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Georgia Says Wine Exports Rise Despite Russian Import

According to Georgia’s state statistics agency, the country’s wine exports jumped nearly 40 percent in value last year to more than $54 million.

That’s below the figures of 2005, when Georgia exported more than $80 million worth of wine.

The industry was damaged when Russia stopped imports, citing alleged sanitary violations.

But Georgian Deputy Agriculture Minister Ia Janashvili told the AFP news agency that his country “has weathered the embargo and is making sound progress."

He said 19 million bottles were exported in 2011, an increase of almost 30 percent on the previous year.

with agency reports
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by: Anonymous
January 30, 2012 09:57
i was comment very well but RFE/RL do not publish it. What must we write ? Must we ask to RFE/RL's comment checker guys "is it true ? is it okay for you ?". Georgia is waiting Russian invasion, they can not drink wine.Hungry Georgians eat potatoes. But government try to show "ohh la la, Georgia is growing..." How is it ? Grow with P.E.N. ? = potato eating nation ? Every 2 dollars of half, is going to arming. 1 dollar is going to potato. 0 zero dollar is going to grow.
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by: Tako from: Tbilisi
February 05, 2012 15:41
You have no idea about things, you are talking about :)

by: Michael from: New York
January 31, 2012 15:35
Let's all guess where the majority of those profits are going....certainly not into developing the nation and its people (if you don't consider neo-nationalist camps and propaganda development...)
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by: delac from: Washington, DC
January 31, 2012 18:44
Do you live in New York or North Korea? None of the wine is made by the Georgian state, but by private businesses that invested their money to launch the production. So where their private profits go is not any of your business. Their success itself plays a role in country's development and everything else depends on whether they feel like doing charity or not. I suspect these senseless comments are made by angry at Georgia's success Russians who are still stuck in the Soviet times.
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by: J from: US
February 04, 2012 19:40
I don't know where the profits are going but the bottles may be going to China

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