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Bombs Targeting Iraqi Shi'a Kill At Least 16

Bombings Strike Shi'ite Cities In Southern Iraqi
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November 29, 2012
Several bombs exploded in two Shi-ite-majority cities in southern Iraq, killing and wounding dozens. Two explosions struck near a restaurant in the city of Hillah, killing 26 people, while another blast hit a bus terminal in Karbala, killing two. (Reuters)
Police say two roadside bombs have exploded in the majority-Shi'ite Muslim city of Hillah in southern Iraq, killing at least 16 people.

Dozens of others were injured in the blasts.

The attacks came during the holy month of Ashura, when Iraq's majority Shi'a commemorate the seventh-century death of Imam Hussein.

Shi'ite Muslims in Iraq are often targeted by Al-Qaeda-linked militants and Sunni Muslim insurgents during Ashura commemorations.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP

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