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Georgia Jails 'Armed Opposition Group'

The opposition activists were sentenced for planning to help fugitive former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili return to Georgia. The opposition activists were sentenced for planning to help fugitive former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili return to Georgia.
The opposition activists were sentenced for planning to help fugitive former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili return to Georgia.
The opposition activists were sentenced for planning to help fugitive former Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili return to Georgia.
A Georgian court has handed jail terms to 15 opposition supporters for allegedly forming an illegal armed group to bring a fugitive politician back to Georgia.

A statement by Tbilisi City Court on September 8 said the men were given sentences of between six months to six years after pleading guilty and striking a plea bargain.

The group was accused of planning to help former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili -- who fled the country after going into opposition and being convicted of corruption -- to return to Georgia during antigovernment protests in May that ended in violence.

compiled from agency reports
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by: Jack from: US
September 08, 2011 16:31
is there any opposition in rump "republic of Georgia" which mini-dictator Saakashvili have not jailed yet? US government which supports dictators like Saakashvilli or Saidi or Bahreni kings lost any moral credibility
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 09, 2011 07:08
Jack, another moronic, uninformed load of tripe from someone who is obviously a Kremlin troll.

Yes, there are a large number of opposition groups that are unjailed in Georgia, including the parties led by Burjanadze, Gachichiladze, Gamkrelidze, Alasania, and several other political figures of the opposition.

Some of the parties are:

Democratic Movement – United Georgia
Rightist Opposition (Memarjvene Opozicia)
New Right (Akhali Memarjveneebi)
Industry Will Save Georgia (Mretsveloba Gadaarchens Sak'art'velos)
Georgia's Way
National Forum (Erovnuli forumi)
Conservative Party of Georgia
Christian-Democratic Movement
Republican Party of Georgia
Democratic Union for Revival (Demokratiuli Aghordzinebis Kavshiri)
Georgian Labour Party (Sakartvelos Leiboristuli Partia)
Freedom Movement (Tavisupleba)
Movement for United Georgia
National Democratic Party (Erovnul Demokratiuli Partia)
Intellectuals League of Georgia
People's Front
United Communist Party of Georgia
New Communist Party of Georgia

Now none of these opposition parties has been imprisoned, not even Burjanadze whose motorcade ran down and killed a policeman during the May riot.

The armed group sentenced was exactly that, and armed group intending to attempt to overthrow the government by force.

BTW Jack, your English is appalling, why don't you come out of the closet about your real nationality?
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by: Konstantin from: Los angeles
September 09, 2011 07:11
Ethnic Russians and their proxies, like Jack from US,
shouldn't be allowed to Free Speach outlets, because they
are simply mud-throwing multitude that don't use even slitest
beside spam, comparing odious names with those they hate.

We all could do it even better and with real merits in it:
"Why mini-Hitlers of Russia Putin and Medvedev are not in jail yet?";
"China lost credibility, following gasing "Cheremushka" Gorbachev
and leuring into Olimpics all World Leaders, while Medvedev and Putin
invaded Georgia (!"
Even there are merrits in what I quoted above, I wouldn't go that far with
But Jack from US does, and he is just blant lier!

by: Mamuka
September 09, 2011 10:43
You can watch opposition TV in Georgia. It is pretty bad most of it just some guys sitting around a table calling Saakashvili a Hitler and stuff. But its there.

Also the state channels broadcast opposition figures throughout the day.

It was ridiculous to say that the government made up charges against those photographers because they covered the protests on Rustaveli; ridiculous because state-run TV reporters were broadcasting live and showing the Police clearing the square.

