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The Rundown -- March 18

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 17i
March 17, 2014
Fighting intensifies in Iraq's Anbar Province, Pakistani activists campaign for children's education, flooding causes deaths and destruction in Afghanistan, and other stories from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan in this roundup of news from the countries covered by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 17

RFE/RL in the Media

NBC News cites RFE/RL coverage of Ukraine sanctions debate
# The National Interest cites RFE/RL piece on constitutional questions  
# Potential closure of RFE/RL Balkans and Iraq services criticized in "Jerusalem Post" opinion piece
# Blockage of RFE/RL Tajik Service mentioned in World Politics Review
Cyberwar already in full swing 
# Ukraine's richest oligarch, Yanukovych ally, claims he pleaded with the former president to resign
# Rada backs mobilizing 40,000 reservists
# Russia to respond to sanctions with its own against U.S senators 
# Russia admits economy is in crisis; already "paying a huge price"
# Moscow rejects report saying there's no widespread abuse of ethnic Russians
# Russian oligarch Fridman makes large investment in German oil and gas unit 
Foreign investors in Russia are "vital" to sanctions debate
Eastern Europe
# NATO and Moldova discuss strengthening cooperation
# Gunmen kill Afghan judge and bodyguard
# Afghanistan UN envoy says pact with U.S. will be signed soon
# U.S. might give excess military supplies in Afghanistan to Pakistan
# Pakistan relationship with China suffers over failure to control Uighur militants
# Zarif cancels meeting with Ashton to protest her "uncoordinated" meeting with rights activists in Iran
# U.S.-Russia crisis could disrupt talks with Iran
# Could crisis strengthen Russia-China-Iran ties? 
# Iran dismisses commanders over abduction
# Khamenei defends tours of Iran-Iraq war frontlines
Central Asia
# Why Kazakhstan leaders are not (yet) losing sleep over Crimea
# TeliaSonera faces U.S. probe on Uzbekistan corruption charges
# Tajikistan farmers say Dushanbe livestock ban breeds corruption
# Azerbaijan opposition leaders get seven and five year jail terms
# Armenia's Russian base holds training
# Serbia's new prime minister plans "painful" deficit steps
Profile of ultranationalist-turned-liberal Vucic
Of Interest
The Deep Web: Everything You Need to Know in Two Minutes 
# The robot-journalist who (?) reported on LA's earthquake

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