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The Rundown -- March 17

RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Ildar Gabidullin in Al Jazeera on why politicians from Tatarstan are visiting Crimea 
# Read Brian Whitmore in "The Atlantic" on the five things we've learned about Crimea since the start of the crisis
# In Crimea referendum, 95% vote to join Russiareaction from Simferopol
# Separatist feelings more generational divide than ethnic  
# Why Russia is likely to attempt to take Eastern Ukraine next
# Ukrainian Jews refute neo-Nazi claims 
# Russia issues warning on fatal clashes in Donetsk
# Russia can "turn the U.S. into radioactive dust," says TV host Kiselyov
# "Foes of America in Russia Crave Rupture in Ties" - Ellen Barry, "New York Times" 
# Obama's "light footprint" policy is put to the test
# "In Crimea, Russia May Come Out Ahead" - Peter Lieberman and Julie George, "Foreign Affairs" 
Eastern Europe
# Eastern Europe asks, "who's next?
# Children's book by Belarusian author: "Death is Wrong
# Ruling party wins outright majority in Serbian snap elections
# Former high representative in Bosnia says Putin using Ukraine as cover to launch power grab in Bosnia
# CIA's Iran division reportedly in "disarray
# U.S. officials say Iran pursuing banned items that could be used for nuclear weapons
# Iran defense minister says Palestinian rockets now "1,000 times" more powerful
# Riyadh on its own charm offensive after Iran deal 
# Karzai says Afghanistan doesn't need U.S. troops
# Ex-defense minister drops out of Afghan race 
# "How Al Qaeda Escaped Afghanistan" - Yaniv Barzilai, Daily Beast 
# Pakistan denies rumors it's hiding the Malaysian jet
# Karzai says Pakistan killing Taliban leaders who favor talks
# Aliyev and Rohani meet, call for expanded cooperation
# Amnesty International calls for release of political activists held on "fabricated charges" in Azerbaijan 
Central Asia
# Russian proton rocket launches from Kazakhstan
Of Interest
# U.S. efforts in "hip hop propaganda
# What you think you know about the web is wrong
# The neglected suicide epidemic

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