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The Rundown -- March 11

RFE/RL Video Roundup - March 10i
March 10, 2014
Afghans mark the death of a vice president and former anti-Taliban commander, a Ukrainian presidential candidate visits the eastern city of Kharkiv, Pakistanis protest a provincial government, plus an antiterrorist raid in Iraq in this roundup of stories from RFE/RL countries.

RFE/RL Video Roundup - March 10

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Miami Herald" cites RFE/RL Ukraine coverage 
Daily Beast cites Eisenhower interview on RFE/RL during 1956 invasion of Hungary 
# Photos from photojournalist killed in Syria had been used by RFE/RL, says CPJ 
# Donetsk is "poor, fed up, and desperate for change;" a letter from Donetsk  
# Merkel fears future of G8 following Ukraine crisis 
# Profile of "Putin's man in Crimea
# "Crimea is not Kosovo" - David Phillips, Huffington Post 
# Pro-Russian oligarchs line up behind Kyiv; Russian oligarchs worried  
Apprehension grips Crimean Jewish community 
# Russia preparing counterproposals on Ukraine 
# "Russia Wants Much More Than Crimea" - Edward Luttwak, "New Republic" 
# Should Russia fear U.S. sanctions?  
# David Remnick on "Putin's pique
# India backs Russia's "legitimate interests" in Ukraine  
# Mystery passport holders on Malaysian Airlines flight were Iranian 
# Israel displays what it says were Iranian arms headed to Gaza 
# Al Jazeera says Iran orchestrated Lockerbie bombings 
# Iranian is "blogger of the week" in "Guardian" 
# Profile of Ashraf Ghani 
# Two Afghans cling to love, despite threats 
# Pakistan to pay parents in polio vaccination drive 
# Pakistan Supreme Court demands explanation of failure to address sexual harassment of pilot 
# Pakistan has lost twice as many fighters as U.S. in its own war against the Taliban 
Central Asia
# Nazarbayev says he understands Putin's actions to protect "national minority" in Ukraine 
# Ex Indiana congressman lobbies for Tajikistan dam
# Sen. Mark Kirk condemns Azerbaijan over Karabakh 
Of Interest
# Facebook redesigns pages 

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