Thursday, August 28, 2014

Communications / The Rundown

The Rundown -- February 3

RFE/RL in the Media

Daily Beast uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video 
# "Washington Post" and RIA Novosti cite RFE/RL on Bulatov abduction 
# "Pussy Riot Comes to Brooklyn" - David Remnick, "New Yorker" 
# "The Loneliness of Vladimir Putin" - Julia Ioffe, "New Republic"  
# "The Sochi Olympics and the Facade of Russian Progress" - Gregory Feifer, "LA Times" 
# Medvedev says government needs to come up with a post-Olympic plan for Sochi venues 
# Photos - Still lots to be done 
# Kissinger: Putin thinks Ukraine is a "dress rehearsal" for Moscow
# Yanukovych options look "dismal
# Ukraine government and opposition clash in Munich 
# The growing number of disappeared
Eastern Europe
# "Distressed" hippos forced to perform in freezing Belarus 
# Zarif tells Kerry he's not authorized to discuss Syria 
# Mehdi Karrubi, opposition leader, transferred to house arrest 
# Rohani gets backing from conservative clerics for nuclear approach 
# French business delegation with 100 people is set to visit Iran today 
# Iran's brain drain problem  
# Army increases shelling of Fallujah 
# Iraq deputy PM calls Kurdish oil "gray area
# Joe Biden right about dividing Iraq
# Two aides to Abdullah Abdullah fatally shot in attack 
# "Guardian's" Afghanistan election guide 
# Karzai says he has not spoken to Obama since June; calls America "rivals" and Taliban "brothers"  
# "Our Wasted Effort in Afghanistan" - Steve Chapman, Real Clearl Politics 
# Pakistan Sunni leaders call for ceasefire during talks 
# Profile of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Bhutto heir 
Central Asia
# Tensions over water resources in Central Asia 
# Turkey's religious outreach in Central Asia and the Caucasus 
# New prices for natural gas announced in Turkmenistan 
# Lethal luge accident still brings pain in Georgia 
# U.S. company buys Armenian power plants for $250 million 
Of Interest
# Golden Dawn gives itself a new name 
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