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73 Georgians Hospitalized After Chlorine Leak

Georgia's Health Ministry says 73 people have been hospitalized after a chlorine leak at a water distribution company.

The leak was caused by the malfunction of a tap on a tank containing chlorine at the facility in Tbilisi's outskirts.

Officials say nearly half of those taken to hospital were on a bus that passed through the area where the leak occurred.

Twenty children were among those hospitalized.

An 18-year-old male patient suffering from asthma was said to be in serious condition.

Georgian Environment Minister Goga Khachidze said the leak no longer presented any threat.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 10, 2012 20:35
Are Georgia suffering episodes timed with mine?
I threatened for my speach, preventing Russia annex-genocide non-Russians, starting with Georgia
(As I helped stop further invasion into Georgia in 2008 with help of John McCain and United Nations).
Russia's infiltrate in various places attacks me.
Some 12 years ago, Russia's German family that stole and brought to USA my invention tried kill my mother, using instigated by them agencies and John's Hospital that used wrong medications put her in coma - she lost memory.
With Russian nurses and helpers, my mother was in emergency with lung infections several times..
Last time in Providence Hospital in Burbank - I was
blackmailed to kill my mother if I wouldn't be slave, give them ideas plagiarize. A nurse tried kill mother, saying she was ordered to - I stopped it.
Last time my mother was infected after visited by Russian nurse.
Elevator was broken and they didn't fix it, the nurse procrastinated antibiotics for few days too.
I called emergency to take my mother.
Hospital locations picked against my will - it is always virtual kidnapping to torture and murder us.
They blackmailed me again to kill my mother, as talking about pro- or anti-American nature of my comments on Internet Forums.
They found I was OK, but hated me even more.
I prevented them kill her for about two weeks.
Last day they played nice, using psychologists of Russian type that know Georgian good character - they outsmarted me.
My mother was brutally killed in Presvetarian Hospital on 7/7/2012.
She had pneumonia infection since 7/26/212 and was recovering on 7/6/2012.
She was given over my objections "non-lethal" doses of Dopamine, Potassium Chloride and other Chlorides.
I objected - dopamine partial blood-brain barrier penetration, chlorides accumulate - bad, specially if memory loss , Potassium Chloride - slow diminish health.
All weaken heart and brain functions.
Still, she was improving - they didn't like it.
7/6/2012 they insisted to change her food tube, without x-ray control, insisting they listen if the tube in the stomach.
I objected, because it could and probably, in retrospect, was deliberately pushed into lungs.
They re-checked several times with a chief nurse also.
They say it was the rule and they had right to do so.
I cannot forgive myself for loss of vigilance!
I will blame myself for the rest of my life!
They murdered my mother!
The next day I was too late, probably it was Russian psychological department at work that clowded my head.
I was called too late, after my mother died.
Her mouth and around was covered by food, probably from lungs.
When I asked that, new shift nurse, Melvin, grabbed feting tube and food pack and through it away into garbage.
They promised and they killed my mother!
I have nobody left in the World.
My father was killed in WW2.
My mother and me were sentenced to death by Russia and Moscow in spring of 1947, because I offered ideas to help suffering humanity, but refused be plagiarized slave of ethnic Russians.
Russians killed many of my relatives invading Georgian Abkhazia in 1992-93.
Now Russian terrorist infiltrate of instigators killed my mother and trying to get me too.
I want the truth and nothing but the truth.
Police and Loyers mockingly refuse talk to me.
Russians like murder with simbolism.
Litvinenko - UNIA of Litva, Poland and Ukraine - Polonium?
My mother - Chlorides and strungulation - 7/7/2012?
Georgia - Chlorine poisoning - 7/4/2012?
Georgians are too good people to lose vigilance.
Russian nazi expansionists and their accomplicces all arround...

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