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The Rundown -- December 13

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Jerusalem Post" cites RFE/RL Iranian Service reporting on Robert Levinson from earlier this year 
# "Wall Street Journal" cites report by the RFE/RL Armenian Service's Hovannes Shoghikian and Naira Bulghadarianon judicial kickbacks in Armenia 
RIA Novosti cites RFE/RL Russian Service interview with the Levada Center director 
# "Le Monde" cites Daisy Sindelar's reporting on Dmitry Kiselyov (French) 
# "In Ukraine’s East, a Message for Protesters: Stop" - Andrew Roth, "New York Times" 
# "With Yanukovych, it’s always best to assume the worst" - Andrey Slivka, "New Yorker" 
# "Yanukovych Must Go" - Alexander Motyl, "Foreign Affairs" 
# "Who Lost Ukraine" - Ivan Krastev, Project Syndicated 
Eastern Europe
# Belarusian FM meets with State official in Minsk 
# Putin says Russia is last bastion of conservatism 
# Journalists banned from Russia for Sochi reporting 
# Founder of $10 billion wealth fund seeks to change Russia's image 
Middle East
# Free Syrian Army dwindling 
# Amnesty says Europe has "miserably failed" refugees 
# AP report says American missing in Iran was working for rogue CIA agents 
New Iran sanctions in Senate bill 
# "Iran Already Profiting From Interim Deal" - Jennifer Rubin, "Washington Post" 
# Success of nuclear deal depends on Iran's working class 
# Obama's Afghanistan brain trust stumped by questions on costs, U.S. troop deaths 
# Pressure increasing on Afghan journalists 
# "In Afghanistan: Women Betrayed" - Heather Barr, "New York Times" 
# Pakistan's "ghost schools
# Armenia "on track" for customs union membership 
Central Asia
# Amnesty: "Total repression" ahead of Turkmenistan elections 
# An Almaty market keeps catching fire 
# Macedonian Orthodox Church says clergy can use Facebook 
Of Interest
# Uncle of Kim Jong-un executed  

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