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One In Five Georgians Says President Should Resign

Georgian opposition supporters collect signatures for a petition asking for the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili near his office in central Tbilisi on January 4.
Georgian opposition supporters collect signatures for a petition asking for the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili near his office in central Tbilisi on January 4.
Some 835,000 Georgians have signed a petition launched by a local NGO to demand the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili. That is equal to almost 20 percent of the country's total population of 4.5 million. The organizers hope that by January 20 -- the fifth anniversary of Saakashvili's inauguration for his second term -- the number of signatories will exceed 1 million.

The NGO Unity and Human Rights began collecting signatures in support of Saakashvili's resignation in the wake of the October 1 parliamentary elections in which Saakashvili's United National Movement was defeated by the Georgian Dream (KO) coalition headed by wealthy businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili, who took the post of prime minister. By November 19, the NGO had collected "several dozen" signatures, and by the end of the month 60,000, including that of renowned film director Rezo Chkheidze. It also staged protest demonstrations in various cities to lend force to its demand.

Mikheil Andguladze, who heads Unity and Human Rights, told a press conference last month that Saakashvili's resignation was imperative given that "the political situation has reached a dead end." Andguladze pointed out that even though Saakashvili's presidential term expires in January 2013, the decision was made in line with constitutional amendments passed in 2011 to schedule the elections for his successor in October 2013. Last week, Andguladze told participants at a protest in front of the presidential residence in Tbilisi's Avlabar district that Saakashvili had violated his presidential oath and should therefore step down on January 20.

Regardless of the number of signatures Andguladze's NGO succeeds in collecting, the petition has no legal force. And according to parliament deputy speaker and Conservative Party Chairman Zviad Dzidziguri, the process of trying to impeach the president is so complicated that it could prove impossible to do so before the October election.

The Georgian Constitution makes provision for the impeachment of the president in the event that the Constitutional Court rules at the request of no fewer than one-third of parliament deputies that he has violated the constitution, or the Supreme Court rules that he is guilty of treason or some other serious crime.

Moreover, Ivanishvili  told the Austrian daily "Die Presse"  in November that he did not want impeachment proceedings begun against Saakashvili, as doing so would look like "political revenge."

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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 07, 2013 16:28
One in 5-thats nonsense-Jack from US /SU/,and his fiancee Eugenia from Vienna say he must be impeached and Jack and Eug.are equal to at least 50 georgians each which makes the numbers wrong.And last,but not least we should not forget the greatest georgian patriot of them all-good old Vahe born in Moss cow-against his will,of course-he would have preferred Abkhazia or Ossetia.And what does Vakhtang say??? Bow bow bow,miaow,miaow,oink ,oink.oink.grrrrrrr,aaah,somebody from the soviet service of RL,please,come up with a translation,thank you very much and shooby doo to you,too!!!

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 08, 2013 04:01
Saakashvili should go and primarily because of inactivity against abkhaz -racists and nazis.
Not formed a military tribunal in The Hague on Abkhazia,none of abkhazian militants no on international wanted list.
Not organized guerrilla units to liberate Abkhazia from primitive cave-dwelling tribes who came down from the mountains and who seized, other people's houses and apartments
If Saakashvili tomorrow with a flag in hand will land in Sukhumi and enter into battle with the savages, we'll forgive him.
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by: Anonymous
January 08, 2013 10:38
aha, THEY'RE the racists, huh?
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 09, 2013 00:27
It was once a Khrutchev with not too presentable face.
He was very bitter with Stalin's presentable nose.
He said the Georgians want be exclusive race,
Beacause their nosy profiles trying impose.
He ordered the nosy nation to be erased.

So "Anonymous" is going, saying "huh?".
Khrutchevian "vykormyshi" do the same.
Russian genocide in Afghjanistan, huh?
Georgia genocide-cleansings also huh?
Hinching "exclusive racist nose" game?

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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 08, 2013 13:57
Well,Aakapigswilly was going to send all abkhazians to Mosscow in Vakhtangian`s log cabin,but then Vah.promised to do the job for him,so that fearless Aaka may concentrate on his favourite hobby-necktie eating on live TV,but we all know Vahe is a georgian and we also know how georgians keep their promises,and now we must forgive Vahtangian,because he is not responsible for his deeds!!!

by: Ben
January 08, 2013 16:45
Vakhtang-Che-Guevara from Moscow."Saakashvili must go" and you will command the guerrillos against "racist Abkhas" dogs.
Stright now from Moscow.
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 09, 2013 00:39
Рerson who recognizes racism, who is he?..You guessed Mr. Ben, he is a racist.
who recognized abkhaz racists?
I remind everyone:
Putin mordovian-izhorets
Ortega communist terrorist
Chavez psychopath
camel from a cave
Jack from United States, who in the morning swallows cologne
Seems that you, too, from this company, Ben..
But most interesting is that, according to аrticle 49 of the аbkhaz constitution, the whole this company is a flock of sheep and imbeciles
My congratulations to Ben with your new name given to you by your friends abkhaz-racists-)))))).....

by: Ralph from: Ranafa
January 09, 2013 16:22
Dear RFE: Why not one word about the validity of the petition? Were there multiple signatures? Fake signatures? What was the process? Not really a solid article.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 09, 2013 21:17
Aha, in 2012 we saw the US-lackey Mischa loose a parliamentary election and many of his friends end up in prison cells, and in 2013 we will seee him loose a presidential election, after which he will probably pack up his stuff and quickly run away from Georgia - the same way his two predecessors in the Georgian presidency have done.
And what this humiliating faliure by this friend of the Beavuses and Buttheads will demonstrate is that being friends with the US brings one nothing but trouble. See how many US-supported losers got kicked out of power lately: Tadic in Serbia, Mubarak in Egypt, Julia and Yushchenko in Ukraine, now the turn of Mischa is coming (and Romania's Basescu will follow).
So, prepare for new "pleasant" surprises in 2013, Andrew from Auckland, Happy New Year :-))!

by: Mamuka
January 10, 2013 13:22
Today (10 January) there is an article saying the petition now has 1 million signature. If true, that is about one in four.

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