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Azerbaijan Prepares For Security Council Presidency

Azerbaijan is preparing to assume the presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the month of May.

Azerbaijan became a member of the Security Council for the first time after a hard-won victory in October in the contest to serve as a two-year, nonpermanent member of the 15-member Security Council from Eastern Europe.

Azerbaijan was finally picked after Slovenia withdrew its bid and the UN General Assembly picked Azerbaijan in a 17th round of balloting.
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by: Zhonathan from: Canada
April 30, 2012 15:29
Azerbaujan: a country run by a "family dictatorship" with complete disregard to human rights and freedoms "readying for a role" at the UN Security Council. What a circus, what a joke.

Council members attending with red nose-balls is an appropriate image for this charade.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 30, 2012 22:14
The southern Persian province Ali Baba Ilhan azeristan is the oldest and greatest demockracy in the world,because it has so much oil,and is Israel`s chief stooge territory in the region,and it is not in Eastern Europe,but at the heart of Europe,you bloody fools.I think the EU should leave Brussels and move its headquarters to Baki,to learn a thing or two about real demockracy there.Hos geldin!!!
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by: Dave from: Denver
May 01, 2012 07:52
China and Russia are also dictatorships with even worse human right record and freedom and yet they have veto-voice in the UN. So whats your point?
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
May 01, 2012 11:36
The point,Denver Dave is that the UN has degraded itself to a point of no return and its chief symbol today is a second rate actress flashing her computerized bottom to become the wet dream of today`s teeny boppers.Its OK for Shamerica to criticize China and Russia and even azerbaybaydjanistan,but the bleeding heart concern for human rights there just shows the hypocrisy and double standards of your society-why dontcha cut your economic ties and impose an embargo on these countries.A century ago an american president had said about US allied dictators -they are bastards of course,but they are OUR bastards-today`s concubine `states` like cold Turkey and azeristan prove his poin,but I must correct myself-their real Ali Babas are Israel and Shamerica.

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