Sunday, August 28, 2016

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The Rundown - September 6

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Foreign Policy" cites RFE/RL reporting on accidental deaths of six children 
# Real Clear World highlights Robert Coalson's piece on the Belarus-Russia dispute 
# Video of rebels executing government soldiers raises disturbing questions 
# "No Strike, No Problem" - Richard Price, "Foreign Affairs" 
# Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel groups worried strikes may be used as pretext to target them 
# Human rights groups disagree about what to do 
# A history of the "red line
# A graphic novella based on an interview with a Free Syrian Army fighter 
#The "odd-couple
# The obligatory (?) analysis of the handshake 
# EU rejects military option 
Middle East
# Bomb targets Egypt Interior Minister 
# "The Battle of the Archives: What Egypts Intellectuals Lost" - Joshua Hersh, "The New Yorker" 
# Turkish Ambassador to Egypt returns to Cairo 
# Nancy Pelosi's daughter and Iranian FM talk Holocaust denial on Twitter 
# Khamenei says U.S. using chemical weapons as "pretext" for war 
# Russia releases 100-page report blaming rebels for chemical attacks 
# "The Roommate: Vladivostok & the Ghost of Mandelstam" - Russell Working, Numéro Cinq 
# Duma considering taking kids from gay parents 
Eastern Europe
# Moldova to stick with pro-Europe course 
# Belarus to set up new potash export company 
Central Asia
# "Fresh Arrest Gives New Twist to Oligarch’s Tale" - Joanna Lillis, Eurasianet 
# Russia tries to get Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan back into its orbit 
# Hackers steal secret documents from state-run company in Azerbaijan 
# Serbia awards top state medal to French army officer who warned Belgrade of NATO bombing 
# "Uncovering Charms in Montenegro’s Capital" - Tim Neville, "The New York Times" 
Of Interest
# A translation guide to foreign policy gibberish 
# In meeting with "Washington Post" staff, Bezos says two business problems are "rewrite and debundling
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