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The Rundown -- January 13

RFE/RL in the Media

# Daud Khattak, of RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal, quoted in the Friday Times on the plight of journalists in Pakistan 
# In Afghanistan, interests of U.S. and Iran "converge
# Interior Ministry says it will be able to defend 96 percent of sites on election day 
# "Saving Relics, Afghans Defy the Taliban" - Rod Norland, "New York Times" 
# Afghan police officers have not been paid for months 
# Muslim leaders join effort to defend polio drive in Pakistan  
# Pakistan's "unsung heroes
# Iran to start implementing nuclear deal on January 20 
# Iran to get $550 million on February 1 
# Zarif to visit Syria in next two days 
# Zarif says he won't seek seat at Syria talks "at all costs
# Iranian parliament enrichment plan threatens to scuttle nuclear deal 
# al-Maliki threatens to cut Kurdistan's share of federal budget if it bypasses Baghdad with oil exports to Turkey
# McCain says Petraeus should be sent back to Iraq 
# Russia shuts out Abkhazia from the Olympics 
# IOC member says one-third of Sochi spending is corruption related 
# Authorities arrest five militants with homemade bomb 
HRW reporters' guide for covering the Olympics 
# Russia pushes itself as defender of 19th century values 
Eastern Europe
# Euromaidan protests continue for eighth straight Sunday, but significantly smaller than December crowds 
# Lutsenko out of intensive care following violence with riot police 
# Belarus to stage musical dedicated to Hugo Chavez 
Central Asia
Border row between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan 
# "In Bridge Scandal, a Slight Heard Round the World" - Ariel Kaminer, "New York Times" 
# Gender attitudes remain "anachronistic" in Azerbaijan 
# Sixty-five out of 131 Armenian MPs have not said a single word in parliament in three months 
# "New York Times" reviews "In Bloom" -- about coming of age in Tbilisi 
Of Interest
# "Evgeny [Morozov] Vs. the Internet" - Michael Meyer, CJR 

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