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Azerbaijan Cuts Jail Time For Iran TV Reporter

Sahar TV correspondent Anar Bayramli (left) had a year cut from his sentence.Sahar TV correspondent Anar Bayramli (left) had a year cut from his sentence.
Sahar TV correspondent Anar Bayramli (left) had a year cut from his sentence.
Sahar TV correspondent Anar Bayramli (left) had a year cut from his sentence.
By RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service
BAKU -- A court in Azerbaijan has reduced the jail sentence against the local correspondent of an Iranian television channel.

Anar Bayramli, an Azerbaijani citizen who works for Iran's Sahar TV, was detained in February for allegedly possessing about half a gram of heroin.

He was sentenced to two years in jail in June.

Bayramli's lawyer, Anar Qasimli, told RFE/RL that his client's jail term was cut to one year.

Azerbaijani officials have accused Sahar TV of  broadcasting Iranian propaganda into neighboring Azerbaijan.

Tensions between Tehran and Baku have escalated in recent months, after Azerbaijani authorities arrested a number of men with alleged links to Iran who were reportedly plotting attacks in Azerbaijan.

Relations have also been strained recently over reported closer ties between Azerbaijan and Iran's rival, Israel.

With reporting by Interfax
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by: Esther Haman from: DC USA
August 02, 2012 22:09
Some Knowledge about the History of the territories, countries and the people of that region is needed to understand the situation better. Azari people have always been a part of Iran and majority of them lives in Iran. The Russian Azerbaijan was a territory that was lost to Russian before the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Russia exerted its influence their again after WWII and that is why you have two Azerbaijan .

That said, it should also be obvious to anyone who is interested in creating a hostile environment and situations around a sovereign country such as Iran or Russia whom might feel threatened by foreign powers influence and corruptions in their sphere of influence. We saw the Russian reaction in Chechnya, and recently in Georgia. The so called Oil and gas that exist there is not even economical to extract at this market's prices and is only a cover for the Zionists to take advantage of the situation, of poor people of Azerbaijan . For Iran's vast Gas and Oil reserve that is not a competition, but Iran will exert her influence when she needs to, there should not be any doubt about that.

The Armenians and the Turks can't get along and the Orthodox church of the Russia will force Putin to protect Armenia and that is why the territories lost by the Azaries to the Armenians are still in Armenia's possession.

But At the end Azerbaijan will be part of Iran.

Get real.

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