Saakashvili does some strange things but there is plenty of opposition. Maybe they are weak and disorganized but they are getting stronger. This is truly unique in the Caucasus and throughout much of the former Soviet space.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 10, 2011 05:06

Do not forget that USSR, occupied by encroaching Russia and
Babilon of Soviet Quisling, had ever-penetrating snitches and
telepaths that sitting till present arround us and busting or at least
discrediting our words and actions.
(Since 1949 or so, Russians once in a wile expelled me from class
room and surrounded by panks repeating another agly word, with adult
telepaths surrounding the place from outer space, reverberating it
in my head.
Than they would try to meajure their succsess, provoking me to say it.)

I live for three deacades in Los Angeles, but the same type people all
arround my apartment building.
Not only they made my old mother sick and making me imobile,
using "non-lethal weapons" and hypnosis, but they interfere even
with my comments on this and other Forums too.
Somehow they compell me put a rude word there and here in
comments I make - than trying to discredit me for it.

It is where from coming "among opposition... ...Hitler and stuff",
or Saakashvili busted-up in Tchinvali by Russian insurgency
telepaths, or he bit his tie...
It is most dangerous problem for former Warso pact nations...
It is evn more dangerous problem for World's powers and their
politics of war and peace...

by: potgeo
September 10, 2011 04:18
Poor Jack from US, they've got you good, now you will think twice before you'll say something unappealing about leader of free and democratic Georgia, Michael the Great. And how dare you to call him MINI, my unwise friend, HE is the GREATEST, SMARTEST, BIGGEST LIBERTARIAN, He is the BEACON of
If you challenge this statement, obviously you are the spy sent by Kremlin, NKVD, GESTAPO, Mossad, Spanish Inquisition , Ykuza, Cammora and so on.. to RFERL to grow the seeds of doubt.

Andrew, Konstantin, Mamuka, give guy a brake, please! He doesn't watch Rustavi2 or Imedi, he doesn't see Georgia through Saakashvili's eyes, and what's most important - he is NOT employed blogger, paid by Saakashvili, unlike you - three goons!

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by: Konstantin from: Los ASngeles
September 11, 2011 00:38
Ther only payed CIS extraction nationals are Russians and their proxies.
Checking-up whether Saakashvili's Georgia has extra money to steal
for Russia?

I live on SSI and helping my bed-readen mother by KGB-Gelena assult
on her life since we came to USA three decades ago.
All money beside her alternative remedies and food and housing I spend
on means to access Internet and print some letters to UN and other
(before August 1998 Russian attack on Georgia my computers and
most of Chronology files were destroyed by Russian spies too)

Since 1980, at first I tried to patent some inventions in USA - but it was
stolen and destroyed by KGB-Gelena allience and brainwashed by
them USA agencies like CIA, Bechtel and FBI greed...

I wish I would make some money on writing, but even I looked to some
adds, most require submission of priorities on written matherials...

Potgeo is a Russian lier.
Which Russian is not?
Not many.
Saakashvili didn't say he was biggest libretarian, he isn't yet in the
Masson pool-"pot" as potgeo - he has wife and children.
Georgia is a victim of agression and vawes of genocide by Riussians
through history - for time being Saakashvili helped to hold the tide
of another Russian invasion...
It make Russians angree.
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by: potgeo
September 11, 2011 16:49
For reasons, unknown to me, RFERL administrator considers advice offering as an insult, meanwhile it's just a professional advice from one user to another.
So, please, do not block this comment.

Konstantin, get help, a professional help that is.
OCPD or Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder can not be cured, however could be managed by behavioral therapy and regular intake of SSRIs meds.
In your comments any specialist can find almost all the signs and symptoms of OCPD : deranged self-concept, irrationality, aggressively repetitive verbal diarrhea, overvalued (by you) and obsessive ideas, lack of logical chain of thoughts.
That is all I can tell you, my friend.
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by: potgeo
September 11, 2011 17:45
Sorry, I take it back, I do have more to say to you:

Why live in US on SSI for three decades, if KGB (FSB) along with CIA, FBI (I don't even know what the hell is Bechtel) invades your personal freedom, why don't you go back to Saakashvili's Free Georgia and serve him to built a new and better democracy? Why are you exercising your right of free speech in US while getting free ride on american taxpayers money? You lived in this country for 30 damn years and haven't worked a single day? What are you complaining about, man?

