Thursday, August 25, 2016


Iran Criticizes 'Argo' As CIA Propaganda

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Iran’s Fars news agency has Photoshopped a picture of U.S. first lady Michelle Obama from the February 24 broadcast of the Academy Awards, electronically adding material to her dress to make it less revealing.
Iran has criticized the Oscar-winning film “Argo” as anti-Iranian propaganda. “Argo,” directed by Ben Affleck, was awarded the Oscar for best film at the 85th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The movie tells the story of a daring and ingenious operation to rescue a group of U.S. diplomats hiding in the residence of the Canadian ambassador to Tehran in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The movie has not been screened in any Iranian theaters.

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Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad Hosseini said on February 25 that the film lacks artistic value, while state television called the film “an advertisement for the CIA.”

The semiofficial Mehr news agency said the decision to give the top award to “Argo” shows how Hollywood is influenced by politics.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and Reuters

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