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The Rundown -- June 26

RFE/RL Video Roundup - June 25i
June 25, 2014
Government forces battle Sunni militants in Iraq, Russian lawmakers revoke authorization to use military force in Ukraine, nationalists in Armenia protest the trial of their leader, plus stories from Afghanistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.
RFE/RL Video Roundup - June 25
RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Fred Petrossian in Global Post on censorship in Iran
News Oklahoma cites Oleksiy Arunyan's story about the consequences of banning methadone clinics in Crimea
Vox uses RFE/RL map of hypothetical future Iraq and Syria
# Russian stocks have completely rebounded since sanctions tumble
Follow the money to see why sanctions aren't working
# Additional sanctions may be delayed
# "Putin Is Not A Nationalist" - Andrei Tsygankov, "Moscow Times"
# Russian Twitter account spoofs State's UkraineProgress with IraqProgress
# Ukraine FM welcomes Russian move to vote down Putin right to use force
# Ukraine to sign EU Association Agreement on Friday
# Right Sector seizes oil refinery belonging to partner of Yanukovych's son
# Germany playing "good cop, bad cop" on Ukraine
Spying dropoff preceded fresh insurgency
# ISIL tries to grab its own airforce
# Iraq's Kurds weigh going it alone
# One Iraqi fighter who came back from Syria to fight ISIL at home
# "Questions Rebels Use to Tell Sunni From Shiite" - Alissa Rubin, "New York Times'
# Iran and Syria now involved in Iraq efforts against militants as U.S. sends in troops; Kerry issues light warning to Syria
# Iran sending in drones and supplies
# Three Iranian troops killed near Iraq border
# Bosnia sinks Iran, ending hopes of advancing; Portuguese coach quits
# Displaced in Pakistan rises to 450,000 as military operation continues
# Afghan forces fight Taliban onslaught in the south
# Airlines halt flights to Peshawar after attack
Dung-free milk desire drives Engro food sales in Pakistan
# "Azerbaijan: A Country of Amputated Spirits"- Arzu Geybullayeva, Al Jazeera
Central Asia
# Russia and China "talk past each other" at SCO meeting
Of Interest
# "Times" ending the Lede blog

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