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The Rundown -- July 11

RFERL Video Roundup - July 10i
July 10, 2014
A bomb attack targets security personnel in Pakistan's Bannu district, Serbian activists demand recognition of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre as genocide, Afghan civic organizations call for an investigation of election fraud allegations, and Tatarstan's Muslims join in a mass Iftar.
RFERL Video Roundup - July 10
RFE/RL in the Media
# Partnership with "Guardian" begins with Dmitry Volchek's piece on Russians emigrating to Ukraine
Yahoo News uses video from RFE/RL Pakistan of bomb attack in Bannu
# "Putin's Moves on Ukraine Keep West Guessing" - Gregory White, "Wall Street Journal"
# Public opinion against Russia hardens, even in traditional strong spots like Venezuela, according to Pew
# Will France's Mistral vessels make Russia a naval threat?
# Separatist leaders, defiant, say they're consolidating resources in Donetsk
# Amnesty says it has gathered evidence of abductions and torture in eastern Ukraine
# Ukrainians protest against "abandonment" by EU
# Photos of Ukraine cities after separatist retreats
Eastern Europe
# Twenty years of Lukashenka 
# Death toll rising among Shi'ite recruits
# Kurds call Maliki "hysterical," demand his resignation
# On the road to Sammara, glimpses of Iraq's fractured reality
Inside the leadership of Islamic State
# "Iraq Illusions" - Jessica Matthews, "New York Review of Books"
# Iran "last best hope" in Middle East?
# "Obama and the Syria Two-Step" - Michael Doran, Brookings
# Why isn't the BBC protesting about Aliasghar Honarmand's jailing in Iran?
# "In Afghanistan, Third Round of Elections or Coup" - Ioannis Koskinas, Foreign Policy
# "Afghanistan's Worst Fear Is Being Realized" - Mahbouba Seraj, Huffington Post
# Why a Taliban takeover after U.S. withdrawal is unlikely
# Pakistan claims win along border, but enemy slips away
Central Asia
# Turkish FM in Uzbekistan to help end strained relations
# Kazakh romance film premieres in Karlovy Vary
Of Interest
# Jay Rosen to journalists: Facebook has all the power, you have none

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