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The Rundown -- July 22

RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 21i
July 21, 2014
Iraqi air strikes target Sunni militants in Fallujah, Afghan students protest civilian casualties during the holy month of Ramadan, Pakistan's displaced tribal leaders ban women from queueing for aid, plus stories from Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.
RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 21
RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Fred Petrossian in Slate on why Iran's elite get to use Facebook, but ordinary citizens are arrested for using it 
# "Russia Beyond the Headlines" cites Robert Coalson's piece on Russian media reaction to MH17 crash 
# Separatists release bodies; black boxes given to Malaysian representatives in "bizarre" 1AM press conference   
# Donetsk water supply reportedly could run out in five days 
# Russian billionaires in "horror" as Putin risks isolation 
# "Why Putin Is Willing to Take Big Risks in Ukraine" - Gerald Seib, "Wall Street Journal" 
# France says it's prepared to cancel sale of second Mistral to Russia; but is it prepared for backlash from port town
# Russia firing at Ukraine from within its borders? 
Eastern Europe
# Why Belarus smokes and smuggles cigarettes
# Iranian children win Belarus painting competition 
# Moldova says Russian fruit ban is punishment 
# Iran pushing limits on nuclear deal warns former Obama adviser 
# Is Iran about to lash out at its dissidents? 
# "Fuzzy Math From Iran Hawks" - Ali Gharib, "The Nation" 
# More western fighters joining militants in Iraq and Syria 
# Militants seize Iraq monastery 
# "Iraq: The minorities of Nineveh Plain" - Mina al-Lami, BBC 
# Saddam's former deputy now working with ISIL 
# Afghanistan sending $500,000 in aid to Gaza  
# China to play a "huge" commercial role in Afghanistan after U.S. withdrawal 
# Pakistan army may be fighting militants in the wrong place 
# "The Camel Ambulance of Achro Thar" - Tehmina Qureshi, Roads and Kingdoms
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan and EU negotiate new partnership and cooperation agreement 
# Armenia's "neo-pagans
# Tuzla likely to become WizzAir operational base 
Of Interest
# How John Kerry's Israel-Palestine peace plan died

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