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The Rundown -- April 4

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 3i
April 03, 2014
Loyal soldiers leave Crimea for Ukraine, the military reassures voters in Afghanistan, and new army recruits in Tajikistan, plus stories from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan in a roundup of reports from countries covered by RFE/RL.

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 3

RFE/RL in the Media

# "New York Post" and "The Age" take screen grab from Ukrainian service video of Maidan snipers
Eurasianet cites RFE/RL's Armenian Service on Armenia's lost apricot season
# Ukraine charges riot police, Yanukovych, with Maidan deaths 
# Ukraine bans the sale of some Russian food products
# Ukrainians try to boycott all things Russian 
# Simon Ostrovsky video of the clearing of Right Sector from Dnipro and of Crimean Tatars
# 14 things to know about Petro Poroshenko 
# Russia accuses 25 Ukrainians of planning terror attacks
# Russia says it has weathered the worst of the economic storm
# Russia deputy FM recommends yoga for U.S. officials still vexed by Crimea annexation
# Cambridge House refuses to publish book on Putin links to organized crime
Eastern Europe
# Special forces mobilize in Chisinau
# Gagauzia asks Russia to open consulate
# Where Afghanistan soldiers get training
# "Sex, lies and social media" in Afghan elections
# "Give Afghanistan a Chance" - Patrick Christy, "US News"
# "Campaign of Resilience" - photos from the trail
# Pakistan to tighten border for Afghan elections
# Age mellows some former captors of U.S. hostages
# Iran official now says all five captured border guards are still alive
# Experts say design of Arak plant need to be changed
Twitter and the 2009 Iran protests
# "Iraq's Biggest Killer Hits Cairo" - Jesse Rosenfeld, Daily Beast
# Armenian prime minister resigns
Of Interest
# Turkey turns its back on the EU

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