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Hajj Gets Under Way In Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims Climb Mecca's Mountain Of Light At Start Of Hajj i
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October 24, 2012
The annual hajj pilgrimage is under way in and around the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Before the start of the main rituals, thousands of pilgrims climbed Jabal-al-Noor, the Mountain of Light, overlooking Mecca. The mountain is the site of the Hira Cave, where Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelations from God. (Reuters video)

Watch: Pilgrims climb Mecca's Mountain Of Light at the start of the hajj

Tens of thousands of Muslims from around the world have begun the annual hajj rituals in and around Islam's holy city of Mecca.

They are following the steps believed to have been taken by the Prophet Muhammad 14 centuries ago.

Travelling on foot, by public transport, and in private cars, pilgrims headed on October 24 to Mina, about 3 kilometers outside of Mecca.

They will rest and pray there for the night before ascending to Mount Arafat on October 25.

Based on reporting from Reuters and AFP 

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