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The Rundown -- February 5

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Feb. 4i
February 04, 2014
Pakistani railway workers protest a recent tax, Kyrgyz villagers block a highway, Armenia presents its first locally produced tablet computer, plus stories from Georgia and Belarus in this roundup of news from countries covered by RFE/RL.

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Feb. 4

RFE/RL in the Media 

# RFE/RL President and CEO Kevin Klose interviewed by "Washington Post" about his recollections of 1980 Moscow Olympics 
# Read Antoine Blua in "The Atlantic" on the cold war for deer in Germany 
# McFaul leaving after the Olympics 
# HRW releases video compilation of vigilante attacks on LGBT community 
# A rebuttal of Julia Ioffe's piece on Russia falling apart 
# "Securing the Sochi Olympics" - Dmitri Trenin, Project Syndicate 
# Russia preventing some activists from attending games, even as spectators 
# Journalists at Sochi live-tweeting their hotel experiences 
# Americans against holding games in Russia because of security, not gay rights 
# Infographic: 136 attacks on journalists during Ukraine crisis 
# According to Levada, 84 percent of Russians consider Euromaidan a coup attempt (in Russian) 
# "How the EU Can Help Ukraine" - Andreas Umland, "Kyiv Post" 
Eastern Europe
# Developers linked to Belarusian government reportedly helped code healthcare website  
# "Gagauzia: A new attack on the Eastern Partnership?" - Salome Samadashvili, EU Observer 
Middle East
# al-Qaeda "pivots to the Levant
# Journalists campaign around the world to free Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt; video of arrests shown on Egyptian TV 
# Zarif says recognition of Israel on the table (sort of) after issues with Palestinians are solved 
# "Kerry Talks Out of School" - Lee Smith, "The Weekly Standard" 
# U.S. officials say Iran is not open for business 
# Iran's conservatives worry they could lose influence in the event of a nuclear deal 
# Dealing with drug problems in Iran  
# al-Maliki said to be offering millions in aide to Sunni tribal leaders in Fallujah
# Iraqi Kurds joining Jihadist groups in Syria 
# Afghanistan holds first ever live and televised presidential debate 
# Election coverage shows growth of new Afghan media
# Karzai set to sign law that would ban relatives from testifying in domestic abuse cases 
# Pakistan Taliban talks delayed 
# "There’s a Little Bit of Kyiv in Tbilisi" - Giorgi Lomsadze, Eurasianet 
Of Interest
# Buzzfeed has a style guide 
# WSJ has eight social media editors 

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