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Daghestani Teenager Wins International Koran-Reading Competition

Daghestani Teenager Wins International Koran-Reading Competitioni
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December 07, 2012
Bilyal Abdulkhalikov, a 14-year-old from the village of Novy Kostek in Daghestan, has won a prestigious competition for scholars of the Koran in Bahrain. Bilyal’s knowledge of the Koran gave him the edge over contestants from 43 countries.
A 14-year-old boy from Daghestan, Bilyal Abdulkhalikov, has won an international Koran-recital competition held in Bahrain.
Abdulkhalikov, from the village of Novy Kostek, began learning the Koran when he was 7 and had memorized it in full by the time he was 11.
Out of 48 participants from 43 countries, with competitors aged from 10 to 30, Abdulkhalikov took the prize for Russia.
"We were expecting to be among the top 10 finalists," his father said.
"I want him to be a good alim and master the Arabic language, and we plan to enroll him in a good Islamic university," he added.
Abdulkhalikov is no stranger to competition, having already won Moscow's international Koran-recitation competition earlier this year, along with several other regional competitions.
-- Dan Wisniewski
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by: Bill Webb from: Phoenix Arizona USA
December 10, 2012 02:30
If this young prodigy would have spent the better part of his young manhood learning something a little more useful than the koran and Arabic, he could have really made something out of himself by now, rather than just be another one of the billion muslims that have been forced to learn Arabic and the koran.
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by: Sey from: World
December 10, 2012 08:29
'Usefulness' is highly subjective term, so what might be considered useful to you or me might not be useful to others.

Apart from that, learning Arabic, one of the world's most spoken languages, is not exactly a 'useless' achievement.
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by: Anonymous
December 11, 2012 22:50
He learned to recite Arabic sentences. Most people who do this have no idea what its about. Besides, a lot of the Arabization movements promoted by Gaddafi and Nasser were big failures, as most continue to use their unintelligible local dialects.

by: Frank Adams from: Korea
December 10, 2012 08:36
Hey Bill Webb what are u talking about? As you said this kids is prodigy. Nothing a little more useful than Koran and learning Arabic. Every Muslim learns Koran and follow the Koran based on what Allah said in the Koran because we like Allah and we respect his words . There is no any place that people force to learn Koran or force to worship to Allah .
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
December 10, 2012 13:35
Frankly,`Frank`-nobody forces anybody to worship Allah or learn the Quran.When the arab and turkic moderate peace loving doves conquered tens of millions of natives,they didnt force their religion and rule forcefully but some millions of natives just cut their own heads and converted to Islam in a most peaceful way.The bad thing is that in Saudi Arabistan they force you to read the Bible and to convert to Christianity and thats what we all must be fighting against!!!
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by: Frank Adams from: Korea
December 10, 2012 16:18
Hey Camel Anaturk first it's not Saudi Arabiston, it's Saudi Arabia and I don't know where did you get your claims but in Saudi Arabia nobody force you to read the Bible, if you go there you can only learn the Koran ( of course if you wish so ) and there is no any Churches in Saudi Arabia and there is no any place that Muslims force non-muslims to convert the Islam and I have no idea who do you fight with?
Before judge the Islam or Muslims please make sure the meaning of the Islam and make sure enemies of Islam portraying the Islam as a evil's religion but Islam is Muslim's religion means Frank Adam's religion.

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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
December 10, 2012 22:01
Yes,Frank,its not Saudi Arabiston,its Saudi America.And as Islam is your religion,then its OK-they say you may have an infinite number of women,while Christians allow only one-what a shame.But you are a real Adam-thats for sure and say hello to all your Eves and watch out for the North Koreans,who have also converted recently to Islam and have started studying the Quran by heart!!! Now tell me are you a moderate muslim.a sunny,a shia ,or just a plain good old wahhabi??? Or maybe you`re just a plain old whirling dervish agha???

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