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Georgian Parliament Majority Moves To Curtail President's Powers

The uneasy cohabitation of Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili (left) and Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili (right) continues.
The uneasy cohabitation of Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili (left) and Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili (right) continues.
The Georgian Dream (KO) coalition put forward on December 28 a proposed amendment to the Georgian Constitution drafted by its chairman, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili , that would render less likely the dismissal of the government and the dissolution of parliament.

At the same time, it has abandoned plans for more sweeping changes that would have transferred key powers from the president to the prime minister.

The ongoing standoff between Ivanishvili and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has given rise to fears among some that the latter may seek to provoke a political crisis by dismissing the prime minister and then deliberately nominating a new cabinet that is unacceptable to the parliamentary majority.

In the event that the legislature rejects three successive proposed new cabinets, the constitution currently empowers the president to dissolve parliament and impose a new cabinet without parliament's approval. But since the president may not dissolve parliament until six months after it is elected, he may appoint a new government without parliamentary approval; when the six-month period elapses, the parliament is dissolved and new parliamentary elections scheduled which the president's hand-picked cabinet organizes.

The proposed amendment would preserve the president's right to dissolve parliament in the event that it rejected his proposed ministerial candidates. The amendment also abolishes the "grace period" of six months from the date of the elections during which the president may not dissolve parliament. 

But the president would lose the right to impose a new government without parliament's approval: he would be empowered to dissolve parliament after it rejected his proposed new cabinet, but the outgoing government would then remain in office until new parliamentary elections were held.

Parliament speaker Davit Usupashvili explained that the amendment was intended to provide institutional guarantees to prevent a political crisis. If passed, he said, the amendment would remove the "constant threat" that Saakashvili would dismiss the government, a threat that Usupashvili said was fueling political instability. And in light of last month's opinion poll conducted by the National Democratic Institute that showed a steep fall in the popularity of Saakashvili's United National Movement (ENM), there is no guarantee that it could defeat KO if new elections were held in the next few months.

A total of 108 deputies (including some from the ENM) voted on December 28 in favor of setting up a special group that will oversee a one-month public discussion of the proposed change, the second KO has proposed to the constitution since it came to power. The first, which President Saakashvili opposes, would relocate the parliament from the new building specially constructed for it in Kutaisi back to the capital.

Usupashvili also said KO has dropped earlier plans to change the constitution to slash the powers of the president. The party had toyed with the idea of making effective immediately constitutional amendments passed last year that transfer certain key powers from the president to the prime minister. Those changes are scheduled to go into effect after the presidential election due in October 2013.

Parliament Overrides Amnesty Veto

Meanwhile, the KO-dominated parliament has voted down by 91 votes to 24 Saakashvili's veto of an amnesty bill  authorizing the release of some 3,000 prisoners, including 190 whom the parliament designated political prisoners, and reductions in the prison terms of thousands more. Saakashvili's stated rationale for the veto was that the beneficiaries would include several persons sentenced on charges of espionage for Russia, and others convicted in connection with a purported mutiny in May 2009 at the Mukhrovani military base. 

Saakashvili also rejected the very term "political prisoner," arguing that it created the impression that Georgia combined the worst aspects of dictatorships in North Korea, Burma, and Belarus. He pointed out that "not a single serious international organization has ever said that there are political prisoners in Georgia."

In a televised address to the nation, Saakashvili slammed the parliament veto as "shameful," "dangerous," and "a disgraceful page in the history of Georgian parliamentarianism," and predicted that the release of such a large number of prisoners would result in a significant rise in the crime rate.

At the same time, one further dispute between Saakashvili and the government has been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. The KO and ENM parliament factions have agreed that the Special State Protection Service will be subordinated to the government as KO proposed, but a separate unit will be established to provide security for the incumbent president and will be under his personal control. Saakashvili had publicly construed the removal of the service from his subordination as an attempt to strip him of any personal protection whatsoever.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
December 30, 2012 20:16
Power of Saakashvili as president is already curtailed
by the last parliament elections.
Why Ivanishvili is so persistant, attempting totally remove Saakashvili and Georgia's acheivemnts of independence?

Do Russian aggressors feel still disspleased by late results?
Would they be sutisfied if Saakashvili is dead and Russians occupy whole Georgia, as they failed to do in 2008?

Is Ivanishvili an "opposite karikatura" on Stalin, who started with Georgian independence and was killed being under house arresst since 1947 for reviving CIS and for learning and being indignated with total plagiarizm by ethnic Russia?
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by: skylass from: Dusheti
December 31, 2012 14:05
Insane person circling around with a torch is very dangerous for his house as for neighbors and needs urgent attention from people and government of this country, As long he has matches and fuel he deserves control and restraint. Allow people and government to find best solution how to cage him and neutralize danger. Sorry but nobody is going to let him endanger our tomorrow and leave his position unpunished.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 01, 2013 04:09
I don't believe you are Skylass from Dusheti,
You don't sound like their ansestors, honest knights,
But rather like Boldyrev's army nazi ultimatum of "zadushite".
I advised from start rebuild all Georgia and its rights,
But Russia got him, as all others, in Ozurgeti.

