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Georgian Opposition Claims Bank Accounts Drained Of Funds

Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili greets supporters in Batumi on August 5.
Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili greets supporters in Batumi on August 5.
Members of the Georgian Dream opposition coalition say their parties' bank accounts have been seized by authorities in Tbilisi and more than $60,000 in funds diverted to the state budget.

Nodar Khaduri, whose party, Democratic Georgia, is a member of the coalition, said the move comes as the government of President Mikheil Saakashvili is attempting to collect on a controversial $1.5 million fine imposed on Georgian Dream for alleged illegal campaign financing.

A U.S. public relations firm representing Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has accused the Georgian government of draining the accounts of all six Georgian Dream member-parties and seizing all incoming campaign donations.

The Georgian government has yet to respond to the claim.

The controversy comes just over a month before October 1 parliamentary polls.

Based on reporting by and RFE/RL
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by: Jack from: US
August 18, 2012 14:07
freedom fighters like Saakashvilli need money. What is wrong with stealing from the enemies of democracy? US government only gives enought to keep rump democracy of Saakashvilli afloat, but not enought to feed all the minions. US government is firnly behind democracies like republic of Georgia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saidi Arabia and Pakistan.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 19, 2012 05:26
Who can compare with creativety of Russia to annex
Georgia and the rest of Eastern Europe and CIS!
Sure, "Jack from US" is not too brilliant to wax
All World - even with army of Putin's jacks.

Still, Saakashvili and Georgian democracy
Should be transparent and understandable
To all - it shouldn't be even an appearance
of "creativety" against opposition fundables.

As for the other candidates in the country,
Is anybody creating problems? I hope not.
Before a leader ready to leave, the healthy
Should already join an estaphet - why not?

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