Getting back to OCPD diagnosis and your "Iron clad logic" - since when and why - having "wife and children" has stopped anybody from being a pseudo-democrat and dictator? I do not know and I'm quite sure, you don't know either.

Look, I can see your heart is in right place, but, for God's sake, man, quiet down a little, you are not the only one concerned about Georgia (thank God), there are many, many of us -who never left, Gerogians who live (in our case - exist, on a verge of being thrown in jail any time) under Saakashvilis regime, who will never stop fighting for freedom for our country and prosperity for our nation, for real democratic values and for the right to live in a balanced, fare society ruled by the low, not by bunch of power hungry degenerates such as Saakashvili and his party yahoos.

Now I'm done.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 11, 2011 19:16
Free Europe (I do not use proffesional abbreviations), usually does

But it were your insults, not mine:
"...payed by Saakashvili... ...three goons";
"Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder cannot be cured";
"behavioral therapy and... ...SSRis (is it what you take?)";
"OCPD (another abbreviation, known only to professional spies
that trained to bust-up normal people?)";
"deranged... ...aggressively... ...obsessive... ...lack of logical chain
of thoughts... friend".

It does it!
I and my mother were sentenced to death by Russia in 1947 for
MY LOGIC- I offered contract with the people that helped suffering
Humanity after WW2.

I don't have to repeite all list of collective creativety of your friends,
KGB degenerates, using an older trick from "Star Treck", written by
scribblers from Russia - plebeys throwing mud till Gentlmen lose
his composure and explode as an old God, or an Android.

In his speach, Beria, before Russians killed him, said on TV
that all family lines that ever lived in USSR or Eastern Europe,
(as presumably in USA) must be snitches and spy for Russia
with no exclusions!
Do you have to believe that I must be like you, thus "your friend"
that you have right to insult and patrtonize - like I am not too
productive Russian imperial spy?
I am not one of those and I am not your frend!
I still have scares from KGB assassinations and tortures in KGB

But I modestly exdplained it to all (not too humbly,
because your posts were too insulting damn lies).

But it is mine comments sometime vanishing here
(not Potgeo's or other's insulting-threatening-lying
Russian comments).
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 11, 2011 05:09
Potgeo, obviously you have a big chip on your shoulder about Saakashvili.

However it is interesting to note that Georgia is far ahead in personal and political freedoms over any former soviet republic aside from the three Baltic republics (who had far earlier and far more support from Europe and the US), especially when compared to Russia.

Saakashvili has done more good than ill as president of Georgia, especially when you compare the current state of the country to what it was when he came to power in 2004.

The opposition is unpopular in Georgia for several reasons, 1. They are mainly those who prospered under the Russians or with Sheverdnadze. 2. They have no policies. 3. They constantly bicker amongst themselves. 4. They are (aside from Alasania) invariably seen as pro Russian and potential traitors.

Now potgeo, the nice thing about Georgia is you are entitled to your opinion. I watch people on TV and in the print media making comments about Saakashvili that would get them (at least) sued for libel in most western democracies. However, others have the right to disagree with your opinion and call you out.

And Jack is a moron.
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by: potgeo
September 11, 2011 20:03
Hi, Andrew

You said: - "obviously you have a big chip on your shoulder about Saakashvili." - You think? :)))))

So, why is that, what's your take on that matter?

I never met the guy, I'm not a government employee, I am not a member of any political party (position or opposition, or communist, or even a Komsomol).I am not a businessman, nor a political activist of any kind including NGOs. I am just a regular Georgian who has ability to Observe, Analise and Conclude.

Let me share with you my observations and analysis of ongoing events in Georgia starting November of 2003.

Let's start, shall we?!

