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Did Georgian President Concede Defeat Prematurely?

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (left), accompanied by his wife, Sandra Roelofs, speaks to journalist during parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tbilisi on October 1.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (left), accompanied by his wife, Sandra Roelofs, speaks to journalist during parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tbilisi on October 1.
With just 25 percent of the votes cast in the October 1 parliamentary elections counted, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili made a televised address to the nation conceding the defeat of his  United National Movement (ENM). 

Saakashvili said the ENM was now in opposition to the Georgian Dream coalition headed by billionaire businessman and philanthropist Bidzina Ivanishvili.  Saakashvili has reportedly asked Georgian Dream to propose its candidate for parliament chairman and to form a new government. 

Exit polls indicate that the ENM won a lower percentage of the party-list vote than Georgian Dream. With ballot papers from 943 of 3,766 polling stations counted, Georgian Dream had garnered 53.19 percent of the party-list voted compared with 41.51 percent for the ENM. None of the other 13 parties and one bloc had yet received  the minimum 5 percent of the vote required to qualify for parliamentary representation. If that trend had held, the 77 mandates distributed under the party-list system would have been divided between Georgian Dream and the ENM, with the former receiving 41-43 and the latter 34-36.

Speaking late on October 1, President Saakashvili conceded that Georgian Dream had prevailed in the party-list vote. But he confidently predicted that the ENM would sweep the majority of the 73 seats allocated under the majoritarian system. Figures released by the Central Election Commission shortly before Saakashvili's televised announcement showed  ENM candidates leading in 27 single-mandate districts and Georgian Dream in 18.  If those figures accurately reflected the distribution of votes, it is conceivable that the ENM could have emerged the overall winner, even if by a tiny margin of five to10 seats.

Georgian Dream representative David Saganelidze has since made public the bloc's own figures, which differ significantly from those of the Central Election Commission. Saganelidze said with 92-93 percent of votes counted, Georgian Dream has at least 62 percent of the party-list vote (49-50 mandates) plus at least 42 single-mandate constituencies, giving a maximum of 97 mandates. Speaking shortly after the polls closed, Ivanishvili had predicted that Georgian Dream candidates won in at least 50, and possibly as many as 60-65 of the 73 single-mandate districts. He calculated that the bloc would have a total of at least 100 seats in the 150-seat parliament.

The Central Election Commission has five days to make public the preliminary results of the vote that will show whether, after all, more than two parties will be represented in the new parliament. 

Saakashvili stressed in his TV address that he considered Georgian Dream's program "fundamentally unacceptable" and "extremely wrong." That does not bode well for the three-four month period of "cohabitation" until the president to be elected in January is inaugurated. Saakashvili is barred by the constitution from seeking a third consecutive term. His political future thus remains unclear.
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by: Mike from: Tbilisi
October 02, 2012 14:09
Its UNM not ENM.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 02, 2012 18:39
It was too early, not just because it happened unespectedly
And might be close to the real results, but count it carefuly,
Not encourage cheating momentum of Russia's teams,
Which is to expand a breeding empire, bribing dream
Of all in West and East. Did "Dream" won gambly?

Ivanishvili is already pushing it too far, sentencing,
Like Russian persecutor of Saakashvili, gambling.
Why are USA's gests happily excited rosy cheeks,
And their bosses in USA, like Obama a grand-kid
Of Russian Jewish lady, issured by a murky trick?

As I decode the victory - it is tired strugle magority
Of being left behind - while Georgia was rebuilding
Its statehood, killed by Russia, and very existance,
Multiplied by anger, provoked by prison lavrushas,
Friends of Russia "Bidziya", and bribed "dreams".

by: Daxhae
October 03, 2012 08:14
ugly man gone ! more ugly one come ! :))) Oooww georgians, your presidents and ancient feodals always ugly people. Come and elect a handsome Johny Cash :))) We are here, at Dagestan = handsome people's country, lets drink for the friendship of Georgians and Dagestanians :))) sing about beatiful Georgian women, and potatoes of great Kartveli people :))) love Georgia, viva la İberii :)))
In Response

by: Anonymous
October 03, 2012 13:38
Ossetin your sarcasm will be gone away soon.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 04, 2012 05:23
I do not give a damn what extraction you are, Daxhae,
You look like another Russian "oboroten'" of their lying.
Beside your hate, Daxhae, Johny Cash give-up your die.
Is he a brother of a Greek-boys-malester, a Russian spy?

by: Roger Downing from: Tbilisi
October 04, 2012 11:14
He conceded defeat when it most suited them in order to lay a smoke screen of jubilation over the Georgian Dreamers and divert attention away from the smell of cooking coming from the CEC.

As to the excuse that a DDOS attack was launched which delayed the results, if there ever was such an attack (easily proven if anyone with a clue about such things were to probe deeply enough), then cui bono? The UNM, of course.

No this was a coldly calculated move to protect what they had, to make it as difficult as possible for GD to attain a constitutional majority.

One only needs to look at the evidence produced yesterday by Transparency International to see that the results being published are wrong, and that GD now need to go through the proper legal channels in order to set the record straight, all of which is made more difficult because they do not have the kind of majority which they should have.

The UNM are far from finished as things stand - they still have plenty of cards up their sleeves and will be producing them as often as possible in order to make things difficult for the new government.

For his part Ivanishvili would do well to keep his troops from rising to bait so he can methodically go down his list of wrong-doers and tick each one off in turn.

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