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Georgians Protest Growing Chinese Presence

Georgian media and individual politicians have for several years expressed concern that Chinese immigrants are flooding into the country. (file photo)
Georgian media and individual politicians have for several years expressed concern that Chinese immigrants are flooding into the country. (file photo)
The parties aligned in Georgia’s National Front staged a small protest on February 24 against a planned free-economic zone in Tbilisi that will be owned by China’s Hualing Industry and Trade Group.

More than 50 protesters demanded that the agreement signed last summer between Hualing and the previous Georgian government be made public and that the new government impose restrictions on the number of Chinese entering Georgia to work there.

The Xinjiang-based Hualing Group is privately owned and has been active in Georgia since 2006. It is engaged in lumbering and the quarrying of marble in western Georgia.

It opened a free-industrial zone in 2009 in Kutaisi, Georgia’s second-largest city, and last year it acquired the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s 90 percent stake in Georgia’s BasisBank for approximately $100 million. 

Its planned free-economic zone in Tbilisi will reportedly comprise a hotel, commercial premises, rental housing for Chinese workers, storage facilities, a recreation area, and a customs post. 

The Hualing Group is only one of several major Chinese investors in Georgia. The first, according to Liu Bo, an official at the Chinese Embassy in Tbilisi, was the Sichuan Electric Power Corporation, a 100 percent subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China, which invested some $34 million into the construction of a major hydroelectric power station in eastern Georgia. 

In 2011, the Chong Qing Wan Li Lian Xing Group, an auto-parts manufacturer, acquired a license to mine for copper and gold, while in 2010, a Georgian-Chinese consortium won the tender for the construction of a Tbilisi railway bypass.

One of the objections the Tbilisi protesters raised was that a further influx of Chinese labor would compound unemployment among Georgians. The official unemployment rate is 16 percent, although the true figure is believed by many to be at least twice that.

Nonetheless, according to Liu Bo, a year ago just 2,000 Chinese were employed in Georgia prior to the signing of the Tbilisi economic-zone agreement; that project, he added, would create jobs for some 1,500 more.

For the past several years, however, Georgian media and individual politicians have expressed concern that Chinese immigrants are flooding into Georgia.

For example, a senior staffer at the Institute of Sociology and Demography estimated the number of Chinese in Georgia at between 50,000 and 60,000, the Caucasus Press reported on July 7, 2007.

The same news agency on August 4, 2007, quoted former President Eduard Shevardnadze as telling the weekly "Mteli kvira" that there were 40,000 Chinese in Tbilisi alone.

Those estimates, if accurate, would suggest a huge number of illegal immigrants in addition to those employed within the framework of the major investment projects. 

That number may have since peaked, however. In 2009, senior Georgian Foreign Ministry official Paata Papuashvili said the number of Chinese entering Georgia had fallen. He said there were just 300 Chinese in Georgia, on one-year visas, most of them employed in stores or restaurants.
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by: Neal from: Kutaisi
February 26, 2013 18:35
It's worth noting that the Free Industrial Zone in Kutaisi employs over 1700 Georgians and plans to hire 800 more this year. See
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by: William wang from: USA
February 27, 2013 18:21
That is total yellow peril rubbish. China is going to be number 1 for the 21st century. So please get used to it! Whether u like it or not china is going to be the superpower!! The west is going down!
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by: Anonymous from: USA
February 28, 2013 00:22
Going down where? There are 315 million people in the US alone. The West isn't going anywhere. We'll still be here in A.D. 2100! Besides, with the US being less than 250 years old we are yet to hit our stride.
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by: Shota from: New York
March 01, 2013 20:13
Willy Wang would be better advised to consider the serious ecological and demographic problems confronting the Fat Cats in Beijing in the 21st century. Since Chinese politicians are essentially corrupt and can see only yuen bill notes, this does not bode well for any long-term development. The West is not down, nor will it ever be. If the Chinese think otherwise, they are dreaming opium dreams as they did in the 19th century.

by: Aftab Kazi from: Washington DC
March 02, 2013 05:27
Development needs money, which comes from foreign investments. Georgia would had been worst, had Chinese not invested and created jobs, at least some jobs for Georgians. Development and investments also mean migrations to some point. Chinese are everywhere, so are Indians, and many other people in almost every country in the world. Often some politicians and vested interests have aired such issues for individual personal or exploited them for local and/or otherwise interests. Should Georgia ban Chinese entry, losing investments, which, under the world financial crisis no other country/corporation is willing to make. Western corporations also calculate stability/instability issues when investing. With a 16 percent or perhahs more unemployment, Georgians be happy that at least China is investing, offering at least some respite to domestic issues, which otherwise can exacerbate. With kind regards.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 05, 2013 21:35
It is Aftab Kazi from Washington DC, your evil focus?
Since archeology history, 11-12 Milleniums already,
Out of heart of Caucasus settlments invited locals,
Cro-Magnon and helped them emerge as nations.
(Till self ran into South-Messophotamia snakes.)

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To Persha - enspired by "Dariush", A-bombing - on,
Georgia and Israel - for plagiarism and annexations.
To China, enspired by conquest - forget Civilization:

Instead of improving life and restoring China culture,
Follow Gorbachev that gased intelligentia in Georgia,
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Help other nations prudently, not lead by Russian gut
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We'll kill a third of them, sending third to die in Siberias,
Plagiarize by nerve gas rest and breed in their houses!"
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by: Aftab Kazi from: Washington DC
March 07, 2013 04:01
Konstantin, did I call you or Georgia bad names or so? Your boring and dirty minded poetry neither makes you a poet no a commentator, but a crazy chauvinist. Mindsets like you, have already made a political mess in Georgia.That is called evil, not my comment.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 07, 2013 08:07
Did I call you or your "inuendo-Muslem" name by bad names?
My comments neither dirty, as your breeding-race patalogic hate
Of Larger populations to breed-out to extintion smaller nations,
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In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 27, 2013 06:46

By the way, the accident is small thing,
However, it looks like even smallest one
Serve Russian policy of expaning their net.
Like in old times - Lenin and Dzerginsky guns
In behind of nations, tickling them as Russian bets,
Wheather it'is China Olimpics - Georgian Osetia invade,
Or this argument - a new Russia-China strategic pacts,
While they close on us Freedom of Speech - silence.

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