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The Rundown -- February 6

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 5i
February 05, 2014
Armenian demonstrators protest a visit by OSCE Minsk group co-chairs, Sarajevo commemorates the 20th anniversary of a wartime massacre, an environmental activist is detained in Kazakhstan, plus stories from Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Russia and Belarus in this roundup of news from countries covered by RFE/RL.

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 5

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Moscow Times" mentions Russia's restrictions on RFE/RL Russian Service broadcasts 
# "Moscow Times" also cites RFE/RL for reporting on Prague city officials boycotting Yanukovych visit and threats to bloggers  in Russia 
# "An Olympics in the Shadow of a Warzone" - Steven Lee Myers, "New York Times" 
# NBC reporter's computers hacked almost immediately upon arriving in Sochi 
# Russia blocks Chobani yogurt delivery to U.S. athletes 
# Is criticism of Russia's anti-gay law over the top
# "Why Sochi?" - Christian Caryl, "New York Review of Books" 
Cossack defending Olympic venues: "We're looking for drunks and blacks
# Pressure on Canada to provide financial support to Ukraine 
# Ukraine's currency in free-fall 
# Ashton says Ukraine crisis is far from over 
Eastern Europe
Moldova has the highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world, according to this map  
Obamacare's "Belarusian connection
Belarus "propaganda film" may be a response to Viva Belarus
Middle East
# A terror group too brutal for al-Qaeda
# "America Must Assuage Saudi Anxiety" - Vali Nasr, "New York Times" 
# Head of Iranian state TV accused of trying to block Rohani interview 
# Iran may be willing to modify its Arak reactor 
# In Munich, Israel stayed in the room while Iran spoke 
# Iran execution of poet further darkens human rights record - Freedom House   
Anbar Sunnis seeking refuge among Shi'ites of Karbala  
# Iraq's insurgency shows staying power 
# This chart shows just how bad things are getting in Iraq 
# "Even the Kurds are Turning Away From the U.S." - Michael Rubin, "Commentary"  
# Taliban "seem to be winning" in Afghanistan and Pakistan 
# "Pakistan's Drift Toward Isolation" - Talat Masood, Express Tribune 
# "Don't hold your breadth" on Pakistan-Taliban peace 
# Taliban says there will be "no peace" until Pakistan embraces Islamic law 
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan doubles minimum price for hard alcohol  
# Suicide in Azerbaijan brings LGBT community out of the closet 
# Italy's Kosovo embassy embroiled in organized crime sweep 
# Macedonia adopts castration bill for pedophiles 
Of Interest
# What can make audio go viral? NPR experiments 

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