After a decade of hopelessness and despair, Saakashvili stepped into political scene armed with great ideas to built a strictly new government system based on democratic values and Constitutional law, rebuilt and renovate economy, defense system; to change Georgian justice system in it's core; to fight crime and corruption, to give his citizens sense of financial and personal security; to change world's perception of country of Georgia. And financial support pured in from US, EU.I guess, they were as g Yehh, these were great ideas and promises.

And What do we have instead?

-Totalitarian Police state veiled by pseudo-democracy, lost teritories, government decayed by elite corruption, violated Constitution, selective law, total abuse of human rights, punishable freedom of speech,

gargantuan number of in-jailed prisoners, including political, and hundred thousands of probationers; state-controlled media,degrading poverty and unimaginable fear in the society of half military police. And Saakashvili as a eternal president, who made sure that after presidency he could stay in power as an all mighty PM.

Actualy, Andrew, if you lived in Georgia instead of Auckland, you would know, that Saakashvili has done more "ill" as a president, that one could imagine. But, then again, how would you now, Auckland is pretty far from Georgia.

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by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 12, 2011 07:47
Actually pothead, I am in Tbilisi right now.

Lets see, if you think Georgia is a "Totalitarian Police state" then obviously you have never been to one, or you do not live in Georgia.

The reason for a large jail population is that laws against corruption, theft, and assaults are now actually being prosecuted, as the anti-corruption program of the government is very effective.

Now if you want a totalitarian police state, try Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, or the central asian republics. The reason why the opposition fails at election time in Georgia is because they, like you, have no policies, no honor, and provide no alternative except a return to the corruption and violence of the past.

As for "total abuse of human rights" once again, try your neighbors if you want to see that, but not in Georgia these days, give an example please? Or maybe you mean the human rights of the two people run down my Burjanadze's motorcade, or those that are negatively affected by a bunch of armed protesters shutting down their streets, and usuing underpasses and peoples building entrances as toilets?

Abkhazia and South Ossetia were "lost" in 1992-94 due to Russian intervention at that time.

As for punishment of free speech, more rubbish. Have you read "Qronika" or "Kviris Palitra" recently, or watched Maestro, or listened to people debating politics in restaurants? More free speech here than in Moscow thats for sure.
You see, if Georgia really was a police state they would be monitoring your posts and sanctioning you, like happens to people in Russia or Armenia, or China for that matter, but guess what, it does not happen to lil old you does it?

Yes, there is still poverty, the result of years of corruption, particularly I suspect caused by people like yourself. There are far more people in work than when I was first here in 2004, and people actually complain if there is a power cut, unlike the period before 2004 when gas, electricity, and water were operating maybe 3 hours a day.

I suggest that you are one of those (if you are a georgian citizen at all) that lost out when Scheverdnadze was removed from power (now there was a totalitarian police state with Russian support), lost your nice little earner from shaking down your fellow citizens did you?
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by: Rastislav from: London
September 12, 2011 19:06
Potego if you are Georgian, than I am Bagrationi 26th :)
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
September 12, 2011 23:06

I have an open mind, Potgeo, about you, if you are sencere.
There are many Georgians in Georgia and elsewhere that suffer
There are many West-Georgians and Shida-Kartly refugees that
are bleeding for normal life and many of them are not satisfied
having to move to different areas of Georgia...
There are many former beneficiaries of corrupted USSR system,
encroached by Russian imperial resurectors...

If you are one of those,
please make a just assessment of the situation -
you about to cross "rubikon" between belonging to the group -
or being one of those that in prostration opening the gates of the City, genocidized by the enemy for milleniums -
for them to finish the job...

"Government system based on democratic values" -
it does the best,
being soft even on illegally attacking with clubs Russian proxies
and cought Russian spies that preparing and carring out destruction of
Georgia and grabbing its land and houses, using usurped A-bomb
threat the weak and hipno-spyisized population of former USSR
that paralized (like Alasania) along with the larger World (loking
another direction).

