documentary "Srebrenica: a town betrayed".

This movie is a POLITICAL movie, who probably has its goal to serve propaganda against Serbs and help if possible abolishing of Serbian entity in Bosnia.

Somebody needs to plainly ask: Angelina who has employed you to do this? Cheap, shallow, no art, biased... Shame
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