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The Rundown -- June 24

RFE/RL Video Roundup – June 23i
June 23, 2014
Tensions run high in Pakistan after clashes involving supporters of a prominent cleric, aid reaches people fleeing violence in Pakistan’s northwest, a prominent Belarusian rights activist pledges to continue his work following his release from prison, plus stories from Afghanistan and Russia.
RFE/RL Video Roundup – June 23
RFE/RL in the Media

Eurasia Review republishes Golnaz Esfandiari's piece about religious minorities using the Internet to pray 
Foreign Policy cites RFE/RL Russian Service reporter's questioning of why an inexperienced reporter was sent to front lines 
# "Wall Street Journal" cites RFE/RL reporting on Iraq crisis 
# Video: Kurd president hints strongly of independent path for Iraqi Kurds 
# Key oil refinery seized by rebels 
High tension during Kerry meeting with Maliki 
# "Iraq's House of Cards" - Robin Wright, "New Yorker" 
# The Syrian roots of Iraq's civil war 
# Western intervention a "gift to ISIS"  
# Three people arrested after video of men and women together in support of World Cup team 
# Iran files complaint to FIFA over referee 
# Tehran may allow snap inspections of nuclear facilities in final accord 
# Iran says it could make up for oil supply issues emanating from conflict in Iraq 
# "How Iran and America Can Beat ISIS Together" - Ben Van Heuvelen, Daily Beast
# Afghan election official quits over corruption allegations 
# "Will Obama Repeat His Iraq Mistakes in Afghanistan?" - Marc Thiessen, "Washington Post" 
# The men who run Afghanistan: Inside Karzai's inner circle 
# Pakistan military offensive further imperils country's polio crisis 
# Pakistan author's debut novel captures Karachi 
# Clashes in Islamabad over returning cleric 
# Ukraine separatists agree to cease-fire until June 27 
# Ukrainian analyst says EU cares less about values than EU 
# Twitter says it did not agree to block "extremist" accounts in Russia 
# "How Putin Uses Ukraine to Undermine His Rivals" - Vladimir Frolov, "Moscow Times" 
# Restaurant in Komi launches drone delivery service 
# "Clinton, Russia, and U.S. Foreign Policy" - Dmitri Trenin, Carnegie 
# "The Kremlin Is Trying To Erase Memories Of The Gulag" - Ola Cichowlas, "New Republic" 
Eastern Europe
# Lithuanian president says Russia offered cheaper gas to other Baltic states in exchange for dropping NATO 
Central Asia
# Central Asia meddling "suicidal for Russia
# Tajikistan hazing accusations attract attention and denials 
# Anger over air-conditioners in Turkmenistan
# Azerbaijan drops jury trial initiative 
# Georgian opera singer blames husband for anti-gay Facebook rant 
# Bosnia indicts security chief over February unrest 
Of Interest
# Why monarchies still make sense 
# Facebook plans to own your phone

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