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The Rundown -- December 12

RFE/RL in the Media

Christian Science Monitor and UPI cite RFE/RL liveblog on Ukraine protests Deadline cites RFE/RL reporting on Vladimir Pozner 
# With square back in hands of protesters, opposition rejects negotiations with Yanukovych 
# Oligarchs "desert" Yanukovych 
# Europeans "baffled" by Ukrainians' enthusiasm for EU 
# Is Klitschko Ukraine's "next great hope?
Eastern Europe
# "Why Belarus is Not Ukraine" - Ryhor Astapenia, Belarus Digest 
# "Putin's Latest Hunting Trip" - Edward Lucas, "Wall Street Journal" 
# Russia to create protest zones in Sochi 
# After Supreme Court ruling Pussy Riot members could be free by new year
# Russia flexing military muscle in Arctic 
# On the new ruble symbol 
# Leader of Revolutionary Guards criticizes Zarif 
# Iran officials say progress being made on implementation of nuclear agreement 
# "Iran's Hardliners and Ours" - Bill Keller, "New York Times" 
# "Iran Deal Keeps Getting Worse" - David Frum, Daily Beast 
# The "untold story" of the negotiation to free 13 Jewish prisoners in Iran 
# Al Qaeda "tightens grip" on western Iraq
Blast near U.S. Embassy in Kabul 
# Kabul's new gated community 
# Russian envoys in Central Asia say threat from Afghanistan is getting worse 
# Hagel threatens $1.6 billion Pakistan aid cut over drone protests  
# Lawyer of doctor who helped find bin Laden flees Pakistan 
# Prominent Pakistani cleric backs polio campaign 
# Domestic violence rising on Kazakhstan political agenda 
# Land picked in Azerbaijan for construction of community center for Mountain Jews 
# "Awkward in Yerevan" - Thomas de Waal, Carnegie 
Brawl breaks out in Georgian parliament over Ukraine resolution 
# Serbian TV shows Kosovo as independent state 
# Bosnia investigates "fault" in loss of EU funding 

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