Thursday, August 21, 2014


Amnesty Calls On Egypt To Tackle Legacy Of Abuse

The London-based human rights watchdog Amnesty International has called on Egypt to implement reforms in the police and army, publishing two reports condemning human rights abuses by security forces.

The reports say abuses by Egyptian police and military continued with impunity after authoritarian long-term President Hosni  Mubarak was toppled in February 2011.

The documents detail cases of rights abuses by the troops during crackdowns.

Suzanne Nossel, the executive director of Amnesty International USA, urged Egypt's new president, Muhammed Morsi, to "tackle the bloody legacy of official abuse and guarantee that no one is above the law in Egypt."

Amnesty International also urged authorities to allow visits by UN experts to investigate arbitrary detentions, something that the Mubarak government refused to do.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP 
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