"Rebuilt and renovate economy" - the were many misstakes in CIS,
(former USSR) , lead by Russian sckeems

(will continue)
In Response

by: Rastislav from: London
September 12, 2011 18:56
Potego, mate..I am sorry but that sort of reaction one (Jack from US) should expect when writing exagerations and by my opinion derogatory comments. Your reaction is out of proportion too and I believe you are very much aware of that. And not I am not paid by Saakashvili or anyone else from Georgia.

by: Jack from: US
September 11, 2011 22:34
imagine Saakashvilli-like becomes US president. What would you get? George W Bush. An incompetent bafoon full of bravado who lost all wars he started, just like Saakashvili.
8 years of uninterrupted disasters:
1. Dot com bust 2000-2001
2. 9/11
3. Afghanistan war 2001-now
4. Iraq war 2003-now
5. Katrina disaster 2005
6. Columbia disaster 2006
7. Housing bubble and financial crisis

by: potgeo
September 12, 2011 14:13
To: Andrew,

"pothead" - really, that's the best opening you've got? Hm, Drew, I thought better of you, then again, you've stayed around Saakashvili and his imbeciles in Tbilisi too much too long.

So, let's see what comes after opening line:

"The reason for a large jail population is that laws against corruption, theft, and assaults are now actually being prosecuted" - Bummer! poor Saakashvili, it is a hard work to clean-up criminal society?!

Lets count:

Official number for prisoners in is Georgia 26,000 (Some say it's around 35,000)

More then 400,000 probationers (you live in Tbilisi, you should know what that is), who could be moved from their bedrooms to jail cells in a blink of eye.

Sum of these numbers is roughly half a million - that is as huge number for 3.5 million population.

Do you realize, that by your stupid statement you're accusing Georgian people of being corrupted criminals and thieves? Careful, my green friend, choose your words more wisely.


"Now if you want a totalitarian police state, try Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, or the central asian republics" - But, why? Georgian boat doesn't sail to east, Saakashvili claims to be a Beacon of Western democracy (while in fact, he built a new form of "democratic sultanate" - Mishastan), but according to you, I should be happy with Nazi regime in my country, as long as our neighbors are worse? Great criteria for Democracy, Drew!

I could go on, but - what's the point? - If you really believe in what you're saying - then you are a blind, gullible foreigner, who doesn't see through Marriotte windows,why majority of Georgians live in physical and emotional misery!

If you are a part of Misha the Great's higly paid PR team, I would understand - you're just doing your dirty job, but still - it's just a peak of Hypocrisy when some guy from New Zealand teaches Georgians how to love their country, defines specifically for us appropriate form of democracy.

You know what Drreww, you go back to Auckland and educate Maori people (If there is any left) about pearls of you democratic theories, we - the Georgians will take care of our country.

How's that?

In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 12, 2011 17:12
Pothead, (if the name fits....)

1. All former soviet republics suffered from massive institutionalized corruption, it was a result of the communist system. Georgia was no exception, however, it has been greatly reduced in Georgia, not eradicated but you will find some corruption in any country. Corruption was a huge problem in Georgia, by Georgians own admission, and they seem pretty happy at the way it has been dealt with, especially in the reconstitution of the police force.

2. Yes, I understand what probation is, and you will find that many countries, including the USA have a very large number of people on probation, including NZ. However, I would like you to provide evidence that there are 400,000 people on probation. BTW, the population of Georgia is 4,500,000 at the last count (seems your numbers are a little off).

3. @ "Nazi regime" well if you believe that what Misha has built is a "Nazi regime" then you are really just a complete moron. Though most of your arguments and rhetoric give that away it is sad to say. After all, the riot police only went in during may when the "radical opposition" (those calling for yet another revolution, which would be a disaster for Georgia) refused to honor their agreement to move the protests to another public area to allow the Georgian independence day parade to continue.

