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Former Georgian Ministers Comment On 2009 Mutiny Video

Vano Merabishvili (left) denies ordering anyone to be killed, while Bacho Akhalaia says he did what "any responsible publicly elected government in any normal country" would have done. (file photo)
Vano Merabishvili (left) denies ordering anyone to be killed, while Bacho Akhalaia says he did what "any responsible publicly elected government in any normal country" would have done. (file photo)
Former Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili and former Defense Minister Bacho Akhalaia have both commented on the controversial video footage showing them, together with former Justice Minister Zurab Adeishvili and former President Mikheil Saakashvili, apparently at the Mukhrovani military base near Tbilisi at the time of an alleged mutiny by senior military personnel in early May 2009.

Merabishvili is seen in that four-minute video clip, which was uploaded on January 29, telling a uniformed commander identified by the website  as the  then-head of the Interior Ministry's Special Operative Department, Irakli Kodua, and other men in camouflage, "I want two men, I need two corpses, bring me these two corpses, there will be a large bonus."

The camera then cuts to show a group of men in civilian clothes escorted by armed servicemen emerging from a building, apparently on the base. They include then-Defense Minister Akhalaia, Adeishvili, and Saakashvili, who is seen checking his watch and asking, "Where's Vano?"

The Georgian Prosecutor-General's Office has launched an investigation on the premise that there is a connection between Merabishvili's words and a special operation two weeks later in which two of the alleged mutineers, Koba Otanadze and Levan Amiridze, were captured and a third killed.

Speaking on January 30 in Kutaisi, where he is standing trial on charges of exceeding his authority by giving orders for the use of force against antigovernment demonstrators in Tbilisi in May 2011, Merabishvili denied ever issuing orders to kill anyone. He said his order to "bring me two corpses" referred to two Russian intelligence agents murdered by the mutineers to remove evidence of any Russian role in the mutiny.

Merabishvili's disclaimer is questionable for two reasons. First, the presence of Russian agents at Mukhrovani during the mutiny has never been alleged before, and was not mentioned during the trial of Otanadze and Amiridze in October 2009. And second, when the alleged mutiny was first made public, Georgian government spokesmen said the captured mutineers themselves admitted they were acting at Moscow's behest. (At their subsequent trial they denied this, claiming they sought only to register their resentment at their treatment by the Georgian top brass.) 

Saakashvili for his part said in a televised address to the nation on May 5, 2009, that the mutineers had contacts "with the agents of one particular country." He did not explicitly mention Russia. But Caucasus Press quoted Saakashvili as telling Merabishvili the same day to apprehend "at all cost" the "criminals" who sought to provoke unrest on orders from "their bosses in Russia."

Akhalaia, who is awaiting trial on charges of using excessive brutality against prisoners while serving as head of the penitentiary system, issued a separate statement on January 30 in which he affirmed that the Mukhrovani mutiny was indeed orchestrated by Russia. Akhalaia further argued that "any responsible publicly elected government in any normal country" would have taken similar measures to "avoid a bloodbath."
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 01, 2014 23:17
Illogical conclusion on part of the author of the article above.
The confidential excuse for Russia to repopulate Georgia,
Beside just dirty language Russian plain lies, was bust
Of Russian spies. CIS didn't dare, or they will not last,
Even if threat of physical extermination, play Borgio.

Any capture, death or public display of Russian spy
Made most of Russia scream: - "Georgia must die!"
It is trivial knowledge - Georgia kept quiet about that.
I don't know how many Russians in 2008 "war" dead,
Or how many millions Rashkas still pollute their lands.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 04, 2014 22:27
To conquer and repopulate Georgia and other CIS nations
was halted in 2008. To make it up to animal half of Russia,
Russian leadership press and influx, enslave and steal all -
from Ukraine, taken over by old Russian occupiers, through
Fergana, Caucasus, whole CIS and "Iron Curtain Customs".

The 2008 invasion planned as repetition of Lenin's 58 army
that unleashed genocide-cleansing-off a third of the Georgia
was accompanied by invasions and genocide-cleansing CIS,
from Eastern Europe through Central Asia and the Far East.
Russia leaders bitter- mortified of the not completed bestiality
in 2008, look for "guilty" - Georgia, Ukraine and CIS still there.
Because I used to show to the World the truth since the 2008
Chronology and Yamadaev and Timerman "interview", written
By Russian Command propaganda - Russia killed Yamadaev,
hide Timerman, lie that Georgia started "2008 war" - ignoring
years and several month of Yamadaev and Timerman attacks.

It looks-like it isn't enough annex Sochi, Abkhazia, all Ossetia
and squeeze into "Iron Curtain of Customs" Ukraine with CIS -
Russia wants all - kill third, send another third to death camps,
Exploit and plagiarize the best third in Treblinka and Anaverde
around non-Russian capitals, using nerve gas and lobotomies,
breed ethnic Russians, starting with tyranny of Varag-Prussak,
in all former USSR and eastern Europe. To achieve that goals
They busting Georgia and Ukraine - acting as Russian Empire.

While they doing it, they also trying to hang as "evil criminals"
the former Georgian government and military, pressing Tbilisi.
Russia went after me too, for alerting in 2008 McCain and UN
and for keeping writing about - since 2008 teams from Russia,
Belorussia, CIS and even three symbolics from North Ossetia
Tried murder me and my mothers, using even US government
and agencies, lying about us. In 2008 I was shot with a poison
pin and almost died - few days hospital kept me on antibiotics,
my leg is still black. Rushing into our apartment Russia nurses
and care-takers they infected and poisoned my mother and me
as "low-level bacterial and chemical warfare" and abstracted us
from immediate medical help. 7/7/2012 Russia in CIA killed her.
They blackmailed me that they'll kill my mother - lying about us.
I tried to save her for two weeks, but when I thought she better,
They murdered her, food hose pushed into her lungs. Horrible
death, several hours of strangulating her bestially, as I wasn't there. It is understandable what the bestial Russia would wish
for all non-Russian nations, specially "guilty" in halting Russia.

By the way, manipulated by telepaths and lies of Russia-USA,
where US was manipulated by Russia, Saakashvili as an idiot
agreed with staffed by Russians CIA to brake me "for CIA hire"
that they used to murder my mother. Still, if Saakashvili was an
idiot, Georgian right defend from genocide its people shouldn't
be tried by courts, forged by Russian pressure or idiotized USA.

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