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The Rundown -- June 20

RFE/RL Video Roundup - June 19i
June 19, 2014
Civilians flee an embattled tribal area in Pakistan, a Russian court hears an appeal in the so-called Bolotnaya case, and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan discuss a road construction project in a disputed border area.
RFE/RL Video Roundup - June 19
RFE/RL in the Media

France24 cites RFE/RL Tajik service story on army hazing
Eurasianet cites RFE/RL Tajik service on detention of Tajik scholar
Yahoo News uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of a checkpoint in Slovyansk
# "Washington Post" mentions RFE/RL in article about CIA bin-Laden devils 
# Could Chalabi be the consensus leader
# How al-Maliki fell out of favor with the U.S. 
# The monster of Mosul and how he helped ISIL win
# What the Iraq crisis means for Assad 
# "How Arab Backers of the Syrian Rebels See Iraq" - Marc Lynch, "Washington Post" 
# "The Diplomacy of Force" - Roger Cohen, "New York Times" 
# Iran sentences group of tech bloggers to combined 36 years 
# Rohani's Iran not popular in the Middle East
# Unprecedented debate in Iran over capital punishment 
# How Iran's World Cup team has "changed" its image 
# "Playing With Fire in Afghanistan" - "NYT" editorial 
# Events in Iraq bring new fears over Afghanistan pullout
# HRW says Afghan journalists "betrayed" by NSA surveillance
# Pakistan's fight against Indian influence means it will likely still interfere in Afghanistan 
# Tens of thousands fleeing tribal areas after Pakistan offensive 
# Russia secretly colluding with environmentalists in anti-fracking campaign 
# Lew warns of tougher sanctions for Moscow; markets not worried
# "Putin is Just Getting Started in Ukraine" Michael Weiss, Daily Beast
# Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's "Guardian" comment
# "What's the Matter With Russia" - Keith Gessen, "Foreign Policy"
# Russian sub, a 20 year project, is ready
# Fierce fighting, with government claiming 200 rebel casualties 
# Divisions in Ukraine may be overstated
# Separatists in Donetsk targeting city's priests
Eastern Europe
# On Jewish life in Moldova
Central Asia
# Some Muscovites embrace learning Central Asian languages
# "Kazakhstan Isn't the Next Crimea -- Yet" - Joshua Kucera, Al Jazeera
# The "coup" in Abkhazia that was not backed by Russia
Of Interest
# Infographic: Linguistic diversity of the planet
# Google collecting "terrifying" amount of information
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