4. Yes, some Georgians, particularly you, do need to know how to learn to love their country, after all, what do you propose to do to improve the situation? The majority of Georgians continue to vote for Saakashvili despite his faults, because he has improved their situation, and the opposition, with the exception of Alasania, promise a return to the bad old days.

5. An appropriate form of democracy is one where opposition MP's don't spit on the people who vote for them by burning their mandates, where the opposition actually formulates policies that the public will vote for, where the opposition field one or two candidates and don't accept funding from what is an enemy state (in this case Russia). Of course, if all opposition activists are as pathetic as you, I can see why nobody votes for the opposition in large numbers.

5. Actually Pothead, Maori need no education in democratic values, as they are already quite proficient. Please try and control yourself goime.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 12, 2011 17:24
Oh and Pothead, I don't stay in the Mariott (try and spell it properly) or the Sheraton, or the Radisson, but stay with relatives.

Not rich ones either.

Some support Saakashvili, some don't, and I do get to see Georgia warts and all. Some of Saakashvili's policies I support, others I don't, but on the whole he has done more good than ill for this country. Idiots like you, well you would ruin the place entirely with your extremist rhetoric.

In addition you yourself are part of the reason why Georgians have suffered since independence, and your asinine comments that there was no corruption in Georgia prior to 2004, well that places you directly in the "prospered due to Soviet/Scheverdnazist corruption" group.

However, coming from a long established democratic society, I think I am a better judge of what has been achieved in Georgia over the last 7 years than a whining

by: potgeo
September 13, 2011 19:29
To: Andrew fro Auckland


Up to now I have been courteous and respectful.

You, mate, obviously are an arrogant and obsolete A*hole (I'm positive, the metaphor totally fits....)

However, you deserve an answer from me just for sole purpose to wipe that superior smirk off of your face and I quote: "coming from a long established democratic society, I think I am a better judge of what has been achieved in Georgia over last 7 years..." -What a humble statement, you don't suffer with modesty, do you Drew?! Please, World, meet the best judge of Georgian past, present and future - Andrew IKNOWBEST from the land of Maori, where the Maori people themselves are miserable 15% of national population of NZ. Do you desire that kind of "democratic society" for Georgians too?

But, I digress,

No matter what is the purpose of you and your kind living in Georgia, you can not and won't be a better judge of what goes on in my country, you might think you know Georgia, but you could not feel the spirit of the country, you don't have your roots in the soil of this land, and how could you, you don't have a single Georgian bone in your spine.

You, Andrew, don't care about Georgia or Georgians, you remind me of hired dog walker, Saakashvili's dog walker, that is; - He defecates every step of the way and likes of you pick-up the royal excrements after him.

1. Instead of institutionalized corruption - we have Elite corruption of mind bugling scale

2. In last 10 years more then 1 million citizens left the country, and there is no growth in population, in the contrary - it decreases by 0,326% annually which puts us on 217-Th spot in world ratings after undeveloped countries. If this process continues, very soon we will be on the verge if extinction as a nation.

3. Saakashvili has failed miserably on so many levels and issues: Foreign and Internal affairs, Economy, Social and Education programs, Justice and Law, Rigged elections - list goes on.

4. Saakashvili's regime desires total and undivided loyalty to them, but shows no loyalty to its citizens.

Saakashvili and his team caused my country to loose many lives needlessly and slaughter continues in Afganistan; he lost in the war - so what, he is still a president, but 20% of Georgian territories was cut-of from us.

5. Saakashvili and his team caused our national debt to escalate trough the roof and for what? To built singing fountains, to construct erect Phallus in the central square, to buy the Boing and fly famous masseuse from Germany? Who is going to pay back? Right, us - the people.

Do you know that there is no palliative treatment plan for terminal cancer patients in Georgia?

Do you know that many Georgians are dying without any diagnosis or treatment. But then again, why would you care, you are just a royal dog dudu picker-upper.

