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The Rundown -- June 6

RFE/RL Video Roundup - June 5i
June 05, 2014
Insurgents gather in Afghanistan, a magazine editor goes on trial in Kazakhstan, medical students boycott classes in Pakistan, plus other stories from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan in this roundup of news from RFE/RL's broadcast region.
RFE/RL Video Roundup -- June 5
RFE/RL in the Media

# "Washington Times" on David Satter's Cold War documentary
Vice News uses RFE/RL video of protests in Karachi
# Russia struggles to wean Crimea off Ukraine supplies
# U.S. and Russia may be headed toward gas war in Asia
# "Obama Warns an Absent Russia of Broader Sanctions" - Peter Baker, "New York Times" 
# Is an execution recorded by a separatist leader real?
# On working as a foreign correspondent in Ukraine's east
# "Ukraine's Underground Army of Civilians" - David Patrikarakos, Mashable
# "Human Rights a Casualty of Ukraine's Political 'Madness'" - Anna Neistat, "Syndey Morning Herarld" 
Eastern Europe
# Why Belarus wants serfdom
# Moscow punishing Lithuania for support of Ukraine
# Western family pleas for help in video
# Americans split on Bergdahl release 
# Pakistan woman survives honor-killing shooting attempt
# Karachi shuts down as protests spread
# Iran demands right to produce fuel for Bushehr plant
# Is Ahmadinejad plotting a comeback?
# Dutch company hit with $21 million fine for trade with Iran
# More reporting on Iran paying Afghan migrants $500 a month to fight in Syria
# Azerbaijan reportedly teaming up with Gulenists in U.S. lobbying push
# Azerbaijan plans for nuclear power raise concerns
# Serbian prisons reportedly most crowded in Europe
# Kosovo votes under shadow of war crimes probe

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