Pressured by Russia's genociding macaques,
Defending what left of country, demend of refugees,
International work overcome lying on Georgia Russia-byaka,
Often hypntized by Russian spies, he looked upbeat.
You call "mad" the spells of Russian "sobakas".

I also advized to involve all Georgians to rebuild,
Time came for Georgian population be onboard,
So new Parliament elected, already about killed
By angry "vandetta" of Russia for resisting ords
Of 2008 invasion, you sound like Russian deed.

What Russia calling "Karatel'naya ekspeditciya",
Expand Varanga animals into non-Russian land,
"Otmstit' nerazumnym Hazaram" - "operatciya"
For resist or criticize Russia's crimes cut-heads
And annex, you calling "punish dangerous mads".

Threatening Georgian Future? What Future, lier?
They have no future outside of freedom and help
By part of Humanity that still gratefull "Free Welt"
Or at least understanding of blessing one equire
By leadership and participation that Georgia held.

It is dangerous, Georgians were murdered before
By Russia and its lies to Mongols - they still lying!
What good it did, when Quin Tamar, later "Lashis",
Didn't confront Russian lies, waiting Mongol's ord?
They defeited first Milion army with help of Dusheti.

But Russian liers provoked another million Mongols
And Georgia was killed, including knights of Dusheti.
The same Russia - like lies against Stalin - by hors.
So Russia would kill Georgia with West closed dors.
TRUTH MIGHT SAVE GEORGIA, "brat zadcushitel'".
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 02, 2013 04:44
After posting comment above, I went to a supermarket Ralfs.
As usual, innuendo-hissing behind my back - back-telling:
- "When government will kill this guy?" (maybe a bluff),
- "They will, but not yet, as long as he is still singing."
I never sing, but Russia hissing as Bechtel or mob.

Is "Bechtel", Mafia, USA, Germano-Austrians,
Russia and Israel with the rest of "Humanity",
Together - in treating "The Father and Son"
And potentially creative like "merchandize",
As Russia "Duhovniy X-file" movies done?

Even Urartu and Levites from old USSR
Join Russia-US hypnotists going after us,
Warring us aging and prostates enlarged
To check how often we visiting the bath,
Psycho-war-urologs-froidologs be used!

As, immobilizing, murdering our parents,
Making us sick - using NLW and Lemurs,
Harassing in locked inquisition dwellings,
They never leave our minds, read-snoop,
To plagiarize for "Neanderthal" nazi pups.

United Nations must know it leads to end,
World, which times before was destroyed
By plagiarizing, conquering Imperial weds,
By wars and cataclysms, do fall into voids
That usurpers lead you too, silencing best.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 04, 2013 14:24
(Responding to Chelsea Clinton donation letter)

Neither Democrats, nor Republicans, nor any other ideologic mask is perfect - as in pure science one return in his proff to
the basics, one must revew his solutions by nobility of the
soul, purity of the heart, elevation of the mind and justice.
(from Prince Murvan)

{My mother was killed, as part of blackmailing me to be intellectual slave and be plagiarized - 7/7/2012, in Los Angeles Presvetarian hospital, by Russia and CIA.

Moscow and Russia started plagiarism war against me at age
4 in 1947.
I refused to be a slave.
Russia invited British and USA diplomats and offer them join the plagiarism party.
I and my mother where sentenced to death by Russia in 1947.
Almost same day Stalin, opposing plagiarism, was put under house arrest.

In 1980 my mother and I came to USA by her brother's invitation.
Russians and USA continued the same policy of plagiarism and persecution, including harassment, threats, telepaths, NLW and assassination attempts.
During Bill Clinton presidency, not withstanding my help to save it, I was almost killed.
Assassination attempts against my mother and me intensified and before Bill Clinton left office, my mother was hit by NLW
and collapsed in her apartment.
As usual, emergency acted like kidnappers and brought her in place of their choosing, John's Hospital in Santa Monica, where they deliberately put her in coma by wrong medication.
I argued with doctors - they stopped it in some three days, but she started lose memory.

During president Obama, assassinations intensified again.
They threatened to kill my mother, if I refuse to be their slave, and they murdered her.

"Evil" republicans are more personal - "We, the piply, and our posterity are spoken!"
"Good" democrats are more deadly - "We, the people, are spoken - nothing personal."

By the way, Chelsea, your mother (and your father) should talk to alternative doctors too.
There are ways to clean arteries from clogs, like vitamin K, and many other things to prevent heart attacks, strokes and restore general health...

As for donation - I am still in debt after my mother's funeral.

Hundreds of Billions, would-be royalties of mine, expropriated at the roots by Russia and USA...

I have SSI…

In Response

by: Mamuka
December 31, 2012 18:29
Yes, there are already amendments to laws to transfer more power from President to Prime Minister-- remember when everyone thought Misha would try to do like Putin? But those laws do not take effect yet, I think the Parliament wants to make changes sooner.

I wonder what will happen after Presidential elections and Bidzina gets his own lackey in the Presidency?

by: Jack from: US
December 31, 2012 19:37
is Srakashvilli, the aspiring NATO minion, still on the lose? Time is running out for him and other NATO lakeys

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