Saakashvili started his presidency as a spectacular show with elements of bufonata and loud applause, but gradually it turned into a National Drama, Farce and Tragedy. He always gets his way over the dismay of the people. But even "always" ends someday and I'm sure one day he will face the justice.

In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 14, 2011 07:32
Pothead goime, you have never been courteous or respectful.
Just take a look at your insults directed towards those you were attacking.

1. I am part Maori, so pull your head in you racist little pig, you are a fool. You know little to nothing about the situation of Maori in New Zealand. I suggest you get an education, you need one desperately.

2. Corruption in Georgia has been massively reduced, and those who commit it are punished, including the deputy ministers of Education and Labor,Health, & Social affairs who were recently arrested for influencing tenders on government projects. Of course corruption still exists as in all countries. I suspect that you are a loser in this situation, hence your anger at the current administration.

"Bribery is no longer problematic offence in Georgia: result of Georgian Crime and Security
In 2010 Ministry of Justice initiated Georgian Crime and Security Survey. Study was designed
according to the standardized surveys applied across the Europe. Representative sample of
3000 respondents was chosen for the study.
Georgian Crime and Security Survey showed unprecedented results in terms of corruption reduction in Georgia over the last 5 years.
As a part of Georgian Crime Survey (2010) questions regarding corruption were investigated.
Respondents were asked to report if in the last five years, any national or local government official asked them or expected them to pay a bribe, for some services. 99,5% (2976) of surveyed population did not have a case of bribery during the last 5 years. Only 0,5% (14)individuals experienced it and only 0.07% (2) of them were victimized during 2009.

Survey has also revealed those crimes that are evaluated as most acute by the Georgian population nowadays. Only 2% (60 out of 3000) of the surveyed citizens indicated corruption as the first choice of the most problematic crime. Only 3,5% (100 out of 3000) evaluates corruption as the second most problematic crime, and 3,8% (106 out of 3000)– as the third most actual crime.

The figures above show that corruption is no longer problematic for the citizens of Georgia.

by: poygeo
September 14, 2011 12:17
To: A*hole from Auckland, who now lives in Tbilisi, knows it all about Mishastan including very old city jargon!

Andrew, you arrogant twit, which part of my comment makes me a racist? and I quote: " the Maori people themselves are miserable 15% of national population of NZ" - I don't see a racial slur in here?

Maybe you didn't like my suggestion: -"you go back to Auckland and educate Maori people (If there is any left) about pearls of your democratic theories" - again - no racial insult, just a suggestion to help you - one hell of a confused lad, in getting your priorities straight. O, and I would think, helping your own people in your own country to be a more honorable job, then being a royal dogdudupickerupper after Saakashvili! But I guess, you don't think so, or most probably me and you - we have a different criteria for national HONOR!

"The Māori face significant economic and social obstacles, with lower life expectancies and incomes compared with other New Zealand ethnic groups, in addition to higher levels of crime, health problems and educational under-achievement. Socioeconomic initiatives have been implemented aimed at closing the gap between Māori and other New Zealanders. Political redress for historical grievances is also ongoing" -

So, help YOUR government to fill-up the gap, A*hole!

You said - " I am part Maori" and I do respect that particular "part", but, the other parts of your personality really do stink and I won't even mention your "intellect"

Now, about second paragraph of your epistolar masterpiece: - tossed Numbers, meaningless, non-factual numbers:

- You can shove them, to close that big hole in your head after which you might start acting like a real member of "a long established democratic society".

Ta ta

In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 15, 2011 12:07
Given that your only priority seems to be self aggrandizement Pottymouth, I suggest you get professional help for your autism.

If I choose to make my wife and family's well being my priority, and that means living in her home country, then what business is it of a goime such as yourself.

Unlike you, I believe in Georgia's future, and given that Saakashvili will not be the next president I fail to see why you are so full of vitriol.

So tell me goime, who do you intend to vote for, what policies do you want to see implemented, what is your vision for the future of Georgia?

