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The Rundown -- July 25

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Frud Bezhan in “The Atlantic” on “The Rise of Al Qaeda 2.0” 
# “36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See” - Matt Stopera, “Buzzfeed” 
# Edward Snowden can leave Moscow airport 
# Evegeny Morozov on “The Price of Hypocisy” on data 
# American views on privacy, Snowden changing, according to new poll 
# “NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails” - Justin Elliott, “ProPublica” 
# “Syrian Sunnis Fear Assad Regime Wants to 'Ethnically Cleanse' Alawite Heartland” - Martin Chulov and Mona Mahmood, “The Guardian” 
# “Containing the Fire in Syria” - Ryan Crocker, “Yale Global”  
# “White House Concedes: Assad Won’t Go” -  Walter Russell Mead, “The American Interest”  
# “CIA Closing Bases in Afghanistan as it Shifts Focus Amid Military Drawdown” - Greg Miller, “The Washington Post” 
# An interview with Afghanistan’s youngest MP
# Audio - “Photographer Uses Civil War Era Technique in Afghanistan” - Shirin Jaafar, “PRI’ 
# “Pakistan's New Hero Burka Avenger” - Sebastian Abbot, “Associated Press” 
# Putin to visit Iran for nuclear talks next month 
# U.S., Israel not invited to Iran inauguration -- everyone else can go 
# Tehran condemns E.U. blacklisting of Hezbollah  
Militant escapes in Iraq and  Afghanistan
# “Iraq’s Summer of Terror” - Jane Arraf, “The Nation”  
Eastern Europe 
# “Ukraine Rape Draws Outrage Over Official Impunity” - Maria Danilova, “Associated Press” 
# First Belarus official visits EU since 2010
# Activists chanting “kill the gays” attack gay pride event in Montenegro
Central Asia
# “Uzbekistan, Central Asia's Poisoned Chalice” - Simon Speakman Cordall, “The Moscow Times” 
Of Interest
# “Right-Wing Terror: Hungary Silent over Roma Killing Spree” - Keno Verseck, “Spiegel” 
# “US-Funded Fighters Around the World: Where Are They Now?” - Jean MacKenzie, “Global Post” 
# “Not Even Zombies Can Save the Middle East” - Michael J. Totten, “World Affairs Journal” 
# “Silicon Valley or Demand Mountain?” - Edward Jung, “Project Syndicate”
Infographic - The Best Connected World Leaders on Twtter 

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