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The Rundown -- April 29

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Apr.28i
April 28, 2014
Moldovans begin traveling to the EU without visas, Iraqi security forces vote early in parliamentary elections, six Russians are sentenced over the killing of police officers, plus stories from Serbia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Pakistan, and Tatarstan in this roundup of news from RFE/RL's broadcast region.

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Apr.28

RFE/RL in the Media

# BBC cites RFE/RL Uzbek Service on broadcast towers being rigged to self-destruct
# Read Tom Balmforth in "The Atlantic" on Ukraine's invisible presidential election
# "The Independent" cites Claire Bigg's interview with Conchita Wurst 
List of those added to U.S. sanctions
# What it means
# "Putin's Useful Idiots" - Slawomir Sierakowski, "New York Times" 
# "An Internet Censorship Law Right Out of '1984'" - Victor Davidoff, "Moscow Times" 
# Eight killed in drug rehab center fire in far east
# Schroeder celebrates 70th with Putin (in German)
# "Amid Crisis Ukraine's Jews Say 'Leave Us Out of It'" - Sabra Ayres, Christian Science Monitor 
# Ukraine has lost at least $80 billion since Russia took Crimea
# Is the press serving as a platform for thugs?
# "Kyiv's Brittle Spring" - Natalia Antonova
# "Ukraine: Hate in Progress" - Tim Judah, "New York Review of Books
# Ostrovsky describes the SBU basement
Eastern Europe
# Is Lukashenka the real winner in Ukraine?
Infographic: Aircraft deploying to eastern Europe
Visa free travel from Moldova begins
# Militants pose threat on eve of elections
# Iraq prepares for "bitter, bloody" election battle
# Iran and Russia discuss over $10 billion in electricity deals
# Controversial "I am Rohani" film
# Formerly underground singer steps into Iran spotlight
# Khatami urges freedom for political prisoners
# A "war of narratives" in Pakistan
Lessons from eastern Afghanistan
# Afghan "torturer in chief" now lives in the U.S. 
# Will ties with Pakistan improve under a new Afghan president?
# Human rights advocate and husband detained in Azerbaijan
# Former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan says conditions in the country are the worst ever
Central Asia
# Tajikistan government trying to prevent opposition revenue streams
# Year after inglorious fall, Turkmen president wins Horse Day again
Of Interest
# An Egyptian judge, nicknamed "the butcher"

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