Oh I see, you don't have any ideas, you are too stupid to suggest policies that would build the economy, and strengthen democratic progress and rule of law, both of which I suspect you are opposed to BTW.

Come on pottymouth, put your money where your mouth is, after all, it is OUR country you are talking about.

by: potgeo
September 14, 2011 16:58
Andrew wrote:

"You know little to nothing about the situation of Maori in New Zealand. I suggest you get an education"

With the first part of this statement I couldn't agree more - I know very little about the political situation of Maori, I know tiny bet more about their history and folklore, and it stil doesn't make me an expert on Maori people, even though am coming from "a nation of a long established historical significance".

However, I do not agree with second part of the statement: - There is no NEED for me to get a special education about your country and your people - I am NOT planning to come to YOUR country and teach you how to live, how to love, how to express your loyalty to your government. Hm, supprisingly, this thought doesn't even cross my mind.

That's what makes us different and now you may put your foot in your mouth.

Ta ta agian

In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
September 15, 2011 11:42
Pothead, considering you are a prime candidate to be Putins doggy doo collector, and you would probably enjoy it, I can handle being called a doggie doo collector for Saak.

However, my friends such as Peter Mamradze might find the description highly amusing.

As a person with Georgian citizenship I have just as much right as you to comment on Georgian matters, you see it is a legal right.

But given the infantile nature of your comments, I suspect you are somewhat retarded.

So you consider OECD surveys to be non-factual? As well as Transparency International? The world bank? The UNDP? Every major international organization which monitors corruption has held up Georgia as a major example of success in the fight against corruption. Why is it so hard for you to accept facts?

You really are a goime, a pathetic little failure, jealous of those who have built businesses, and contribute to the growth of their country.

And from your comments, a coward, who runs to the hills at the first sign of trouble.

You do not love your country in any meaningful way, you are unable to even state which political party you support, what policies you would like to see enacted, or how they would be paid for, and you think being ethnic Georgian the only measure of loving Georgia, which is a direct insult to the thousands of Azeri, Ossetian, Armenian, and Russian citizens of Georgia (not to mention Brits, Americans, Chinese, Turks, and Iranians I know who like me have made a commitment to this country by taking citizenship and all its obligations), therefore you are racist little pig.

You are, like so many failures, only wanting to damage your country.

So Pothead, I think you need to get off the samogan, as Rastislav said, if you are Georgian, he is Bagrationi 26th.
In Response

by: eka from: Lisbon
September 26, 2011 22:57
I dont blame you for missing out on some rather disturbing realities of Georgia. The propaganda machine is well up and running. But UNFORTUNATELY what potgeo writes about current realities IS true. There have been some appreciable innovations , but sadly the core reforms have been far from conducted, and we remain in the utter hopelessness. The hatred coming from the president and his people permeates the Georgian society.
Im a young student and my family was better off in the times of Shevardnadze. Therefore, i admit i cant be completely objective in my judjements .
However i see more and more people around me losing jobs and getting poorer. You cant blame saakashvili alone, though, but i dont think its wrong to wish for a mentally stable (not hypersexual and megalomaniac) person to lead your country. I dont see that comparing georgia to armenia or to Shevardnadzes georgia makes any sense.
I believe that we georgians have a long way to go in educating and developing ourselves. We have what we deserve --the government is product of a society as well as its major shaper.
Nevertheless, I'm entitled to wish for a better leadership for my country. Not for troubled, fun crazed, drugged politicians chasing whores but the mature people with higher ideals and a healthy dose of plain old Lovin' towards the humankind. ;)

by: potgeo
September 15, 2011 12:40
To A*Hole from Auckland:
Bla-Bla-Bla! It's not even interesting anymore. Some Cretin A*hole from Auckland is farting words on RFERL site.
I wonder, what will happen to your Georgian citizenship, when main rat leavs the sinking Nazi boat? - This is the rhetorical question, Mamradze's arrogantly
ignorant friend, So
Final Ta ta

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