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The Rundown -- February 28

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 27i
February 27, 2014
Activists raise the Russian flag over the Crimean regional parliament, Afghans march in support of their country's soldiers, Kyrgyz youth hold an antigay protest, plus stories from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Georgia in this roundup of news from the countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 27

RFE/RL in the Media

Daily Beast cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of concrete barriers being built in Sevastopol 
Slate quotes Brian Whitmore's interview with Alexandr Motyl on a potential Ukraine split 
Huffington Post cites Rob Coalson's piece on rising separatism in Crimea 
# "The Telegraph" cites RFE/RL on the east-west language mix that's more complicated than it seems; also posted in "The Atlantic
Foreign Policy quotes Natalie Sedletska in story on journalists going through Yanukovych's documents 
# Armed men take airport in Simferopol 
# Ukraine draws Obama into Putin's long game 
# How the revolt of Vendee compares to what's happening in Ukraine now 
# "Putin's Silence on Ukraine Adds to Confusion" - Steven Lee Myers, "New york Times" 
# "Why Russia Won't Invade" - Kimberly Martin, "Foreign Affairs" 
Eastern Europe
# 17 unbelievable photos of Belarus special forces 
# The post-Soviet surprises of Chisinau 
# Poland's unfinished revolution in Eastern Europe 
# Afghanistan human rights commissioner says country has no choice but to sign BSA 
# Britain leaves Helmand project "unfinished
# Pakistan won't target Taliban who concentrate fighting in Afghanistan 
# Pakistani campaigners say YouTube should be un-censored thanks to U.S. court decision 
# Iran resumes work at "suspicious military base
# Gay, Iranian refugee couple becomes "Facebook superstars
# U.S. says Iran is still among world's worst human rights abusers 
# Big Democratic donors urge Congress to back off Iran sanctions  
# Iraq commemorates 1920 revolt against Britain in new museum 
# Iraq's war on heavy metal 
# U.S. urges Georgia to further integrate with the West
Central Asia
# Uzbekistan: "The Corruption Corridor" - David Trilling, Politico 
16 percent increase in tourists to Uzbekistan last year, according to official statistics 
# Protests continue in Bosnia 
# An al-Qaeda mole who was killed in Bosnia 
Of Interest
# British spies have a webcam porn problem 
# Video: Why cheap phones mean big bucks 

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