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Bosnian Court Rules Against Ethnic Segregation In Schools

The applicant in the case, local rights group Vasa Prava, says there are still 34 schools in Bosnia that don't have ethnically mixed classes.
The applicant in the case, local rights group Vasa Prava, says there are still 34 schools in Bosnia that don't have ethnically mixed classes.
A Bosnian court has ruled that the ethnic separation of students in some local schools amounts to discrimination.

The court, in the southern town of Mostar, ordered education officials and two schools in the area to abolish the practice and establish mixed classes for Muslim and Croat children.

The April 27 ruling followed an ethnic discrimination lawsuit filed by the local rights group Vasa Prava.

The schools were working under a "two-schools-under-one-roof" system implemented in 1999 in several Bosnian regions inhabited by Muslims and Croats.

The system, following the 1992-95 Balkan war, was a compromise aimed at putting Muslim and Croat students in the same building and paving the way for the creation of mixed classes.

But according to Vasa Prava, there are still 34 schools in Bosnia that don't have ethnically mixed classes.

Based on reporting by AFP and HINA
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by: vn from: Belgrade
May 01, 2012 06:08
The amnesia of the EU and USA is incredible: first you butcher up in bloodshed a country of Yugoslavia by economic devastation and causing ethnic uprises, then you insist on having one Bosnia with three distinct ethnicities to be led by the Muslims in the heart of Europe, but cannot understand why the people won't live in perfect peace all together as they used to - in Yugoslavia.

To remind you: Yugoslavia, the one you have killed, was created out of two revolutions: one against the Nazis and fascism, the other against the monarchy, all coupled with an internal civil war - the Chetniks, Ustashas, and Muslims. However, it did not have the time to cry over its faith but had to go forward and was building, working and working - otherwise, you had to go to prison and cut the stones. The end of story.

What the EU is creating with their NGOs is a sick society with downfall in economics and rise in all kinds of drug addictions. You people have an eerie history of mental sickness tied to the production of unprofitability - evidenced in your good-for-nothing stinking life style, sticking like leeches to the blood of society hoping to live thus forever.
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by: iko
May 01, 2012 11:56
I don't know what's a worse fate- to drown in self imposed ignorance or bad prose. Methinks the former- at least there's an excuse for the latter.
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by: Everyman from: Mostar
May 01, 2012 15:53
All hail vn!

vn knows everthing about everything that ever happened or will happen in the Balkans! The May elections are coming, please put your name in the hat for PM.

BTW: Each successive posting from you gets more and more incoherant and twisted. Get into a 12 step program while there's still time!


Very well put and appropos!
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by: Abdulmajid
May 03, 2012 08:48
Yes, you can't take that vn guy, and the other bigots and islamophobes with medieval undemocratic ideas of Christian supremacy over Muslims seriously. But as long as those of his ilk only soldier behind the computer desk they can really do very little harm if at all. Nevertheless I do have to admit that I'm delighted to see them infuriated when I confront them with reality, or see them confronted with reality by those who know. And teh reality is that Bosnia can't be divided and that teh Bosniaks will not just go away quietly, nor be the underdogs any longer. What they shoud watchg however, is if that sort of hate speech appears in officail Serb and "RS" media; then they will know the serbofascists and anti-Bosniaks are at it again. Ah, but then this will not be 1992 all over again. The tables will be turned. And if some take this as as threat well I'm neither confirming nor denying it. It is over there, on the ground, that the fate of Bosia-Herzegovina will be decided. I don't see Russia coming to the Serbofascist's aid; and I think that the Western powers know the only language these guys understand is force. Even so it seems to me that "RS" will rather go out not with a bang but a whimper. All those who still harbor delusions of Greater Serb grandeur and of anti-Muslim reconquista should best abandon them.

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