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4 Former Yugoslav Army Soldiers Jailed In Montenegro For War Crimes

A court in Montenegro has sentenced four former Yugoslav army soldiers to up to four years in prison for war crimes committed against ethnic Croatian prisoners of war during the 1991-1995 Croatian conflict.

The court ruled on January 25 that the four were guilty of torturing prisoners in a makeshift prisoner camp in the village of Morinj.

The court acquitted two other suspects because of a lack of evidence.

The verdicts followed a retrial after earlier sentences had been overturned by Montenegro's Appeals Court.

Croatia's 1991 declaration of independence from Yugoslavia sparked a four-year war with Belgrade-backed rebel ethnic Serbs who opposed the move.

The Serb-led Yugoslav National Army at the time included troops from Montenegro, which was still a part of Yugoslavia.

compiled from agency reports
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by: vn from: Belgrade
January 27, 2012 17:49
The article, including the statement about Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia, mixed up with Montenegro, with insinuations that Belgrade is to be blamed for the war has become too complex. And it's only about three sides.

At the time, Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia, and each of the six republics had their president to represent a collective ruling body.

As a former Yugoslavian who used to live in socialism, now a "genocidal" Serb living in a "capitalist" democracy, sitting here in Belgrade thoughout all these twenty years, on account of the statement about "the rebel ethnic Serbs" I would like to say that in 1991 it was Croatia which made the outrageous mistake for stirring up the peaceful, hardworking ethnic group of more than 1 mil. people just for the fact that they were Orthodox Christians, and not Catholics. The Orthodox Christians, speaking the same language as the Croatians, not the dialect of the Serbs in Serbia, wanted to live in Croatia on their land as the Orthodox Croatians, and were not willing to change their religion. In order to avoid the mistake from WW II they finally had to voice out that they were Serbs (and BTW, declaring one's nationality in former Yugoslavia was not a "politically correct" thing to do), which resulted in avoiding slaughter and looking for shelter in Serbia.

As the Croatians had aspired for a country with pure Catholics, and with the ample help from the West, had acquired the military means to get rid of the Orthodox Christians, in this case the Serbs, their thousand-years-old dream did come true - albeit in the form of a nightmare. They have still not resolved the basic property issues and need to work on human rights. Can anyone imagine a property owner in the UK, a duke, barron, and the like, to become exiled on account of not being a Protestant or Muslim?

Now, having met and heard some of the worst political scum on the planet Earth, I have a dream ...

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