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The Rundown -- March 6

Afghanistan -- Qutbuddin Hilal presidential candidates during his campaign in Kabul, 06 march 2014
Afghanistan -- Qutbuddin Hilal presidential candidates during his campaign in Kabul, 06 march 2014
Afghanistan / Pakistan

How Ukraine Spillover Could Complicate the US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Diplomat
#  Brother of Afghan Leader Expected to Drop Out of Election New York Times
Nato attack kills five Afghan troops Guardian
#  VIDEO - Afghanistan: 'Half of children' suffering malnutrition BBC
#  Peace talks resume in Pakistan amid more violence Los Angeles Times
Indian Kashmiri cricket fans to be charged for cheering Pakistan Telegraph
The South Asia Channel: Taliban Turf Wars Block Peace Foreign Policy
#  KORI SCHAKE The Forgotten War Foreign Policy


#  ANALYSIS - Upcoming elections in Iraq: Prospects and Challenges IDSA


Israel says it stopped Iranian arms shipment destined for Gaza Strip New York Times
#  DAVID RIVKIN, LEE CASEY Congress Can Play a Vital Role in the Iran Talks Wall Street Journal


#  Serbia: How the EBRD’s funding contributed to a forced eviction in Belgrade Amnesty International

Eastern Europe

Uralkali investors back renewing Belarus partnership Financial Times


Central Asia

#  Putin Turns Attention to Eurasian Union Eurasia View
Kyrgyz Opposition Regroups for Protests IWPR


Russia Today news anchor Liz Wahl resigns live on air Guardian 3/6/14
For Russian TV Channels, Influence and Criticism New York Times
Russia: “Foreign Agents” Law Hits Hundreds of NGOs Human Rights Watch
Point by Point, State Department Rebuts Putin on Ukraine New York Times
U.S., allies slowly put squeeze on Russia Washington Post
U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin New York Times
Any EU sanctions are unlikely to make impression on Putin Guardian
#  ANNE APPLEBAUM Russia’s Western enablers Washington Post
#  PAUL HOCKENOS Angie the Good Cop Foreign Policy
#  EDITORIAL Europe needs an alternative to Russian natural gas Washington Post
#  STEVEN METZ Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Signifies a Changing Global Order World Politics Review
#  HAROLD MEYERSON Russia doesn’t respect borders. Neither has the U.S. Washington Post
# SERGEY KARAGANOV Russia needs to defend its interests with an iron fist Financial Times
#  FACTBOX - Russian companies with exposure to Ukraine Reuters

Ukraine crisis: EU leaders to hold emergency talks BBC
In Eastern Ukrainian City, a Tug of War for More Autonomy New York Times
Dispatches: Leaked Call, But Where’s the Truth in Ukraine? Human Rights Watch
U.S. and Russia fail to reach Ukraine deal on day of frantic diplomacy Guardian
Tensions persist in Crimea; foreign observers on their way Washington Post
Kiev’s Demonstrators Vow to Stay ‘Until the End’ New York Times
Beijing and Moscow Part Ways Over Ukraine Foreign Policy
Ukraine crisis: Blows for west in bid to counter Moscow Financial Times
Ukraine’s crisis: A glossary of 32 words, phrases, people and places Washington Post
#  ANDRANIK MIGRANYAN Putin Triumphs in Ukraine National Interest
#  E.J. DIONNE JR. Crisis in Ukraine? Blame Obama! Washington Post
#  GARY SCHMITT How the West is losing Ukraine Los Angeles Times
#  DIMITER KENAROV Putin Is My Sugar Daddy Foreign Policy
# MYKOLA RIABCHUKMARCH Ukraine, Not Ready for Divorce New York Times
#  EDITORIAL Europe's Ukraine Rescue Wall Street Journal

Of Interest

#  Health - ‘Cut the sugar’ WHO warns in new guidelines Financial Times
#  March 9 - 200th Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko
#  REPORT - Violence against women: an EU-wide survey FRA
China Remodels an Ancient Silk Road City, and an Ethnic Rift Widens Nyw York Times
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