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The Rundown -- February 10

RFE/RL in the Media 

# "Commentary" cites RFE/RL coverage of leaked diplomatic phone calls in Ukraine 
# "The Oregonian" cites Daisy Sindelar's interview with Nick Symmonds 
PBS Newshour cites Liz Fuller in backgrounder on unrest in the North Caucasus 
Vice cites story by Ron Synovitz and Zamira Eshanova on genetic testing for future Olympians in Uzbekistan 
ThinkProgress cites reporting by Zoran Glavonjic and Marija Arnautovic on Serbian migrant workers fleeing Russia without pay 
International Business Times cites Claire Bigg and Dmitry Volchek on culling of stray dogs in Sochi 
# "Die Welt" cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service coverage of Russian influence in Ukraine (German) 
# Despite racist Obama tweet, Irina Rodina picked to light flame; "USA Today" asks if that's why she was picked 
# Maybe the hacking isn't quite as bad as this NBC report said it was 
# U.S. snowboarder's victory press conference made for difficult Russian translation 
# Russia taking a soft approach to security 
# In Sochi, a gay backlash against western interest in anti-gay laws  
# In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the Russian Police Choir singing "Get Lucky" 
Other Russia
# Do westerners care more about Pussy Riot than Russians? 
# Ukrainian government claims sharp rise in terrorist threats  
# 2022 Lviv winter games bid marred by questions about political crisis 
# Russian human rights defender refused entry to Ukraine 
# Video: Happy Kyiv 
# Bosnians clean up wreckage from three days of unrest 
# Historic Ottoman archives may have been destroyed during riots
Middle East
# Evacuation of Homs marred by violence 
# "Hands off my Internet" protests in Turkey following new law 
# Iran slams Pakistan over border guard abduction; Iranian twitterati start campaign to get them back 
# Hardliners say Rohani halted missile drill 
# The ships Iran says it is sending to U.S. waters 
An explainer on IAEA and Iran next steps 
# Anbar governor gives militants one week ultimatum 
# "After War, A Failure of the Imagination" - Phil Klay, "New York Times" 
# Four presidential candidates respond to HRW survey 
# Afghanistan life expectancy rose from 45 to 62 in the past ten years 
# Afghanistan ranked worst place in the world for women 
# "Pakistan and America are Not Strategic Allies" - Shahzeb Shaikha, "Express Tribune 
# Turkey deports well-known Azeri journalist for criticizing government officials on Twitter 
# European Games a "stepping stone" for Azerbaijan Olympic bid
Central Asia
Roadmap reached between Russia and Kazakhstan on Baikonur 
# Russian commentator mistakes Uzbek team for that of Tajikistan during Olympics opening ceremony 
Of Interest
# An argument for ending "The Rundown" 
# Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn use WhatsApp to beat religious censors 

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