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The Daily Vertical: Not Quite A Russian Spring

The Daily Vertical: Not Quite A Russian Springi
March 14, 2016
The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page.
By Brian Whitmore

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. 

A transcript of today's Daily Vertical can be found here.

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by: Dirk from: USA
March 14, 2016 13:47
The civilized world prays for a Maidan Moscow!!
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by: Anonymous
March 14, 2016 18:23
you put an "R" too many

correct is
"The civilized world pays for a Maidan Moscow!!"

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by: Alan Black from: UK
March 14, 2016 20:19
But you both correctly identified the 'civilized world'
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by: Anonymous
March 15, 2016 08:58
is such a habit for westerns
that is not worth to argue
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by: NoBSpls from: Canada
March 15, 2016 19:12
Honestly, the term may be overused but the gap between the Russian world and the Western societies is enormous when it comes to civil rights, protection of ideas and expression, political, religious and ethnic tolerance, assistance to countries in crisis, quality of education, criminal justice systems, corruption, and many other areas defining quality of life. I lived in both systems long enough to see the obvious and non-obvious differences. So, no trolling or BS please.
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by: Sergey from: Kiev
March 15, 2016 12:19
The civilized world understands with what the 'Maidan' ends up on the example of Ukrainian Maidan. Nowadays no one believes such a cheap propaganda of the western Zionists!

by: Banana Republic
March 14, 2016 17:16
Russia Inc is still making profits on foreign trade despite sanctions and the collapse in oil and other commodity prices. The domestic economy is in decline though. Will the people rise up due to the economic pain and stage a revolution against the dictator ? I guess that with Russians you just never know ?

Strange posters... what's going on in Russia ?
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by: Michael from: Germany
March 15, 2016 15:49
All of those events that Brian Whitmore listed about Russia - a sign of a true democracy, where people can express their opinion openly. Russia is not the United States, where the civil movements are repressed, the police kills in average 1500 innocent civilians a year, and in prisons 25 per cent of the world's prisoners are kept.

by: Anonymous
March 14, 2016 18:55
Western still trying to present this as a positive term
how many failed springs have we seen ?
almost all !
incorrigibly western ...
The leopard cannot change its spots
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by: John from: Los Angeles
March 15, 2016 04:19
Let's not forget the BIGGEST #Epic Spring Fail of all.

Putin's Russian Spring! Putin tried to keep that up, but it turned out weak and flaccid. Putin is such a Loser.

His dream of NovoRussia died silently under the blanket of Western Sanctions and flood of Oil onto the market. His pivot to Asia was just a fairy tale. China will never give up it's $500 Billion in exports to America in exchange for the puny $15 Billion in exports to Russia.

As Deng Xioapeng said, "To get rich is glorious!" That idea sure gets more support than Putin's, "to suffer and make me and my criminal gang rich is your lot in life you filthy serfs!"

Putin cannot change his spot.

He's dreading the day when the NovoNarodnaya Volya rears it's head.
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by: Anonymous
March 15, 2016 08:52
novorossia never was a kremlin project .

try to find one , only one time
in which Putin or Lavrov speak about novorossia

by: Lev Havryliv
March 15, 2016 02:06
Bravo to those brave souls in Russia standing up to Putin's tyranny and his aggression against Ukraine.

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